Pure Natural Fucoxanthin – Hoodia Gordonii Burns Fat?


Pure Natural Fucoxanthin Review – Why Buy?

Pure Natural Fucoxanthin is a new dietary supplement that promises to help you burn fat without dieting or exercise. Does that sound too good to be true? Let’s take a look in our Pure Natural Fucoxanthin review.

What is Pure Natural Fucoxanthin?

Pure Natural Fucoxanthin is a dietary supplement that contains the active ingredient fucoxanthin. The supplement claims to be made using 100% organic ingredients produced in America. By taking the supplement daily, you can “burn fat quicker without diet and exercise”, according to the manufacturer.

How Does Pure Natural Fucoxanthin Work?

Pure Natural Fucoxanthin claims to work in the same way garcinia cambogia supplements claim to work. By taking the supplement daily, you can enjoy the following benefits:

-Fat blocker
Appetite suppression
-Serotonin increase

Basically, you take it and feel fuller, so you eat less. Plus, the serotonin boost reduces your chance of experiencing hunger cravings or engaging in emotional eating. And, the food you do eat has its fat content blocked by the natural benefits of fucoxanthin.

Fucoxanthin, by the way, is also known as Hoodia gordonii. It’s a trendy health ingredient extracted from brown seaweed. Fucoxanthin is currently being investigated for its ability to burn away fat – especially brown adipose tissue – without harmful side effects.

Scientific Evidence for Pure Natural Fucoxanthin

The makers of Pure Natural Fucoxanthin do not appear to have tested their supplement or engaged in clinical trials. They haven’t posted any evidence supporting the fact that Pure Natural Fucoxanthin helps you lose weight.

But what do other scientists have to say about fucoxanthin?

So far, there’s only been one major study connecting fucoxanthin to weight loss benefits. That’s the study that has got everyone excited.

In this study, 151 obese female subjects between ages 30 and 64 took fucoxanthin for a period of 1 to 6 months. By the end of the trial, researchers concluded that:

“Xanthigen promoted weight loss, reduced body and liver fat content, and improved liver function tests in obese non-diabetic women. Xanthigen and Fucoxanthin also increased REE [resting energy expenditure]. This product may be considered a promising food supplement in the management of obesity.”

The problem with this study is that it involved a supplement called Xanthigen, which contains 300mg of pomegranate seed oil and 300mg of seaweed extract. The makers of Pure Natural Fucoxanthin never actually tell us about the dose of fucoxanthin in their supplement, so we can’t connect these benefits to Pure Natural Fucoxanthin. That’s a big problem.

Ultimately, there’s no independent evidence showing Pure Natural Fucoxanthin works as advertised. There’s some evidence that 300mg of fucoxanthin delivers weight management benefits. But without dosage information for Pure Natural Fucoxanthin, we have no idea if these benefits can be connected to this diet pill.

Pure Natural Fucoxanthin Ingredients

The makers of Pure Natural Fucoxanthin claim the supplement uses 100% natural ingredients assembled in a registered lab in the United States.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, we don’t actually know what those ingredients are. It could be pure, natural fucoxanthin with nothing else added.

It seems more likely, however, that the ingredients are mixed with caffeine and other stimulants. When manufacturers don’t post their ingredient labels or ingredient information, we’re led to assume that there are additives added in.

Pure Natural Fucoxanthin Pricing

Pure Natural Fucoxanthin is available at the following pricing plans:

-1 Bottle: $49 + $9.95 Shipping ($58.95 USD Total)
-3 Bottles: $99 USD
-5 Bottles: $148 USD

There’s one problem with each of these prices: these prices are listed only after you apply a mail in rebate. The manufacturer will email you that rebate separately, and you have to physically mail it back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer advertises the price after mail in rebate – something it mentions in small text at the very bottom of the ordering form. So that’s a bit shady.

Here are the real prices before you apply the mail in rebate:

-1 Bottle Without Mail In Rebate: $68.95
-3 Bottles Without MIR: $129
-5 Bottles Without MIR: $198

Clearly, there’s a big difference between the MIR price and the standard retail price. The manufacturer seems to purposely hide that fact from customers.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. if you don’t lose weight while taking Pure Natural Fucoxanthin, or you’re unhappy for any reason, the manufacturer will refund your money (minus shipping charges, plus a $5 restocking fee).

Your purchase also comes with a $15 store credit to DiscountVitaShop.com.

Hint: If you hit the back button on the ordering page, you’ll receive a special offer to buy 2 bottles for $48. The manufacturer does not claim that this is a mail in rebate price: it just seems to be the normal price. That’s significant savings over the regular price of around $70 per bottle.

Who Makes Pure Natural Fucoxanthin?

You can get in touch with the makers of Pure Natural Fucoxanthin by calling (888) 422-9040. This customer service helpline can give you an RMA number to return your product.

That company’s phone number has been linked to some problematic online products over the years. Many customers complain they were advertised one price, only to be charged a different price.

Other products associated with the number include CLA Safflower Oil and something called Platinum Customer Support.

Aside from that customer service number, we don’t have any information about who makes Pure Natural Fucoxanthin. The supplement claims to be manufactured in the United States – but we don’t have a manufacturing facility or location where that gets done.

The website where Pure Natural Fucoxanthin is being sold was created in January 2016 and registered through the Center of Ukrainian Internet Names.

Should You Buy Pure Natural Fucoxanthin to Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise?

Fucoxanthin is one of the most exciting chemical compounds to hit the weight loss community in recent years. There’s limited (but growing) evidence that it can provide enormous weight loss benefits.

One study showed that 300mg of fucoxanthin helped obese women manage their weight more effectively than a placebo.

That’s good.

Unfortunately, we can’t connect these benefits to Pure Natural Fucoxanthin because the manufacturer hasn’t listed its dosage, nor has it given us a full list of ingredients. How much fucoxanthin does it contain? Where does this fucoxanthin come from? Where is the supplement made? Are there ingredients – like caffeine – used in the supplement in addition to fucoxanthin?

These are all good questions that need to be answered before you pay a massive $70 for just one single bottle of Pure Natural Fucoxanthin

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