Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein

Whey protein offers bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes a highly cost-effective way to increase their protein intake without imbalancing their macronutrient and caloric intake.

Without sufficient protein intake the body is unable to perform critical biological functions or build new muscle mass, making protein an essential part of the diet for anybody serious about health and fitness.

The supplement market, however, is flooded with low-quality whey protein isolate supplements that use crude waste dairy products as the source of their protein. Many of these products are sold by brands that pack their protein supplements out with soy lecithin, a phytoestrogen that has been clinically proven to imbalance the hormone production of the body and lower testosterone levels.

Low quality protein supplements often contain whey isolate that is sourced from factory-farmed dairy. These farms typically use massive amounts of antibiotics and hormone modulators in their livestock, which contaminate the end dairy product and creates protein powder supplements that deliver a net negative effect.

In addition to sourcing their raw ingredients from low quality sources, many protein supplement brands sell products that contain large amounts of GMO ingredients, artificial additives and flavoring, coloring agents, sugar, dangerous artificial sweeteners, and chemical preservatives. When choosing a protein supplement, it’s important to assess the product to ensure it contains no ingredients that could potentially be harmful to the body.

Red Supplements, a leading provider of natural, chemical-free health products, has recently begun offering their three most popular flavors of protein in a triple pack. The Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein range is a selection of completely natural ice cream flavored whey isolate supplement formulas that are completely free from harmful additives, and offer one of the cleanest sources of protein available on the market.

In this article, we’ll check out the Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein Bundle and find out what makes Red Supplements whey isolate different from other brands to help you determine whether it’s the right protein source for your body.

What Is Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein?

Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein offers fitness enthusiasts one of the purest protein sources possible. The Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein range is available in three different flavors- White Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry, which are typically sold separately. The new Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein Bundle, however, combines all three flavors to offer a highly cost-effective source of completely natural chemical-free protein.

The Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein formula is highly soluble, and mixes easily into any kind of shake or smoothie without clumping. Red Supplements make a point of ensuring that the dairy products used to create their Ice Cream Protein are free from dangerous hormone-altering contaminants, and unlike other protein supplement manufacturers, don’t use nitrogen spiking or amino spiking to increase the protein content of their product.

Amino spiking is a practice used by manufacturers of low-quality protein supplements that involves adding amino acids such as taurine and glycine, both of which are far cheaper to produce than whey protein, to the protein powder.

When the product is tested by a third party with a nitrogen test to determine protein content, these amino acids yield a false result that artificially inflates the protein content. Ultimately, this means the consumer is paying the same amount for less protein and being ripped off.

Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein is one of the few protein supplements available on the market that is not amino spiked, and offers a 49% protein content that delivers a massive 24.64 grams of protein per serving.

The Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein Difference

The biggest advantage offered by the Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein formula is that it’s completely free from a wide range of contaminants that degrade the quality of other protein formulas. Ice Cream Protein is free from GMO products, contains whey protein sourced from only grass-fed, organic certified cows, and contains no sugar.

Instead of relying on dangerous artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which has been proven to cause a wide range of negative health effects, the Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein formula uses stevia, a natural sweetener that is more than 200 times sweeter than sugar with none of the calories.

Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein Review Summary

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a reliable manufacturer of cost-effective, pure whey isolate protein at a reasonable price- the cost of whey protein has more than doubled in the last ten years.

The Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein bundle, however, delivers massive value for money, and offers an extremely pure protein content that is free from amino spiking. If you’re looking for an exceptionally healthy protein supplement, the Red Supplements Ice Cream Protein bundle is a great choice.


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