Pure Amino – Healthy Amino Acid Vodka Alcohol, Water & Powder?


As a range of beverages and workout supplements enhanced with amino acids, Pure Amino keep the body full of the compounds necessary to build muscle and boost energy.

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What is Pure Amino?

Branched chain amino acids, otherwise known as BCAAs, are a common supplement within the fitness industry for their ability to hydrate cells, promote protein synthesis within the muscles, and boost energy.

Suitable for every kind of fitness goal, BCAAs preserve muscle by delivering the building blocks of protein directly to muscle cells and promote fat loss by increasing energy levels.

Pure Amino is a range of lifestyle drinks and supplements for active lifestyles. These include amino acid-enriched, flavored waters, BCAA powder, and even sparkling vodka beverages.

The Pure Amino Waters and Powder essentially function as BCAA supplements, delivering amino acids to the body throughout the day. These can aid in preserving and building lean muscle while keeping the body hydrated and functioning optimally.

Developed by a New Zealand personal trainer who balances a workout routine and enjoying alcoholic drinks, Pure Amino Vodka is formulated specifically to prevent hangovers by keeping drinkers hydrated and by not including sugar in the mix.

Each product is enriched with four amino acids. L-leucine generally stimulates protein synthesis, while l-glutamate burns fat and l-carnitine provides energy to the muscle cells. Similarly, taurine can promote longevity by decreasing the amount of fat stores.

How Does Pure Amino Work?

The Waters can be consumed throughout the day or as desired; they offer a boost of amino acids beneficial to athletes or active people as part of a comprehensive exercise regimen.

As a workout supplement, Pure Amino Powder is designed to be consumed daily for healthy muscular function and enhanced recovery. Simply mix one scoop into water or a smoothie.

Pure Amino Vodka can be consumed like regular alcoholic beverages while its hydration-promoting properties will contribute to a lessened hangover the next day. Legal age restrictions for alcohol consumption must be observed.

Pure Amino Products


Ideal for active lifestyles, this water provides amino acids for muscular protection and growth and contributes to regulated energy levels throughout the day.

They are made with all natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. Available flavors include Strawberry Kiwi, Coconut, Raspberry Lemon, and Original.


Specifically formulated as a workout supplement, this powder can be combined with pre- or post-workout shakes for increased energy, accelerated recovery, muscle building, and the preservation of muscle while in a caloric deficit.


With an explicit note on the website that this product does not provide health advantages, it is advertised as eliminating hangovers following alcohol consumption.

Popular among the fitness community, erythritol and stevia are plant-based sweeteners that do not spike blood sugar or insulin like regular sugar, which can significantly contribute to feelings of discomfort the next day.

The creator claims they are mostly water for enhanced hydration throughout the night. Flavor options include Raspberry Lemon, Coconut, and Strawberry Kiwi.


Online, the vodkas come in 12 packs are listed at $39.99 NZD, or about $27.50 USD, while the powder is priced at $59.99 NZD for 60 servings and the 9 packs of the waters are $23.99 NZD, or approximately $41 and $16, respectively.

At this time, it appears that only the Amino Powder is available for online purchase. Most of the other products have not yet been released.

Should You Use Pure Amino?

With the additional of hydrating and muscle-preserving amino acids, the Pure Amino Waters and Powder seems to be useful as a BCAA supplement. Similarly, the Vodkas might benefit those who are physically active and wish to avoid dehydration from alcohol consumption.

However, while the formula of these beverages might decrease the symptoms of a hangover, they are not necessarily health-promoting products as alcohol itself is linked to multiple negative effects. More information can be found at: http://pureamino.nz/.

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