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Energy supplements and nootropics have become highly popular within the last couple of decades. Brain enhancers in particular are interesting in the sense that they are not only able to help us with our mental performance, but also help in maximising our physical output.

Other than that, scientific advancements have also made it easier for these products to be absolutely natural and free of any additives and fillers.

About R/613 Performance

R/613 Performance is an all new ‘performance enhancer’ that has been devised to help deliver our bodies with peak physical output.

In addition to this, R/613 also contains a ‘proprietary formula’ that has been studied closely and shown to deliver a wide array of mental and physical benefits. When used as part of a daily dietary regime, it helps us in increasing our alertness, focus and energy levels.

Other key aspects of R/613 Performance include:

(i) Memory:

A highly useful aspect of this formula is the fact that it helps increase our neural activity. As a result of this, we are able enhance our memory and cognitive retention capability. This is a highly useful feature, especially for young kids and adults who are required to memorize large volumes of data on a daily basis.

(ii) Focus:

Another underrated aspect of this potent nootropic is its ability to increase our focus levels. This is achieved via a heightening of our CNS activity which enables us to lock into the task at hand.

(iii) Energy:

R/613 Performance has been closely studied and shown to come packed with active ingredients that support both our mental and physical abilities. In addition to this, it also helps in eliminating issues like ‘mid day energy slumps’ and ‘brain fog’.

(iv) Physical Performance:

When taken on a daily basis in a prescribed manner, R/613 is able to support our activities whether they are performed at the office, school, or gym. Not only that, this unique formula also helps in supporting “memory, physical abilities and mental clarity” while also maximizing our data processing speed.

(v) Powerful Formula:

Each serving of this supplement comes packed with a ‘concentrated proprietary formula’ that has been devised after years of clinical trials and research.

(vi) Scientifically Backed:

The manufacturer has provided case studies which clearly demonstrate the efficacy of this supplement. Thus, users may want to check them out before making a large purchase.

What's Contained Inside R/613 Performance?

The core ingredients which make R/613 Performance so powerful include:

(i) Cognizin:

It is a patented compound that has garnered a lot of medical attention within the past 4-5 years. This is because Cognizin comes packed with a unique combination of choline and cytidine.

In their chemical essence, we can see that Choline acts as an amazing neurotransmitter and can be obtained via foods like potatoes, cauliflower. On the other hand, cytidine isn’t widely available in common foods, and has to be obtained via external, supplementary sources.

(ii) Caffeine:

As we all know, caffeine is one of the core components of coffee (the world's most widely consumed beverage). When taken in regulated doses, caffeine helps us stay alert and physically active. It does so by inhibiting signals of fatigue and tiredness from circulating within our nerves.

Additionally, this compound has been tested and shown to by increase stamina, enhance focus and boost physical endurance. From a compositional standpoint, we can see that each serving of R/613 contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of gourmet coffee.

(iii) D-Ribose:

Another important natural derivative that often gets overlooked. In its essence, D Ribose is a ‘five-carbon sugar’ that is naturally produced by our bodies on a daily basis.

Users will also be interested to learn that unlike processed sugars, Ribose is known to easily breakdown and convert into energy within our metabolic system. It also helps improve athletic performance and our ability to exercise by boosting muscle energy.

Where Can I Purchase R/613 Performance?

All orders for R/613 Performance can be placed on the official company webpage. A single vial is priced at $8.95 and can obtained at a reduced rate of $7.61 if users subscribe to a regular purchase scheme. Payments can be made via safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.


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