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Real Health Superfoods Review

The word ‘superfood’ is being thrown around a lot lately. It seems like every other pin or post is about some form of super food, whether in solid or drink form. While most people have a general idea that superfoods are good for them, there’s still a lack of real education about what superfoods are, what their benefits are, and how to incorporate them into a daily diet.

If most people were honest, they’d say that they do want to add these superfoods to their diet, even if they aren’t completely sure what qualifies as a superfood, but they’re too busy to change their diet. This makes complete sense. Modern life is hectic and stressful and making a diet change is hard. This is the problem that Real Health Superfoods was trying to solve when it created its line of superfood products. These products make adding superfoods to a current diet easy, so there’s no stress, just a better and healthier lifestyle.

What are Superfoods?

To understand how Real Health Superfoods works, a better understanding of superfoods is needed. Superfoods are considered any natural produce that has high levels of nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. These foods don’t just need to be healthy, they need to be healthier and more nutrient dense than regular food options.

Superfoods are some of the most natural and pure way to get the nutrients that the body needs to be healthy and happy. And, since many superfoods contain complete vitamins and nutrients, they’re all a person really needs to be healthy.

Examples of superfoods are kale, acai berries, spinach, and even cacao, at least in its raw form.

However, knowing what superfoods are doesn’t change the fact that they’re hard to add to a regular diet, at least for the average, busy person. And that’s where Real Health Superfoods comes in.

What is Real Health Superfoods?

Real Health Superfoods, a branch of the PharmaCare brand, provides superfood solutions that don’t take a lot of time to prepare. These simple solutions can actually be added into an already existing dietary plan.

Not only are Real Health Superfoods products extremely easy to use, they are also packed full of superfoods, and therefore packed full of nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals that the body needs to thrive. Just one serving of these products can provide users with up to 10 servings of vegetables.

Real Health Superfoods doesn’t just want to help make people healthier, it wants to provide an easy way of doing it. In an effort to add superfoods to everyone’s daily diet, it has produced delicious, superfood filled, easy to use products that can take all the guesswork out of nutrition.

Real Health Superfoods Products

As mentioned above, every product sold by Real Health Superfoods contains high levels of nutrient rich superfoods. These products were also created to be easy to incorporate into an existing daily diet. Below is a list of the many products sold by Real Health Superfoods as well as the many superfood ingredients included in each product.

Breakfast Topper Cacao + Coconut

A superfood breakfast topper, this product adds nutrients and vitamins to any breakfast meal. Not only is it great for breakfast, it can also be used in baking to add a little extra cacao and coconut. Breakfast Topper can be sprinkled on:

— Cereals
— Fruit
— Oatmeal
— Smoothies
— Desserts
— Yoghurt
— Pancakes

And the superfoods included in Breakfast Topper are:

— Chia
— Cacao
— Coconut
— Quinoa
— Cinnamon
— Super Seeds

There are recipes available for free on the Real Health Superfoods website that incorporate this product.

Cacao Powder

Chocolate is actually good for the body and is considered one of the world’s most potent superfoods. This organic and raw cacao is packed full of antioxidants and is a delicious way to get a daily boost of vitamins and nutrients. It can be mixed into milk or smoothies, or even made into a hot drink. Or, for those who prefer eating their cacao, it can be used to bake.

There are several recipes available for free on the Real Health Superfoods website that incorporate this product.

Kale Powder

Kale is one of the most disliked superfoods in the world, despite being on the healthiest. It is packed full of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as iron, calcium, and magnesium. Kale is known for supporting the immune system and keeping the eyes, bones, and skin healthy. This kale powder is the perfect way to add a little green to any meal, without any hassle. It can be sprinkled over salads or cooked into hamburgers and meatloaf. Or, for the adventurous, it can be mixed in with a smoothie or juice.

Raw Juice – Berry Blast

For those who like to drink their nutrients, this raw juice is the perfect option. Each packet is filled with powdered fruit that still tastes fresh. These packets create a delicious, natural juice that helps even the most picky eater get the nutrients they need.

Raw Juice – Berry Blast contains red and purple superfood berries, like acai, goji, and blueberry, which are filled with antioxidants, polyphenols, and other vitamins and minerals.

Raw Juice – Veggie Power

Getting the right amount of veggies every day can be extremely hard. However, this raw juice option has more than 1 ½ servings of veggies in every single serving, giving even those who hate their vegetables a delicious and easy option.

Raw Juice – Veggie Power has beetroot, carrot, broccoli, as several delicious fruits, which make it one of the most delicious green juices on the market.

Salad Topper

Salad Topper gives a boost of flavor, as well as a boost of nutrients and vitamins, to any salad. This superfood mix contains flavorful herbs that give just a little extra kick to dishes, as well as a wonderful texture.

While Real Health Superfoods has called this a salad topper, it can also be used on several other dishes. Salad Topper can be used with:

— Pizza
— Sauces
— Salad Dressing
— Rice
— Pasta
— Roasted Vegetables
— Meat
— Eggs

And each serving is filled with veggies and fruit, so it’s not just tasty, it’s healthy.

WholeFood Smoothie Berry and Smoothie Vanilla

WholeFood Smoothie comes in two distinct flavors, berry and vanilla. Each one has high levels of protein, so it can be used as a meal replacement, since it will keep users full for longer. Both flavors are also full of 24 vitamins and miners, plus superfoods that give that extra boost.

WholeFood Smoothies are perfect for those who don’t like to eat anything too heavy in the morning or are wanting to lose a little weight. It’s both nutritious and tasty, so those who use it won’t even feel like they’re missing out on a meal. Plus, these WholeFood Smoothies are full of superfoods.

The superfoods included in WholeFood Smoothies – Berry or Vanilla are:

— Chia
— Acai
— Goji
— Spirulina
— Beetroot
— Wheatgrass

These smoothies can be mixed with milk or water. There are several recipes available for free on the Real Health Superfoods website that incorporate these products.

Super Greens and Super Greens Cacao

Super Greens, which also comes in a cacao version, has 81 vital ingredients, including the superfoods that Real Health Superfoods bases its success on. These drinks are perfect for those who don’t like to eat a lot of vegetables or for those who just need a quick meal on the go. Because they are so filled with nutrients and vitamins the body needs, it will keep users full throughout the day.

These green drinks include:

— Vitamins
— Minerals
— Antioxidants
— Amino Acids
— Probiotics
— Nutrient Herbs

The Super Greens Cacao has two recipes available for free on the Real Health Superfoods website that incorporates it.

Purchase Real Health Superfoods Products

At this time, Real Health Superfoods can’t be purchased on the Real Health website. However, interested customers can use a store locator on the website to locate a store near them that sells these products.

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  1. Well I had both the vanilla flavor and berry one! I love the vanilla one but only when I add frozen berries it taste good! The berry one makes me break out but I guess it's cause that one has to cleanse your body! The vanilla just makes me feel full and with energy during the entire day! Results after a month I have lost 20 pounds and I actually look a lil tone even though I don't go to the gym and I'm not in a diet ! Just added the shake every morning! Lol

    • I had one of the vanilla smoothies about 2 1/2 hours ago, first time I've tried their products and I loved it. Perhaps you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

      • berry blast is not what it claims its over 70 % non berry apple 60 % blackberry 8 % strawberry 2.8 % these are not berries i would not recommend any of their products do your own check list of ingredients they contain what a shamefull listing of both these sites


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