Edible Arrangements – Special Fruit Baskets & Bouquets Gift Sets?


It’s that time again. Valentines Day

Normally you’re prepared, but this particular year you’ve been so busy with work that you’ve completely forgotten about this beloved holiday.

To make matters worst, your wife isn’t necessarily the forgiving type. So what do you do? Run to the local flower shop and pick up a quick bouquet?

Well, that would work, if a couple hundred other guys didn’t already have that idea 1 hour before you.

This is a precarious situation far too many of us find ourselves in. Allow me to offer a solution.


No, I don’t mean a basket of apples (unless your wife’s a witch, in which case go for it dude) I mean a bouquet of fruit. I’m talking pineapples, dipped in chocolate, cut in the shape of flowers.

That’s next level stuff, my friend.

If that sounds good to you, Edible Arrangements is the place for you.

What Is Edible Arrangements?

For those of you who don’t know about Edible Arrangements, you must be living under a rock. Or maybe you’re one of those weird people that don’t celebrate birthdays.

Whatever the case, Edible Arrangements specializes in creating that perfect edible gift for any occasion.

Fruit Made With Love

Edible Arrangements are the creators and leader in fresh fruit bouquets. Founded in 1999  by current CEO Tariq Farid, they’ve been on a mission to wow customers with their beautiful and artistically displayed fruit designs.

Edible Arrangements makes awe-inspiring, fresh fruit arrangements and chocolate dipped fruit with the purpose of wowing the receiver of its deliciousness. They take sentimental gifts to a whole new level.

If you’ve ever seen an Edible Arrangement bouquet and not been impressed, consider yourself outside the majority. Most people simply love these products even expressing after they’ve seen them they hated the fact that they had to eat them.

Edible Arrangements proclaims to make any occasion special. I would agree with this claim. Gifting with their beautifully designed fruit assortments just takes things to the next level, no matter the occasion.

Whether you give these treats as a birthday gift, anniversary, or valentines day will surely make you a stand out amongst other givers.

Edible Gifts

For those who are unfamiliar with this company, you may assume that I’m describing a business that just takes a couple of pieces of fruit and make them look snazzy.

And you couldn’t be more wrong.

Edible Arrangements is all about the quality that makes spectators take notice. You’ll notice this whenever one of their beautiful bouquets are delivered in a public place. Everyone looks. Everyone.

Edible Arrangements commitment to quality extends past design. For example their chocolate dipped products are 100% real chocolate. This differentiates them from would be competitors who cut corners by using ingredients of lesser quality.

Their craftsmanship speaks loquaciously to the amount of time and attention they give each and every basket. This work is just non-duplicatable. Every piece of fruit is just cut with such precision you would think it just grew that way.

Not only are the arrangements at Edible Arrangements breathtaking, but the company also shines with the sheer number of products they offer. This is quality and quantity at work

With their chocolate dipped products, 100% real chocolate is used. Why? Because Edible Arrangements are fancy, that’s why.

When I counted their products I was amazed to see a whopping number of 283. That is to say, there’s 283 different of varieties that you can ask for when ordering an Edible Arrangement.

These products include, but are not limited to fruit bouquets, dipped fruit boxes, fruit truffles, chocolate strawberries, themed baskets (Disney), fun love-tine, caramel apple crisps, smoothies, etc.

You take the above list and mix-and-match them together, you’ll wind up with a total of 283 products. Now, this number of products may plague you with indecision, but Edible Arrangements helps with this endeavor by arranging them in categories of an occasion.


Edible Arrangements makes gifts that are fitting no matter what the occasion.

They’re so captivating because of their ability to appeal to the senses. The smell, the taste, the look, and the feel will have you enraptured in epicurean awe. What occasion doesn’t call for this sort of experience?

As I stated earlier, Edible Arrangements group their products in categories of occasions to make the process of picking easier on the customer.

The list of occasions are Anniversaries, Birthday, Holidays, Business Gifts, Congratulations, Get well, Good Luck, Graduation, I’m sorry, Just because, Love, New Baby, Sympathy, Thank You.

That pretty much covers every celebration within the human experience.


Before I knew much about this company, I always heard people refer to Edible Arrangements as “expensive”. I assumed this was the case until I looked into the matter.

Here’s the truth, Edible Arrangements is only expensive if you’re not shopping according to your means. I found products priced anywhere between $35-$160.

The arrangements priced on the lower end are still aesthetically pleasing, just not as wow-inducing as the arrangements on the more expensive side of the spectrum.

With $35, you can still make someone feel special and there’s no price tag on that.

Edible Arrangements Takeaways

Now that we know a good deal about Edible Arrangements, what are the takeaways?

Edible Arrangements is a company that produces quality products. That’s it. You will find no equal amongst competitors that offer edible gifts.

They take the cake on aesthetics, taste, and pricing. They even deliver, as if they didn’t do enough already.

If you’re looking to make the next birthday, valentines day, anniversary special for your loved one, you can go wrong with an Edible Arrangement.

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