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PuraThrive Turmeric Review

Purathrive Liposomal Turmeric is a nutritional supplement that promises to boost your energy and cognitive ability using turmeric extract. Does it work? Read our PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric review (this product was also once called NutriThrive).

What is PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric?

PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric is a nutritional supplement that comes in the form of a liquid extract.

You take the supplement daily to enjoy a wide range of purported benefits, including:

— Better Energy
Improved Cognitive Ability
Reduced Joint Pain

Basically, Liposomal Turmeric promises to be a cure-all for a wide range of different problems and conditions. In the sales copy advertising Liposomal Turmeric, the company claims that the media wants you to believe that joint pain and tiredness are just symptoms of old age: they’re not, and you can reverse your symptoms by taking a supplement like Liposomal Turmeric – or at least, that’s the claim made by the supplement’s manufacturer.

So let’s find out how this organic liquid Liposomal Turmeric works.

How Does Liposomal Turmeric Work?

Liposomal Turmeric claims that it was made by “the most scientifically advanced researchers and manufacturing processes in the world.”

That’s a bold claim for a nutritional supplement sold on the internet for $40. So how does Liposomal Turmeric actually work?

Well, traditionally, there are two ways to take turmeric, which is prized for its health benefits:

— Full-Spectrum Turmeric
— Isolated Curcumin

Isolated curcumin isn’t fully absorbed by your body. That means your body can’t absorb the so-called “other 199+ compounds in turmeric”, according to the manufacturer. It just absorbs the one “isolated” compound.

That’s why you need full spectrum turmeric, which promises to offer low potency and a low absorption rate to give you “the most potent” turmeric you can buy in liquid form.

Full spectrum turmeric is the type used in the new PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric.

The “liposome” part of the name comes from a unique substance within your body. Liposomes are described as “little protection systems” that inject nutrients into your bloodstream. They also act as microscopic bodyguards as they travel through your digestive system.

Turmeric used in other supplements pass harmlessly through your digestive tract without getting absorbed. This leads to what Nutrithive calls “expensive pee syndrome”.

By creating liposomes with a smaller particle size, and then filling those liposomes with turmeric, Liposomal Turmeric has been able to increase absorption by your body and ensure you enjoy the maximum number of benefits.

This allows turmeric to be absorbed into your system will also “forcing” your cells to flush out heavy metals and toxins.

The scientific description for Liposomal Turmeric goes on and on about the power of liposomes and the benefits of turmeric, but it’s all basically repeating the same stuff: Liposomal Turmeric contains turmeric inside of small particles called liposomes that are more easily absorbed by your body, allowing you to maximize benefits.

Scientific Evidence for Liposomal Turmeric

Turmeric has been studied in several major recent publications.

However, liposomal turmeric or liposomal curcumin are relatively new and haven’t faced the same number of studies.

In one study published in 2013, researchers examined the effects of liposomal curcumin in treating human pancreatic tumors.

Researchers praised liposome-based drug delivery because it “has been successful in the past decade”. The researchers theorized that by combining curcumin with liposomes, you can enjoy powerful benefits.

Researchers described curcumin as “a potent anticancer agent” and claimed that the only problem with it is that it has “low systematic bioavailability”, which means your body has trouble absorbing it.

So did encapsulating curcumin into liposomes improve bioavailability?

Researchers studied the anticancer effects in vitro (this was not a human study). Here’s what they concluded by the end of their study:

“These data clearly establish the efficacy of liposomal curcumin in reducing human pancreatic cancer growth in the examined model. The therapeutic curcumin-based effects, with no limiting side-effects, suggest that liposomal curcumin may be beneficial in patients with pancreatic cancer.”

In other words, liposomal curcumin was observed to reduce tumor growth in human cells. That’s a significant finding.

Nutrithrive cites a handful of other studies that have taken place on curcumin and turmeric over the years, although none of the studies specifically involve liposomal turmeric.

In this 2014 study, for example, researchers collected a group of over 350 knee osteoarthritis patients and separated them into different groups. The group that used curcuma extract (described as Curcuma domestica) experienced similar pain relief to the group using ibuprofen, suggesting that turmeric could be a natural pain reliever for those with joint pain:

“C. domestica extracts are as effective as ibuprofen for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. The side effect profile was similar but with fewer gastrointestinal AE reports in the C. domestica extracts group.”

Ultimately, turmeric is backed by considerable scientific evidence supporting a wide range of health benefits. And liposomal turmeric – just like other compounds delivered in liposomal form – appears to enhance these benefits further by providing greater bioavailability to your body.

Liposomal Turmeric Ingredients

Based on the scientific evidence above, it would be natural to assume that Liposomal Turmeric works exactly as advertised: there are numerous studies reinforcing its benefits.

However, there’s one glaring problem we’ve found with the Liposomal Turmeric supplement: it has a relatively low concentration in each drop.

In studies, researchers typically use a dosage of 1,500mg per day of turmeric. That’s the dosage used in the study above that provided ibuprofen-like pain relief to those with arthritis.

Does Liposomal Turmeric contain 1,500mg in each daily recommended dose?

No. Instead, each serving (2 milliliters, 30 servings per bottle) contains 500mg of a “liposomal proprietary blend”, which is a mix of organic turmeric root extract and curcuminoids.

There’s also 100mcg of fulvic acid complex and other ingredients – like potassium sorbate and sunflower lecithin – added in.

Ultimately, researchers used 1,500mg of turmeric extract when using the ingredient for its health benefits. It doesn’t appear that Liposomal Turmeric has the same powerful dosage, which means that you’ll have to take 3 times as much per serving (giving you 10 servings per bottle) to enjoy health benefits similar to the ones seen in the above studies.

Liposomal Turmeric Ingredients

Here’s the full Pura Thrive Liposomal Turmeric ingredients chart:

The fact that the manufacturer doesn’t list the specific dosage of turmeric or curcumin inside its “proprietary formula” suggests that it knows the supplement is underpowered and wants to hide that fact by displaying the “500mg” dosage. That’s not good if you’ want to enjoy powerful health benefits and “permanent” pain relief as advertised by PuraThrive / Nutrithrive.

Liposomal Turmeric Pricing

Liposomal Turmeric is priced at the following rates:

— 1 Bottle: $39.95 Per Bottle
— 3 Bottles: $104.85
— 6 Bottles: $179.70

These are the prices listed on the official website. You can also purchase a single bottle for $39.95 from Amazon.com, where you can enjoy free shipping.

All purchases on the official website come with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

About Nutrithrive

Nutrithrive is an American nutritional supplement manufacturer. On the company’s About Us page, PuraThrive.com/about-us, they claim that they “aim to provide high-quality, guaranteed products that enable people to lead healthier lives.”

The company manufactures its products in the United States in an FDA-compliant and GMP-certified facility.

You can contact the company toll-free by calling 1-888-292-8309 or by emailing [email protected].

The company is headquartered at the following address:

903 W. Almeda St. #427
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Currently, Liposomal Turmeric is the only supplement sold by the company.

Should You Take Liposomal Turmeric for Pain Relief?

Purathrive’s Liposomal Turmeric supplement appears to be an effective pain relief supplement that can also provide other health benefits throughout your body. Turmeric – especially delivered in liposome form – has been proven to deliver powerful health benefits across your body.

The only problem with Liposomal Turmeric is that it delivers a relatively low dose in each serving. While scientific studies have involved 1,500mg of turmeric, each dose of Liposomal Turmeric contains 500mg of a proprietary turmeric formula mixed with curcuminoids.

Aside from the relatively low dose, Liposomal Turmeric appears to work as promised to deliver significant health benefits.

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  3. See comment above for the same problem. Won’t let you finish an order that you cannot remove, until you just keep trying over and over to get to your chosen order. I want an explanation, just like the person before me said

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    • You might try ordering on ebay. I checked it out there and it is cheap compared to what they want. Just make sure the ingredients match. It would be worth trying. I’m going to check it out myself. I been reading alot and
      turmeric is suppose to be very good for arthritis and I have that real bad.

  6. I was just about to order the same amount as the above, Lana Allen,with Discover, does anyone know if this problem has been rectified?

  7. A comment on the “low potency” remark made above. Yes, the studies used 1500mg of turmeric, so the Pura Thrive (at 500mg) may appear lower- and in absolute terms, certainly is. However, the 1500mg dose was less bioavailable- making it weaker than it seems. The liposomal turmeric is more bioavailable, making the Pura Thrive stronger than it would seem. If other comments are accurate (liposomal delivery making the substance 10-20 times more available for absorption by the body), then a lower initial dose can be used to achieve the same (or, potentially, better!) result.

    As an aside, I have no affiliation with Pura Thrive or any other nutritional supplement company. My intent was to simply explain the apparent difference in relative strengths from the studies vs Pura Thrive’s product. With better delivery, less initial dose is needed for the body to obtain the same absorption.

    • Exactly correct. The author of this article doesn’t grasp the importance of bioavailability. If a 1500 mg Curcumin extract has a 15℅ (percent) absorption rate, you will absorb a mere 225 mg. Properly produced phosphatidlycholine enables supplements in its encapsulated form an absorption rate of 95 – 99℅ . This is well documented on the National Institutes of Health Entrez PubMed database. Ergo, PuraThrive’s product would render a minimum of 475 mg. per dose delivered intracellularly which is where you want every supplement to be absorbed.

      I am simply an informed consumer researching the most efficacious form of Curcumin and not an employee of any supplement manufacturer including Pura Thrive. The superior absorption rate of liposomal encapsulated products is well documented on myriad scholarly research websites including the aforementioned Entrez PubMed database which, imho, is the gold standard.

  8. when I tried to order just now, it kept saying california is not a complete state name and did not recognize it..they need to address their online problems if they want to make sales…AND they need to pick up their phone when customers are trying to call them…makes you wonder…..

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