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Real Control is a supplement that is formulated to help you bring down your blood sugar and maintain control. However, it controls the blood sugar in a way that allows you to eat all of the foods that would normally cause it to spike.

What Is Real Control?

Diabetes is a serious condition, and you should constantly be aware of the blood sugar levels you have, if you want to keep it in check. However, one of the biggest ways that your doctor probably tells you to control it is by restricting your diet.

Unfortunately, this usually means that you have to give up some of the most flavorful meals that you love, like pasta and sweets. What if you didn’t have to give up anything to keep your blood sugar under control? That’s exactly what Real Control helps you to do.

Real Control helps you to bring back all of your favorite, carb-filled foods, but without worrying that your blood sugar will spike. You don’t have to inject any insulin, and you don’t have to fast beforehand.

If you take this supplement, you can enjoy:

  • Up to 25% lower readings for your blood sugar
  • Less spiking of your blood sugar after you eat
  • A slimmer waistline and flatter stomach
  • More energy
  • Better sensitivity to insulin
  • More freedom

Treating your diabetes in the right way is the most important step you can make in your health. You need to maintain the right balance in your blood sugar, or you put yourself at risk for dire consequences.

If you already are on a strict regimen from your physician, you should speak with him before you start using this supplement. If he approves, then you are one step closer to an indulgent meal for dinner tonight.

How Does Real Control Work?

The reason that Real Control is so effective in helping to manage your blood sugar is due to the different ingredients included, which come from the treatments used by Eastern cultures.

The main ingredient is chlorogenic acid, which is found in the bark of different fruit trees, like cherry trees and apple trees.

Chlorogenic Acid, also known as CGA, changes the way your body uses sugar as you digest.

For this reason, you will usually find it in weight-loss supplements, but it helps to work with your blood sugar levels so you can eat anything.

When CGA is introduced to your digestive system, it binds with a particular natural chemical that typically distributes glucose into your body. However, rather than allowing you to absorb the glucose, it pushes it through your digestive system as waste.

Since the sugars and carbohydrates never are fully digested, you don’t gain weight and your blood sugar remains unaffected.

Using Real Control

The website doesn’t show any information on how frequently or how much of the supplement you are supposed to take. You can speak with the customer service team to find out, or you can follow the directions on the bottle when your shipment arrives.

To test the efficacy of Real Control, the company did a 12-week study to compare the results of taking CGA or not taking CGA.

Consumers reported that there was an additional average loss of three pounds. However, the affect it has to keep your blood sugar managed can be measured on a home test.

Pricing for Real Control

The price for your Real Control supplement will entirely depend on the deal that you select. You can choose from packages that contain one, two, four, or six bottles.

The single-bottle package, known as Trial Offer, allows you to get enough to try out the product for a month. Your total cost is $39.95, plus the fee for shipping and handling ($6.95).

The Good Deal contains two months’ worth of the product, which costs $71.90. You will be responsible for the shipping and handling, but you save about 15%.

The Great Deal offers you four months of the product. You will be responsible for shipping, and the cost of the bottles will be $135.80, which means that each bottle is only about $33.95.

The Very Best Deal is the biggest savings you will find with your purchase. You get six months’ worth of the program, which costs $191.70, saving you 30% already. However, you also get the courtesy of the company waiving your shipping fees, if you select this package.

Along with the bottles of Real Control, you will also receive a free report, titled “Delicious Foods That Make You LOSE WEIGHT!”

Contacting the Creators of Real Control

With all of these grand promises, you probably want to ask a few questions before making a decision. Luckily, the customer service team is available to answer any of your questions by calling either (866) 766-3600 or (772) 446-1083. While hours of operation are not listed, you can attempt to call the company during normal business hours for the Eastern time zone.

Real Coltron Review Summary

Real Control is all about giving you the freedom to enjoy the foods you love, but without putting your blood sugar in danger. It also has the pleasant side effect of helping you to lose weight in the process.

If you miss the pleasure of eating pasta, bread, bagels, candy, and all of the other carbohydrate-filled foods, then Real Control should already be in your online shopping cart.


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