Progenex Amplitude – Rapid Absorbing Creatine Peptides Benefits?


There are many different kinds of dietary supplements available in the market today. Most of these products are created for specialized purposes like increasing mental cognition capacity, enhancing sharpness, improving stamina, reducing dullness. However, there are some supplements (like creatine based products) that are formulated to help in the release and uptake of other key nutrients in our bodies.

For example, iron and potassium are two important minerals that are required by our organs for the maintenance of optimal health. What these ‘creatine supplements’ do is increase their supply rate of such minerals throughout our bodies by increasing our circulatory efficiency. Additionally, some recent products also come loaded with antioxidants so that while the delivery of key ingredients is being maintained at a high rate, harmful accumulations like free radicals and toxins can also be eliminated from our bodies.

About Progenex Amplitude

PROGENEX Amplitude is a specifically designed formula that has been clinically shown to increase nutritional uptake and promotes rapid absorption of key compounds within our bodies. What sets Progenex apart from other creatine products is the fact that it makes use of highly specialized ‘creatine peptides’ that are tasteless and mix well with other health solutions. Additionally, to deliver a pure certaine experience, Amplitude does not have a grainy texture, leaves no bitter taste and is smooth to drink. Its core formula contains high quality creatine monohydrate in peptide form that mixes well and can be blended into a milkshake or any other beverage of the user's choice.

Amplitude when used in conjunction with a heavy/ regular training regime can help individuals in the following areas:

Lean muscle mass: through the use of the core agents and other protein supplements, users will be able to see a tangible shift in their overall lean muscle building capacity. This is achieved by slowly optimizing the muscle fiber creation rate in our bodies.

Strength: through regular use, users will be able to see a tangible shift in their overall strength levels. This is achieved via the increased transportation of key nutrients like amino acids and minerals into our energy and muscle work centers.

Athletic performance: as mentioned earlier, when used alongside pre workout mixes, the supplement can help increase the overall athletic output of an individual. This means that a person will feel more energized and thus will be able to push his/her body to the max while performing intense exercises.

Power: as a result of the increased muscle and tissue development in our bodies, Amplitude is able to increase the power output ratio of a person. This leads to larger muscle gains and allows for a more sculpted and defined physique.

Why Progenex Amplitude?

While there are many scientific studies that point to the fact that creatine can be an amazing product in terms of promoting physical ability and overall well being, many athletes have found that they often have to face issues of poor digestibility and solubility when they start to use such supplements. Many cheap creatine derivatives use low quality peptides, and as a result many of the supplements live behind grainy residues. These grains are ‘less soluble’ and often fail to deliver substantial amounts of creatine into our muscles.

In order to correct such issues, PROGENEX Amplitude has been made using specially formulated creatine peptides that allow for maximum uptake and rapid absorption. Unlike other cheaper variants, Amplitude is tasteless and mixes well with all other supplementary solutions. Additionally there is no grainy texture in the powder nor does it leave behind any harmful residual remains.

Pricing And Availability

A single Package contains 576 grams of the supplement. It is priced at $64.95 and can be easily bought through the official Progenex online shopping portal. Alternatively, there are other supplement stores online which are also offering the product at attractive prices (so interested users may want to check these options out as well). Payments can be completed using a host of safe and secure means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Progenex Amplitude Summary

Based upon reviews found on the internet, Progenex Amplitude has received feedback that is generally warm and positive. Satisfied individuals include Victoria Kayser who says ‘I use it when I have extra energy and want to put in a workout that is over the top. It gives me a power surge and I can endure a harder workout without fading. I have had to work with it and now I use it on days when I feel I want to maximize my lifting. It works!’. Similarly, Michelle B says ‘I've taken a lot of different creatines and haven't really seen huge gains. This product is different- it's amazing! Best creatine I've ever used without contest.’ Lastly, Chris C says ‘I've only been using Amplitude for the past 3 weeks and I've seen a drastic improvement in my ability to keep my workout intensity up . I’ve even noticed a visible increase in my overall muscle size.’

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