Rainbow Juice Cleanse


Rainbow Juice Cleanse Review

Everything You Need to Know About the Rainbow Juice Cleanse.

The rainbow juice cleanse is a popular new cleanse that involves eating a “rainbow” of different-colored juices.

Learn everything you need to know about the Rainbow Juice Cleanse and its surprising benefits today.

What is the Rainbow Juice Cleanse?

Rainbow Juice Cleanse

The rainbow juice cleanse is a cleanse that involves drinking a “rainbow” of different juiced vegetables throughout the week. Each vegetable color has been specially chosen for its healing properties. The cleanse lasts for 7 days and you drink a different juice blend every day of the week.

Some people start the rainbow juice cleanse to improve their overall health. Others are simply trying to lose weight. It’s also a popular cleanse for those who have diabetes or blood sugar control issues.

One of the bold claims made by the rainbow juice cleanse is that dieters can lose 7 pounds of weight by drinking a different color of the rainbow every day. After “drinking the rainbow”, dieters are supposed to experience benefits like anti-aging, renewed energy, and an overall better balanced body.

Who Created the Rainbow Juice Cleanse?

The rainbow juice was created by a dietician named Dr. Ginger Southall. Dr. Southall has a doctorate in chiropractic and works as a wellness consultant and health advocate for Fortune 500 companies.

Ginger published full details of her cleanse in a book called The Rainbow Juice Cleanse: Lose Weight, Boost Energy, and Supercharge Your Health. That book was released on April 7, 2015.

The book spans 192 pages and has received generally positive reviews across the diet community. It’s available on Amazon.com in hardcover for around $15 and in Kindle edition for around $10.

What Do Dieticians Have to Say About the Rainbow Juice Cleanse?

The rainbow juice cleanse has been well-reviewed across the diet community. The book gained particular momentum after recently being featured on The Dr. Oz Show’s official blog, where the author published an excerpt from the book.

Dieticians also praise the book for its sugar-free approach to dieting. By focusing solely on vegetables, dieters can avoid having virtually any type of sugar in their diets.

Both dieticians and readers also praise the book for being easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. If you have a juicer and can buy vegetables at a supermarket, then you won’t have any trouble following the rainbow juice cleanse.

How Does the Rainbow Juice Cleanse Work?

The Rainbow Juice Cleanse involves juicing different vegetables on different days of the week. The recipes promise to be easy-to-make, and the author even provides a shopping list to make things as easy as possible.

You buy vegetables, buy a juicer, and undergo the rainbow juice cleanse for an entire week. Take the cleanse whenever you need to feel rejuvenated.

It’s a simple, seven-day cleanse. It’s a bit ambitious for someone who’s taking a cleanse for the first time. But if you have strong self-control or cleansing experience, then the rainbow cleanse could be your new favorite cleanse.

One of the advantages of the rainbow juice cleanse is that there are two “warm up” programs that help you start your cleanse on the right foot.

These warm up programs include:

Rainbow Warm-Up: You continue your regular diet while incorporating one rainbow cleanse juice into your diet every day. You’re also encouraged to try other “Rainbow” food recipes as listed in the Rainbow Juice Cleanse book.

Rainbow Rev-Up: This program requires dieters to consume one juice or more per day while only eating Rainbow foods and following Rainbow food recipes.

The “Rainbow” foods are a collection of easily-digestible foods that will get you ready for your upcoming juice-only diet.

Are You Ready To Start the Rainbow Juice Cleanse?

Dieticians seem to be saying positive things about the Rainbow Juice Cleanse. Drinking different colored juices on different days of the week may seem gimmicky, which is why the real power of the Rainbow Juice Cleanse lies in its use of vegetables instead of fruits.

Eliminating all sugars from your diet for 7 days can reportedly lead to powerful health benefits. It can clear up your skin, for example, and cleanse your digestive system. More importantly, it can also help you lose a significant amount of weight. Typically, when our bodies eat sugar, that sugar doesn’t get turned into energy. Instead, it gets turned into fat. The rainbow juice cleanse breaks that cycle and can work remarkably well when paired with a moderate exercise routine.

If you think you have the willpower to follow through with a 7 day juice cleanse, then the rainbow juice cleanse may be a good option for you. You can find more details about the diet in The Rainbow Juice Cleanse.

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  1. Suffer from chronic fatigue, diabetes, arthritis? Cleansing the liver is key to getting healthy. Inflammation in the body is one of the main reasons why people suffer diseases. Juicing is so important in addition to eating clean to your road to recovery. This book is an amazing book and very informative. The recipes don’t include items you can’t find in a typical grocery store in your organic section. Easy to follow and very tasty.

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