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ProForm Review – Legit Products?

Everyone who has every trained for some type of athletic event knows that the drive it takes to always strive to be better isn’t just difficult, it’s addictive.

ProForm completely recognizes this drive that athletes have and has created a company around supporting their needs. ProForm makes equipment and technology that will help serious athletes reach their goals, whether it’s a fitness goal or an actual finish line.

About ProForm

ProForm isn’t just about providing the equipment and accessories that athletes need to succeed, it’s about providing lifestyle support. Most athletes know that committing to something as big as fitness can be all-consuming. ProForm provides everything their customers need to make it through the challenges and trials they will face.

Whether it’s acting as a trainer, a competitor, a fan, or a teammate, ProForm is also there for its customers, going the extra mile for them so they can go the extra mile for themselves.

ProForm Products

ProForm wouldn’t be the company it is today if it weren’t for its amazing selection of workout equipment. Every option offered by ProForm targets a very specific area of the body and the very unique individuals who strive to perfect these areas. By providing its vast selection, ProForm is able to offer something for every type of athlete.

Below is a breakdown of the various fitness equipment provided by ProForm, as well as their prices.


The ProForm treadmills are designed for versatility, so whether users are walkers, joggers, or runners, there’s an option for everyone. And, since treadmills are the door to the perfect cardio performance, picking the right one is vital.

ProForm offers several different series of treadmills, so customers can find the one that matches their lifestyle perfectly.

Pro Series

These treadmills come with professional grade construction as well as invigorating inclines and declines. Users won’t have to worry about sore knees or feet with the pro series, since the cushioning on these treadmills are excellent.

Pro 2000 – $1,299.99
Pro 500 – $1,499
Pro 9000 – $2,999

Premier Series

The premier series of the ProForm treadmills focuses on connecting the ever shrinking line between technology and fitness. By combining these two features, the premier series is able to promise smarter, more effective workouts.

Premier 900 – $999
Premier 1300 – $1,299

Sports Series

For the athletes who like to go fast, the sports series offers the best treadmill options. These machines allow for a fast-paced workout by using motors that are tougher than the regular treadmills. And, the sports series treadmills have inclines that will push even the most trained professional.

Sports 5.0 – $599
Sports 7.5 – $799

Desk Series

One of the biggest obstacles people face when it comes to sticking with a workout routine is that they can’t take the time away from other important things, like work and family. With the desk series, users no longer have to make fitness sacrifices for work responsibilities. These treadmills allow a seamless transition from work to work out, so athletes can stay focused on their job while also focusing on their fitness.

Thinline Treadmill Desk – $1,599
Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk – $2,999

Boston Series

For those who are series about training for their next marathon, these treadmills offer the perfect solution. With the Boston series, runners can train, qualify, and race all from the privacy of their home.

Boston Marathon 3.0 – $2,499
Boston Marathon 4.0 – $2,999

Limited Time Offers

These will change from week to week, but customers will always find the best offers on treadmills offered by ProForm in this section.

Power 995i – $999
Power 1495 – $1,299
10.0 TT – $799
Power 795 – $799
520 ZNi – $599
Performance 600i – $799
505 CST – $599
Performance 400i – $599


Offering both quick assembly and a versatile way to get a gentle cardio workout, ellipticals are the perfect option for users who want to get a whole body workout, but without putting stress on their joints. ProForm offers a vast list of elliptical options for athletes of varying needs and abilities.

Endurance 520 E – $999
Endurance 720 E – $799
Endurance 920 E – $999
Pro 12.0 NE – $1,999
Pro 12.9 – $1,299
Pro 16.9 Elliptical – $1,499
Hybrid Trainer – $349
Hybrid Trainer 2016 – $399
Hybrid Trainer Pro – $599
Smart Strider 535 – $599
Smart Strider 735 – $799
Smart Strider 935 – $1,999

Exercise Bikes

Whether athletes are using exercise bikes to train for a marathon or to strengthen their legs and joints, the options offered by ProForm give something for everyone. Because there are so many variations in exercise bikes, these ones offered by ProForm come in a range of styles, capabilities, and prices.

Tour de France Series

While not everyone can experience the thrill and struggle of participating in a real Tour de France, these bikes are the next best step.

TDF 2.0 – $1,299
TDF Pro 4.0 – $2,999
TDF Pro 5.0 – $1,999

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes allow workouts to be done, but on a more secure and relaxed piece of equipment. These bikes are perfect for multi-tasking.

440 ES – $599
740 ES Commercial – $799

Upright Bikes

Everyone loves a good spin class, but with ProForm’s upright bikes, customers can get the burn of a spin class in the privacy of their own home.

8.0 EX – $799
14.0 EX – $799

Hybrid Series

For athletes who want to best of both worlds, these hybrid bikes combine an elliptical and a recumbent bike so users can get a workout experience unlike any other.

Hybrid Trainer – $349
Hybrid Trainer 2016 – $399


Nothing builds strength while also providing a cardio experience quite like a rower. Now, athletes can have a rower of their own, one they can access easily in the privacy of their home.

440R Rower – $399
Dual Trainer Bike/Rower – $1,299

In addition to the many equipment and workout machines that ProForm provides, it also has an accessories and wearable fitness section, offering customers the final few things they need to make their purchases complete.

Purchasing ProForm

Every purchase made on the ProForm website ( comes with no interest, free shipping, and a 30 day money back guarantee. Offering these little incentives is ProForm’s way of support its customers a little more.

For any questions or inquiries, ProForm can be reached by the contact form on its website or through email at [email protected] or, for Canadians, [email protected]

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