QBiotics EBC-46 – Real Natural Anti-Cancer Treatment For Humans?


EBC-46 is a medication that is currently in the developing states to help eliminate tumors and prevent cancer in both humans and some animals. The treatment is not yet available to the public, but clinical trials are presently being assigned to test the formula’s efficacy.

What is QBiotics EBC-46 ?

Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with cancer. Science is continually evolving to try and find different ways of killing these cells without damage to the rest of the body, but the hard work of the medical community may soon pay off. QBiotics is responsible for developing the new formula called EBC-46, which may help.

QBiotics EBC-46 is a small molecule that uses natural ingredients to promote “anti-cancer activity.” The goal of this experimental drug is to eliminate solid tumors that are found in both humans and standard animal companions, like dogs, cats, and horses. Once EBC-46 is ready for Clinical Phase II (testing its efficacy over a large group of people, rather than a small group), the trial can move forward, allowing the company to find a development partner to help with the marketing of this product.

There are many different cancer treatment options available in the oncological world right now. The most common form is chemotherapy, which involves using IV delivery to provide a consistent supply of medication, killing the cancer cells.

However, chemotherapy can have an adverse effect on your physical appearance. Radiation has also been used in several different formats to kill cancer cells, but it can be hard to target it specifically, which would impact other organs. The EBC-46 molecule aims to eliminate the worries you typically have with other treatments.

How Does QBiotics EBC-46 Work?

The creators of EBC-46 have created a molecule that is comparable to chemotherapy, since it is directly administered to your body. However, rather than injecting the formula into your blood stream through an IV, it is directly injected into the affected tissue or the present tumor.

When the injection is first administered, the participant will notice inflammation almost immediately, along with an increase of the amount of blood in the area. However, the molecule activates different chemicals and bodily reactions that cause the blood and inflammation to eventually die down, taking the cancer cells with it. Essentially, the tumor undergoes ablation to completely rid your body of this specific cancer.

The treatment helps patients in a preventative way, but it predominantly focuses on tumors in vivo, or within the animal, rather than in an extracted tumor. Simply put, the trial is the most beneficial for treating existing tumors in the human or applicable animal.

About the QBiotics EBC-46 Clinical Trial

The trial presently involves a small group of humans to administer the treatment locally in a single treatment, or injected directly into the tumors. The formula is meant to help the following types of tumors:

  • Melanoma
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Single cell carcinoma
  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Merkel cell carcinoma

At the moment, QBiotics is not using a wide range of participants. The trial is in controlled groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. If you want specific details of a trial near you, you can visit the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry at www.anzctr.org.au. You will need to search for “QBiotics.”

The program is still recruiting patients in those areas. You will need to have a tumor that is accessible via direct injection to qualify, which means that cancer of your internal organs is not eligible.

Participating in the QBiotics EBC-46 Clinical Trial

If your type of tumor is the same as the ones that are presently being studied, you may want to see if you can participate in the trial. Every medical trial comes with certain risks, which you will be briefed on before you decide to pursue it any further. Some of the risks may be too much for you to handle, but you can refuse to participate in the trial in the commitment is overwhelming.

You should speak with your treating oncologist to determine if your type of cancer is eligible for this trial. Your medical history and treatments with your current doctor will help them determine if this program will be beneficial for your healing and remission.

If your doctor decides that you should be a candidate for the program, they can contact Rodney Cusack on your behalf by calling +61 7 3870 8933. He will tell you the closest site for clinical trials near you.

You should not contact QBiotics for a recommendation for eligibility, or to register for the trial. They are not involved in any part of the patient assessments, and they focus only on creating the necessary formula. The staff is prohibited from discussing details of the trials with possible participants, and cannot even respond to information requests.

Contacting the Creators of EBC-46: QBiotics

Most of the information you will need to know about the trial is information that will be dealt with by your oncologist. However, QBiotics is available to answer your questions that are unrelated to the trial specifically. They can tell you more about their company and other projects that they’ve successful completed. If you want to speak with their customer service team, you can reach the department by calling +61 (0) 7 3870 8933, or by filling out the online form.

For Information About the Clinical Trial Only

The only way you can get information about the clinical trial is through contacting your oncologist. They will be able to call Rodney Cusack for more information, which they can pass along to you.

QBiotics EBC-46 Conclusion

The QBiotics EBC-46 molecule is still being tested, but there’s a possibility that you can become a participant in the trial. While you need the recommendation of your oncologist, you need to make sure that the type of cancer you face is eligible for the program. If you have questions, your doctor can speak with a representative at QBiotics in Australia.

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