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Prostate 911 is a supplement that helps consumers to maintain the healthy functions of the prostate and urinary health. The formula is available in multiple packages, with the option to order it as part of a subscription for continual shipments.

What Is Prostate 911?

The male body has many needs to maintain the optimum level of health, but these issues become much more apparent as the body ages. Men over the age of 50 become much more susceptible to difficulties in their prostate and surrounding areas, which is why it is important to nourish the body with the right ingredients. Ordinarily, the only thing that users would do is to go to their doctor for regular checkups on their maturing body, but the use of Prostate 911 is a little more proactive.

Prostate 911 provides the multivitamin support that consumers would normally take, but with ingredients that are meant to nourish the prostate and urinary health. Though it is natural, it is not regulated by the FDA, so consumers may want to speak with their doctor to see if it is the right fit. The body needs to balance the right supply of testosterone to maintain health, which is what the company states they can provide with Prostate 911.

How Does Prostate 911 Work?

The reason that Prostate 911 is effective is due to the plentiful ingredients that help to stimulate various processes in the body. The supplement includes many classic ingredients to support the overall nutrition of the body, but there is a proprietary blend that the creators include that can take the treatment beyond.

The proprietary blend includes:

  • Quercetin, which is supposed to reduce inflammation in the body and manage heart health
  • Juniper berry powder, which is often used as a treatment for the prostate’s health, along with the kidneys and bladder
  • Uva Ursi powder, which treats infections and disorders in the kidneys, bladder, and urethra
  • Buchu leaf powder, to reduce inflammation and treat prostatitis
  • Magnesium stearate, as a binding agent
  • Silicon dioxide, which helps to keep the consistency of the powder in the capsules
  • Glutamic acid, which is necessary to the support of the immune system
  • L-Alanine, which offers a healthy balance between glucose and nitrogen
  • L-Glycine, to help with muscle growth and protection of cartilage between the joints
  • Calcium D-Glutarate, which has been shown to help prevent prostate cancer
  • Pumpkin seed powder, which feature healthy antioxidants to eliminate illness-causing toxins
  • Burdock root powder, which can purify blood and even fight against cancer risks
  • Cayenne pepper powder, to help with weight loss, digestion, and joint-related pain
  • Goldenseal powder, to help consumers heal from digestive disorders and illnesses
  • Gravel root powder, which treats UTIs
  • Marshmallow root powder, to reduce inflammation in the digestive system and respiratory tract
  • Parsley leaf powder, which functions as a diuretic
  • White pond lily powder, which is used in many medicinal treatments for infections and inflammation

With these ingredients, and the necessary support that comes from consuming the right vitamins, consumers are given a rounded approach to the health of the prostate. However, consumers will want to keep in mind that some of the included ingredients do not have evidence as impacting the prostate.

Using Prostate 911

For the desired results from Prostate 911, the user only needs to commit to taking two capsules daily. The treatment can be taken with a meal, if it makes the user feel nauseous at all.

As with any supplement, it is important to consult with a doctor about the remedy, if the user is presently taking any medications that could interfere with the prostate support. The treatment is meant for consumers over age 50, but medical supervision is a smart idea for consumers with concerns.

Pricing For Prostate 911

To buy the prostate health supplement, the user will need to decide how many bottles of the formula that they want to purchase at once. The remedy is available in three increments, which are:

  • One bottle: $69.95
  • Two bottles: $119.90 ($59.95 each)
  • Four bottles: $199.80 ($49.95 each)

After the user selects their quantity, they will see that their package qualifies for free shipping. However, if the user is concerned with the consistency of their routine, they can the Product Purchase Plan. This Plan allows consumers to take their selected package, and receive it on a regular schedule. The single bottle would be delivered monthly, while the other packages would be delivered either every two months or every four months. The average discount is 10% with each shipment.

If there is any reason that the user is unhappy with the results of using Prostate 911, there is a 90-day return policy that will provide a complete refund.

Contacting The Creators of Prostate 911

Even with the details available on the website for Prostate 911, consumers may want to learn more about the remedy before they commit to it. To reach the customer service team, anyone can place a phone call or send an email.

Prostate 911 Review Summary

Prostate 911 is available to any man that needs to improve their prostate, kidneys, bladder, and related areas of the body. The treatment is usually the most beneficial to men over age 50, but consumer under this age may also include it in their routine as a step towards prevention. While Prostate 911 is a healthy way to meet a man’s need for nourishment, consumers should still attend their recommended prostate screenings to monitor their body.

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