It is a multi-level marketing company based in Utah. It was launched in 2009. The company manufactures various products aimed at the health, wellness, and personal care segment. Through a distributor system, the company gives a commission to their distributors for selling their products as well as for recruiting new members. All their products have the FDA Seal of Approval, meaning their manufacturing facilities are inspected and endorsed by the FDA as safe and fit for human use. The company’s products do not contain harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients.

When it comes to sales, the company has a mobile app that is in use by a limited number of its distributors. It helps them keep track of sales, orders, and analysis of business trends, among other functions.

About Qivana

Qivana’s flagship products are sold under the Qore brand. These products are designed to cater and assist the body’s core system to retain optimum health even as it ages. The core systems are: the digestive tract, heart, and immune system. Qivana’s metabolism program is designed to be taken with other supplements. Therefore, the products supplement each other. Not all ingredients are listed in their supplements. However, some of them contain decaffeinated green tea, cayenne pepper, and I-carnitile. The core products are in powder form and are from natural herbal extracts. This ensures that your heart and digestive system operate at their optimum while also boosting the immune system.

The Qore range of products can be broken down into:

1. Those that help the consumer read their biogenetic potential also, known as Qore Essentials.

2. Products that boost the immune system are referred to as Qore defense. Qore defense is designed to aid the body get rid of toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals.

3. The Qore probiotic range promises to maintain a healthy gut. This will improve digestion to ensure the body benefits optimally from the food consumed.

4. Qore PM provides a balanced formula that improves sleep for maximum energy during working hours.

Another line of products is the metabolic category. These products come in the form of bars, shakes, and even capsules. They are designed to assist in weight loss by reducing excess fats. Using amino acids, they accelerate the metabolic process in the body’s system, thus helping to burn fat. At the same time, the nutrients in this category assist the body to build lean muscle mass.

Another line of products is branded Prime. These products increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood. The overall effect is to improve the working of the blood circulatory system. The improved flow of blood helps to regulate and maintain the blood pressure to a healthy level. Other benefits include improved cognitive and memory functions, as well and a boost to sexual energy.

The Skin Shift line of products, as the name suggests, is a regimen aimed at giving the consumer the glow of healthy, youthful skin. These products rejuvenate the skin by giving it the nutrients it needs. At the same time, they protect it from the harm brought about by exposure to harsh climates and microbes.

Qivana Products Side Effects

Their products get positive reviews from some consumers. Some of their products are affordable. They are safe to use as they claim to manufacture them with natural ingredients. However, if you happen to react to any of the ingredients used in these products, please keep away from them to avoid any allergic reactions. Always carry out a patch test when trying out a new skin product.

If you are pregnant or lactating, consult your doctor first before using these products as they may affect your baby. Always consult a pediatrician before using these products on your child. Some products are only meant to be used by children five years or older.

Qivana MLM Business Opportunity

Unlike most MLMs, Qivana dwells more on affiliate sales and people starting businesses using the Qivana name. This is contrary to other MLMs whose whole sole purpose is selling their products directly to customers. With most MLM businesses, the biggest hurdle is the expensive startup costs and the fact that it is hard to purchase smaller quantities of the products, enough for only one person.

It is strange that this company focuses more on recruiting rather than sales, yet they continue to say that their products cure everything. On top of that, they do not include prices for their products, making you wonder what they are hiding.

Research carried out showed that people find this company annoying in that once you buy any of their products, they continuously try to convince you to join their team, of course at a cost. According to these customers, if Qivana continues dwelling on recruitments and sales that don’t yield any positive results, they will have to turn away from it.

Is the Science Behind Qivana Proven?

It is hard to determine whether there is any science to support it since they do not give details on ingredients and formulas. If a company cannot be straight forward in divulging the ingredients they use, it raises red flags.

Does Qivana Work?

It is hard to suggest or even recommend Qivana products to customers since they do not disclose their ingredients or formulas used in coming up with the products. What this company is more concerned about is building its business instead of selling its products, making it uncomfortable to recommend it to dieters.

If you are looking to lose some pounds using supplements, look for a reputable company that produces safe and effective products. You can also go with products that are not necessarily associated with any MLM. They might even turn out to be cheaper, which will be great for your finances.

A company that has confidence in their products will not find it hard to offer its customers a free trial package.

Qivana Compensation Plan

As a distributor with Qivana, you will have access to compensation plans through:

  • Retail Sales
  • Team Commissions
  • Quick Start Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus Pool

In addition to these, you will be eligible for other benefits, like a car bonus, mega bonus, and holidays to exotic resorts.

Is Qivana Legit?

If you go through the company’s website, you will probably conclude that it is not a scam. If you are ready to invest both your time and money, you will benefit a lot from this organization.

However, if you cannot recruit or sponsor people to this organization, it will be hard to make enough money from them since a huge percentage of income is made from recruiting people rather than sales made. This is a red flag because these business models that care entirely about recruiting and not about sales are usually pyramid schemes.

If you do not possess the skills for recruiting people, this is not your thing. You should think about starting other home based jobs that will earn you extra cash without the hassle of convincing people to become your recruits.

If you have any interest in Network Marketing, go ahead and do some research on this organization and others which follow the MLM business model.

This being said, we cannot ignore the fact that many consumers have claimed to experience little to no positive results from Qivana products. This means that you will have a hard time convincing people to either join this organization or even use their products.

Qivana Benefits

Binary Compensation Plan

Qivana distributors benefit from earning from six ways. Qivana’s binary compensation allows their distributors to earn a commission profit through the difference between wholesale cost and retail cost. Also, you will earn 10% commissions from your downline’s total sales of the weaker pay leg. You will also qualify for fast start bonuses, car bonuses, and other lucrative financial incentives.

Mobile App For Distributors

All Qivana distributors are provided with a mobile application, which enables them to keep track of all their orders and manage their sales, among other things. This mobile app produced by Fragmob has gained popularity among many multi-level marketing organizations. Each company can customize the app to meet their unique needs, and it also acts as a great boost to their distributors.

FDA-Approved Products

Qivana manufactures all their products in FDA-approved facilities using natural ingredients and no chemicals. Their products also come with an FDA Approval Seal.

Qivana Downsides

The Qivana Website

Qivana’s website does not have any useful details on how to set up a consumer’s account or even sign up as a distributor. They also keep people in the dark about their startup and products costs. Every company needs to have a transparent website where anyone can gather as much information as needed.

Minimum Monthly PV

For a distributor to earn any commissions, he/she is required to maintain a minimum 100 PV every month. In addition to that, you must have a sales volume of not less than 500 PV in your weaker pay leg of the binary structure. Also, active business owners have to be enrolled on each side of the distributor’s down line binary tree. This is just too much hassle.

Limited Training

With the increased demand for beauty and health products, it is becoming very competitive in this industry. Qivana offers very minimal sales training to their independent distributors. Successful multi-level marketing agents are supposed to have a sound sales and marketing background. With minimal or no prior training and experience, people tend to look for better opportunities.

No Clinical Trials

On Qivana’s website, they do not offer any scientific evidence or any clinical trials results. This means that they lack any evidence whether their products will offer you more benefits than the regular supplements that you can easily purchase over the counter or from a drug store. If Qivana wants people to have confidence in their products, they will have to provide more useful information.

Qivana Review Summary

Qivana is a company that deals with nutritional supplements and has an over 7 years of experience. The good thing is that they offer a two-way compensation plan and also a mobile application that is meant to help distributors keep track of their operations. However, the downside is that Qivana only offers limited training and as a distributor, you will be required to attain monthly PV minimums to qualify for their commissions.

There are consumers of Qivana products who would swear by the benefits they got from using them. These are results they claim they got relatively fast. Others, however, have been more skeptical of the efficacy of these products. Another grouse from some consumers has been the unattractive taste of some products, such as the green tea. Whether to join Qivana as a distributor will in large part depend on whether one has the skills to convince people to join the company or enjoy its products. The initial investment might prove too daunting or risky a venture for the timid or less experienced in marketing.


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