Progenex – Do Their BodyBuilding Supplements Work?


Progenex Review

Progenex is a bodybuilding supplement company which sells protein powder, preworkout supplements, recovery formulas, and more. Today, in this Progenex review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Progenex bodybuilding supplements.

What is Progenex?

Progenex is an American bodybuilding supplement manufacturer based in North Sale Lake, Utah.

The company claims to use advanced science and top-quality ingredients to provide the best possible bodybuilding experience.

Progenex sells supplements as single products, although you can also bundle multiple products together to enjoy an effective “stack”.

You can buy Progenex products online from the official Progenex website or purchase them from Progenex-affiliated gyms and retailers in your local area.


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Progenex Products

Progenex sells about a dozen different bodybuilding supplements across seven different categories.

Those categories include: Recovery, More Muscle, Build, Flow, Cocoon, Force, and Omega. There are recovery formulas, preworkout supplements, protein powders, and even a hot chocolate powder.

At each supplement’s product page, you can view a detailed description of How it Works, Nutrition & Use, and Customer Reviews. Oddly enough, Progenex doesn’t list an exact ingredient portfolio for any of its supplements, although it does list the most active ingredients.

Progenex Recovery: ($59.95)

Designed to be taken after a workout, this supplement promises to “overcome fatigue and restore performance with just one serving.” There are also “Recovery Singles” packets which cost $29.95 for 10 servings.

Progenex More Muscle: ($69.95)

This supplement contains 30 to 31 grams of high-quality whey protein isolate per serving. This whey protein isolate has been hydrolyzed through a “proprietary enzymatic process” in order to enhance its bioavailability.

Progenex Build: ($64.95)

Designed to optimize energy levels during high intensity workouts. It contains two proprietary formulas: EngineX and Shuttle. EngineX binds Fenugreek actives with dairy peptones to enhance blood sugar transmission around the body. Shuttle “optimizes the use of blood glucose for energy and muscle glycogen.”

Progenex Flow: ($99.95)

Progenex Flow is a sustained release protein which claims to deliver protein throughout the day in an easily digestible formula. It’s actually salmon protein, and each serving contains 20 grams of protein. It claims to help users “power through your mid-day lulls.”

Progenex Cocoon: ($69.95)

Designed to promote efficient sleep recovery, Progenex Cocoon is a hot chocolate mix specially designed to provide a “deep, sound restorative, and reparative sleep.” Each serving contains 23 grams of protein. Progenex recommends taking Cocoon 15 to 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Progenex Force: ($59.95)

All you need with this supplement is “one serving, pre-workout, and you’ll feel the power surge within you.” It’s a powerful preworkout designed to provide sustained athletic power. Primary ingredients include L-Citrulline (2 grams), Beta-Alanine (1.5 grams), Creatine (1.5 grams) and caffeine (100mg). It’s like drinking a cup of coffee before your workout mixed with powerful reparative compounds.

Progenex Omega: ($59.95)

Progenex calls this supplement “oil for your machine.” It’s rich with krill and calamari oil and uses an all-natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to boost overall health and wellness. Ingredients like krill have been shown to lower bad cholesterol by up to 55%.

Progenex Bundles: ($189.85 to $424.70)

You can save a little bit of money by bundling Progenex supplements together. There’s a Classic Program, a Recovery Program, and a Strength Program, for example. These stacks contain 3-5 Progenex supplements.

Should You Use Progenex?

Progenex is a bodybuilding supplement company based in Utah. The company offers about a dozen different types of premium-priced supplements, including protein powders, recovery formulas, and preworkouts.

The products come with an expensive price tag, and it’s worrying that Progenex doesn’t publish its ingredient profiles online. It does, however, explain the most active ingredients included within each supplement – including the type of protein used and the specific amount of caffeine in the preworkouts.

In spite of the lack of information, Progenex supplements are currently endorsed by dozens of athletes all over the world, including bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes, and CrossFit enthusiasts.

It’s odd that Progenex doesn’t list the nutrition profile of any of these supplements. It doesn’t even explain the macros in Progenex More Muscle, for example, which is something that’s important for bodybuilders to know.

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