Red Vine Leaf Extract – Varicose Veins & Leg Circulation Benefits?


Red Vine Leaf Extract has been used for ages by French farmers, and it was not until recently that the uses of this medicinal plant were discovered. It is an ideal ingredient in the treatment of Chronic Venomous Insufficiency, or CVI. CVI is a condition that affects the majority of the adult population.

It is caused by too much pressure in the veins of the legs, causing them to be hypertensive. This causes a stasis in the lower leg. The effect of this is painful lower legs that are characterized by swelling. The condition can progress to become more chronic if left untreated, and you could ultimately develop leg ulcers.

About Red Vine Leaf Extract

Vine leaf extract might sound like a weird remedy for CVI. However, it is more effective than it sounds. It is extracted from grapevines and can be considered the cousin of red wine. You might be aware of the incredible benefits of red wines due to their resveratrol property. The wine is not the only nutritious and healing part of the vine. The leaves are also considered a good source of the most powerful and fully natural compound to come out of a vine.

The leaves have the same resveratrol properties as the wine, but in addition to this they have a vast array of other health properties, including protective polyphenols and anthocyanins. In recent studies it has been proven to be an effective remedy for the effects that come as a result of CVI and varicose veins. This is what makes it a useful bath for the legs, especially for someone that spends their whole day on their feet.

Vine leaf extract does this by improving the circulation of blood to the legs, countering the effects of CVI or varicose veins. This will effectively reduce the pressure in the legs, causing them to reduce in volume. A study was done to assert the effectiveness of Red Vine Leaf Extract vis-à-vis placebo.

Several individuals between the ages of 20 to 75 suffering from CVI were subjected to treatments of different doses of placebo and red vine extract. The individuals were not using any other method to treat their condition, such as pressurized socks that actively push up the blood from your legs.

The study lasted for 12 weeks and at the end of that duration, those who were using the red vine leaf extract recorded remarkable improvements in their conditions. The accelerated rate of blood flow from the legs resulted in a drastic reduction in the volumes and circumference of the legs.

The results were even better for those who took a higher dose. This was in contrast to those who took the placebo. The patients that used the placebo treatment recorded no decrease in either volume or circumference of the legs. Some, in fact, recorded an increase instead.

The effects such as tired legs were also remarkably improved as a result of using red vine leaf extracts. The product was therefore shown to be effective even when used for a short while.

Red Vine Leaf Extract Benefits

The following are the main benefits of the product:

  • The red vine leaf extracts result in relief of the symptoms of CVI or varicose veins.
  • This means that the person no longer suffers from the pain that comes with the conditions. It also minimized the pain and tingling sensations in the legs.
  • As a result of this the person’s mobility is made easier as there is little to no pain, swelling, or stiffness in the legs.
  • The overall result of this is the quality of life for the person suffering from either CVI or varicose veins is rapidly improved.
  • The leaves are also an excellent natural source of antioxidants.
  • Red vine leaves have also been said to be heart friendly. By improving blood circulation in the body, the leaves decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Red vine leaves are also photoprotective. They function to protect the skin from harmful radiation.

Side Effects

To begin with, as with all products and treatments, make sure you consult your doctor before embarking on the treatment. The doctor will use their knowledge of medicine and your body to determine whether you may be allergic to the product and also to assess whether the product is good for your body or not.

In some cases, taking pure vine leaf extracts has been shown to cause gastrointestinal discomforts. However, in most cases these discomforts are relieved naturally within a short time.

Red Vine Leaf Extract Review Summary

Red vine leaves are among the most powerful anti-oxidants found in nature. They are highly effective in combating CVI and varicose veins. They also have positive cardiovascular effects. With little side effects, these should be the ideal treatment for someone suffering from varicose veins or CVI.

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