Redotex – Best Weight Loss Diet Pill Or Poor Product?


Redotex Review – Healthy Weight Loss?

Losing weight is no easy feat and there are some products out there that can help you kick start your metabolism to help you burn fat and produce more energy. Diet products either work or they don’t.

What Is Redotex?

Let’s take a look at Redotex to see if this one fits the bill. We chose to take a closer look at the ingredients, side effects and clinical research. We also took the time to read hundreds of other people’s experiences from all over the internet. Then we have summarized it for you all right here to help you decide, does this really help achieve your healthy weight loss goals?

The Science Behind Redotex

At present there’s no scientific data research supporting the use of Redotex for weight loss. Instead, there’s a warning from the FDA that states that the risk of side effects from the prescription drug increases when it is not used under the strict supervision of a doctor. The reality is that this is not  currently available for sale in the United States.

This diet pill is particularly concerning because it combines multiple medications that increase your heart rate, and also mixes stimulants and depressants, which isn't recommended because of the potential for an adverse reaction.

Don't take Redotex if you are taking any stimulant, depressant or laxative medications because this would further increase the health risks associated with Redotex.

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Ingredients and What You Need to Know about Redotex

Redotex contains a mixture of stimulants and depressants, including

  • L-triiodothyronine
  • D-nor pseudoephedrine
  • atropine sulphate
  • alona
  • diazepam

The supplement is manufactured in Mexico, by Medix. This Mexican diet pill is only available with a prescription from a doctor. The pill was deemed dangerous and as a result the FDA banned it for  sale in the United States.

Apparently, Redotex pills are more of a detox medication. One of the issues with the ingredients in Redotex was that they could interact with other medications. One user stated that their blood pressure had dropped so low they would black out every time they stood up. Another says that as soon as you stop taking the pills again you gain the weight back on!

Are There Any Redotex Side Effects?

There are many ingredients in the pills that could potentially cause Redotex side effects. One user of Redotex says that they did not experience any side effects at all except that they just get really thirsty. If Redotex does cause some potential adverse reactions, that’s something serious to consider.

The FDA notes that this combination of medications may cause potentially fatal or adverse reactions and could potentially lead to hallucinatory states, exhaustion and even an electrolyte imbalance due to the possible diuretic effect caused by the laxative in the mix. On another note, if anything about any program is difficult, such as the potential for negative side effects, the chances of long-term results are lower.

Where Can You Buy Them?

There is no official website where you can readily purchase Redotex online for sale. It is sold by doctors in Mexico and through obscure third-party distributors online. Over the course of our research, we were able to track down third party distributors selling it for $125. However, customs agents have been instructed to confiscate these drugs, if they are brought in from Mexico.

Technically, all the drugs are being detained and seized. Apparently though, consumers can reclaim them when they leave the United States and head off to Mexico. Previously the FDA permitted small quantities for personal use as long as the patient had a proper Mexican prescription and the drugs were carried in the original container with the dosage marked on it.

Does Redotex Work?

To be honest a safer way to lose weight is to cut calories while increasing your daily activity level, personally I prefer to use proven solutions like Forskolin. When you start to cut calories, you'll find it easier to get your essential nutrients and feel full with fewer calories. The trick is to make protein, fruit, vegetable and whole grain intake the focus of your diet. Find a way to limit if not eliminate the products made with added sugar,  refined grains, fat and starchy from your diet.

Helpful Tips To Help You Shed Some Pounds

  1. Eat your protein in the mornings
  2. Squeeze a bit of lemon into your water every morning
  3. Eliminate sugars such as cokes, candy and fruit juice
  4. Drink as much water as you can
  5. Include fiber in your diet
  6. Incorporate healthy whole, unprocessed foods
  7. Make sure to eat your slowly
  8. Walk for at least half hour each day

Remember that you’ll need to focus on your longterm goal. When you decide to embrace the weight loss journey you must realize that it will not happen overnight, it’s a lifestyle change that requires commitment, focus and dedication. Don’t obsess looking at the scale and reward yourself when you do something that is in alignment with your outcome. This means that you can buy yourself a new dress when you have marked a full month on the calendar in which you didn’t drink a soft drink.


It is not advisable that you even think about taking Redotex, there are significantly safer options that are not banned by the authorities, and these will allow you to lose weight safely and permanently without jeopardizing your health. Definitely consider a juice fast, many people rave about the miraculous results of the watermelon juice detox that is also known as a terrific way of cleansing your liver.

Many people are reporting excellent results with Forskolin, and ever since Dr. Oz endorsed it there have been many glowing reviews of people who swear by it. But be aware that a supplement by itself will not melt away the fat, you must do your part as well.

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