Real Quit – How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Real Program?


Real QUIT is a product that helps you quell your desire to smoke cigarettes, helping you become healthier and break your expensive and unsafe habit.

This set is available in multiple quantities, ensuring that you and your friends can all take back total body wellness.

What Is Real Quit?

One of the biggest habits that Americans still participate in, despite it’s unfortunate side effects, is smoking cigarettes. These addictive sticks are meant to help you take the edge off stress, but they put you at risk for many lung-related diseases.

On every package, you can easily view a warning that shows exactly how dangerous they are.

Like any addiction, it’s hard to stop smoking once you’re hooked. There are patches, gums, and other methods that promise to help, but the creators behind Real QUIT take a unique approach.

The RealQUIT magnets are meant to help you combat your addiction to cigarettes and nicotine, helping you with bioactive properties that you don’t generally find anywhere else.

Most other plans cause you to gain weight or go back to the habits that you’ve tried desperately to break, but RealQUIT just helps you stop having the desire completely.

While other products only have a 34% success rate, this option helps over 90% of its users kick their smoking habit.

Smoking is an unhealthy habit, and you put people at risk just by being around you. Your form of relaxation shouldn’t put others at risk, and it shouldn’t put your own life in danger.

While you look to find another way to calm your stress, free yourself from the confines of your smoking addiction with RealQUIT.

How Does RealQUIT Work?

The reason that RealQUIT is effective is due to a few different reasons. This remedy combines the use of bioactive magnets with acupressure.

Bioactive magnets offer a special plating on the conductor making them safe for sensitive skin. The magnets pull towards each other, placing gentle pressure on a specific point on your ears.

Acupressure is type of therapy that involves putting pressure on different points in your body to elicit a certain type of response.

Your ear is filled with different points, and the hope of the RealQUIT set is to eliminate your desire to smoke with the pressure.

Using RealQUIT

You will need to place the included magnets in the correct place to help block the triggers that make you feel the need to have a cigarette. Take the first Real QUIT magnet, placing it on the tip of your finger gently.

You will need to use the smaller magnet on the front of your ear, towards the top of it. Then, you will keep that magnet on your ear by placing the larger one on the back of it.

To get the results you want, these magnets should be left on your ear for about three to four hours. You should try to ensure that this magnet remains on your ear when you are calm, rather than applying them during times of stress.

The magnets will remain in use for about a week.

Rather than requiring you to stop smoking at this time, you actually are supposed to keep smoking during the next six days while you wear the magnets. On the seventh day, it’s time to quit.

You will need to keep using the magnets for another 20 to 25 days to completely solidify your broken habits.

Real Quit Pricing

To finally abstain from smoking with RealQUIT, your cost will entirely depend on how much of the product you want to commit to at once. For a single box of RealQUIT, the retail value is €52.00, but you will receive discounts along the way.

Choose from:

  • One box for €42.00 (€10 discount)
  • Two boxes for €64.00 (€40 discount)
  • Three boxes for €99.00 (€57.00 discount)

All the purchases come with free shipping, so adding more boxes to your purchase won’t result in additional fees.

Unfortunately, everyone has a different way of dealing with their smoking addiction. If you find that RealQUIT doesn’t help you to stop smoking effectively, you have up to 30 days to initiate a return for a complete refund.

Real Quit Contacts

With such a sensitive product, you want to make sure you know everything you should know about the RealQUIT regimen. If you need to find out the answers to your questions, you will need to contact the customer service team.

They can be reached by sending an email to [email protected].

The team is available to answer your inquiries throughout the week at all hours of the day.

Real Quit Conclusion

Real QUIT isn’t some fraud that promises to help you stop smoking, while making you worse. You can finally eliminate the use of unhelpful gums, but you also won’t have to suffer through trying to strengthen your willpower with a cold-turkey regimen.

It’s okay to admit that you need help, and the Real QUIT remedy can deliver.

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