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For those who have young children or who are accident prone, the importance of having a collection of first aid products is essential to running a smooth household. Whether a cut, bruise, or burn, having bandages and ointments to treat minor injuries can put the mind at rest. Because of human error, accidents happen, and having a first aid kit at home should not be an option – but a requirement.

Although some injuries are not as severe or as serious as other ailments, first aid kits can be used to assist in reducing the risk of infection and temporarily treating a severe injury. A benefit of having a first aid kit is that it then becomes a central location for all medical supplies. First aid kits should contain all the necessary supplies, making it easy for those to rush to the first aid box and not waste time gathering the needed supplies.

Although usually kept in the home, for families traveling, first aid kits can be put I the vehicle, in case there is an accident while on the road, or if they come across someone in need of medical attention. Despite the type of medical need, snake bite while camping, or choking, the first aid kit supplies individuals with the essential medical needs to deal with each issue.

Standard first aid kits usually contain a wrap, used to treat a minor sprain, gauze for open wounds, and medical tape to secure the gauze and to wrap the skin. The kit usually also contains small band aids usually used for minor cuts and scrapes. Rubbing alcohol is also included to clean open wounds, and to sanitize the area. Antibiotic creams and ointments are also standards products found in first aid kits.

The importance of having a first aid kit lies in the fact that is provided individuals with the ability to effectively help others during emergency situations. First aid allows initial assistance to be given to the injured or ill individual. Instead of just being a bystander, those with first aid knowledge become invaluable in high-risk situations. It allows them to support the victim and also assist emergency responders and medical practitioners.

Whether the emergency directly affects the individual or those they work or live with, the knowledge of having the tools necessary to be of use during emergency situations could potentially save a life. Knowing how to help is vital in emergency situations. Once oxygen is cut off from the brain it only takes 6 minutes for the human brain to stop functioning, just having basic medical knowledge such as this, and taking the steps to preserve life are powerful tools.

PROcure is a company that has developed 100% natural First Aid products that align science with nature to create products that focus on healing individuals and the planet. Using the highest quality botanicals, they have developed formulas that use ingredients that have been found to be scientifically effective in treating a variety of ailments.

About PROcure Science + Nature

As mentioned above, PROcure provides consumers with a natural healing option to treat medical problems. By using centuries old medicinal techniques, they have developed First Aid products that are chemical and toxin free, only using natural ingredients found in nature. Unlike other leading products on the market, PROcure is safe and the smartest choice for those wanting to support their health and the environment.

What makes PROcure so appealing to so many people is that it uses natural healing methods, those that don’t endanger the health and wellness of themselves or their families. Because so many of the products available on the market today contain chemicals and toxins that harm the body, as well as the environment, it’s important for those who care about their overall wellness to have natural, effective options. PROcure offers these options by being both capable of healing and soothing the body effectively, but by using natural, potent ingredients.

PROcure Science + Nature Products

Currently, PROcure offers two products: Epsom Salt Rub and Bruise Remedy. The first product, The Epsom Salt Rub, is a concentrated spot treatment gel, made of a unique formula that uses Aloe Vera and essential oils to sooth aches and pains associated with muscle tension. Used for those who have pushed their body with demanding and rigorous exercise, the Epsom Salt Rub work to improve recovery by repairing the damage the Epsom Salt is applied directly to the area of injury. Unlike other Epsom Salt treatments, this rub does not have to be used with a bath, but nourishes body and eliminates the pain.

The second product, the Bruise Remedy, is a unique topical gel that is responsible for substantially improve hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration due to bruising and spider veins located on the feet and ankles. Essential for every household, this product can be used after right after a fall – working before the bruise is even visible. Because bruised are a result of blood from damaged cells collecting at the top layer of the skin, it can take a long time to fully disappear. This Bruise Remedy contains Arnica and MSM, which are known to greatly improve the appearance of bruises in a short time.

The Science behind the Epsom Salt Rub

Found in the 1600s, the healing powers of Epsom Salt have been used for centuries. The science behind the curative properties are attributed to magnesium sulfate. Magnesium has proven to be an anti-inflammatory, working to improve muscle and nerve function. Additionally, sulfates are proven to help increase the absorption of nutrients by flushing toxins and improving blood flow. Together, magnesium sulfate is a powerful remedy for treating sore muscles.

In addition to the Epsom Salt, PROcure’s rub also uses the active ingredient Aloe Vera. Known for its soothing effects, extract from the Aloe plant has been used since ancient times to treat a variety of skin-related issues. Aloe contains 9 of the 10 minerals that are essential for muscle health and repair. Aloe penetrates the skin at the deepest level, allowing the Epsom Salt to reach the damaged areas faster. For the best results, it is recommended that the product be directly applied to the affected muscle area and massaged into the skin until fully absorbed. It can be reapplied as needed.

The Science behind the Bruise Remedy MSM

An organic sulfur compound that is known as the third largest nutrient found in the body, MSM is popularly known for health benefits, healing the joints in the body. As the years pass, MSM is becoming more and more recognized for having essential nutrients that detoxify and have anti-inflammatory properties. The nature influence of the Bruise Remedy is built on Arnica Montana. It has been used for centuries as a natural treatment.

Collected from the bright yellow flower that is found in Siberia and central Europe, Arnica is used by professional athletes and physicians across the world to relieve and treat bruising. For the best results, individuals should apply the Bruise Remedy to the affected area to reduce the appearance of bruises. Re-apply 2-3 daily, as needed.

Purchasing PROcure Products

PROcure products are available for purchase online at Amazon ( and at a variety of stores. Below is a list of the where the products are currently sold.

  • Epsom Salt Rub – Walmart, Meijer
  • Bruise Remedy – Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Rite Aid

For interested customers who want to see if there is a store listed above that currently carries PROcure, the company website ( can be visited for more specific information.

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