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on Review is a new internet-based supplements retailer that sells a variety of vitamins, protein powders, teas, and green superfood blends. Here’s our review.

What is is a nutritional supplements retailer that sells protein powders, tea blends, vitamins, snacks, sweeteners, and green superfood blends online.

Contrary to what you might expect from the name, is not based in Hawaii. The company is based in New York and operates its flagship store at 33 W 17th St, 6th Floor in New York City.

The “Aloha” name was chosen because, according to the company’s About Us page, “aloha means ‘sharing the breath of life.’ At ALOHA, we aim to do this by making health simple, fun, and accessible.”

The company does have some connection to Hawaii. Since the Hawaiian culture influences the company, they have decided to launch a Project Hawaii charity project, where they give back to organizations that help maintain and protect land in Hawaii. recently made a name for itself by offering a “free trial” online. That free trial costs you $2.99 for shipping and handling today and gives you a box of Aloha Protein Bars. The main “catch” to that free trial is that you’re automatically enrolled in a monthly autoship service after the trial is over.

The company has also made a name for itself by advocating natural ingredients, natural flavoring compounds, plant-based protein, and a fair trade approach to global commerce. Products’s product lineup is separated into seven different categories, including teas, proteins, greens, vitamins, snacks, sweeteners, and kits. Here’s a brief overview of the company’s catalog:


Aloha Teas include Beauty, Clean, Lovers, and Protect Varieties, starting at $7.10 for a loose leaf package containing 15 pouches.

The teas promise to help you enjoy various health benefits. The Clean tea, for example, contains nettle leaf, dandelion root, and raspberry fruit to “give your body the ultimate reset.”


Aloha Proteins include vanilla and chocolate varieties of different protein supplements. There are protein powders that come in a tin, for example, as well as single-serving pouches and protein bars.

All protein is free of chemicals, fillers, and artificial flavors. It’s also a plant-based protein powder, which makes it safe for vegans and vegetarians.

Flavors like chocolate come from “fair-trade organic cacao from a co-op in the Dominican Republic”.

— Aloha Protein (Vanilla/Chocolate) Tin: $35.10 for 14 servings (18 grams of protein per serving)

— Aloha Protein (Vanilla/Chocolate) Pouches: $40.50 for 14 pouch servings (18 grams of protein per serving)

— Aloha Protein (Vanilla Almond Crunch/Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip) Bar: $2.90 or $29.50 for a 12 pack (18 grams of protein per bar)


Aloha Greens are superfood blends that provide a full daily serving of fruits and vegetables in an on-the-go pouch. The Greens are priced at $40 for a 15 pack and there are three different varieties:

— Aloha Greens (Berry): $40 for 15 servings

— Aloha Greens (Chocolate): $40 for 15 servings

— Aloha Greens (Original): $40 for 15 servings

— Aloha Greens Collection: $40 for 5 servings each of the Origin, Chocolate, and Berry blends

Some of the ingredients included in the Original Pouch include organic coconut water, organic spinach, oyster mushrooms, and organic Hawaiian yellow ginger. Together, the ingredients provide 1.5 servings of fruits and vegetables and contain 35 to 50 calories.


Aloha Vitamins are designed to be taken daily to protect your body from different environmental stressors. There’s a basic daily multivitamin as well as a de-stress multivitamin and a healthy skin and better brain focus multivitamin:

— Aloha Vitamins The Foundation: $49 for 15 Capsules

— Aloha Vitamins Be Brilliant: $29.90 for 120 Capsules

— Aloha Vitamins Be Protected: $29.90 for 30 Capsules


Aloha’s Snacks include mostly chocolate bars that are designed to enhance the healthy properties of chocolate while limiting the fat and sugar content.

Snacks products sold at include the Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar ($1.90 each), the Aloha Snack Trail Mix ($2.90 for a 1 ounce bag), and the various flavors of chocolate bars ($49 for a 6 pack of 2 ounce chocolate bars).

The chocolate is vegan and contains absolutely no dairy products. Along with chocolate, the bars contain fruits and vegetables, including raspberries, blueberries, and moringa.

Sweeteners currently only sells one sweetener: coconut water powder priced at $14.90 for a 30 stick pack. You stir that sweetener into water or use it in recipes. Each serving contains 8 grams of sugar and includes just two ingredients: organic coconut water and organic acacia gum.

Aloha Free Trial

Aloha recently launched a free trial exclusively available through its website. That free trial works like this:

— You sign up for the free trial today and pay $2.99 for shipping and handling

— You receive two Aloha protein bars, including one Vanilla Almond Crunch flavor and another Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavor.

— 7 days after you receive your free trial, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the company’s monthly autoship protein bar program, which sends you 12 protein bars for $29.50.

— That autoship program continues to deliver protein bars to your address every month until you cancel.

About is the online home of Aloha. The company is based in New York and maintains a flagship retail location at the following address:

33 W 17th St, 6th Floor

The store is open Monday to Friday form 10am to 6pm.

The company was founded by current CEO Constantin Bisanz, who says he always “felt trapped trying to find balance on the endless wheel of modern-day life.” He founded Aloha as a way to build on his passion for creating high-quality products and simple health solutions that make the company’s customers healthier, better people, according to his bio on the official website.

You can get in touch with Aloha by emailing [email protected] or by calling 1-866-850-4585.

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