ProShred Elite & Max Antler – Muscle Building Combo?


ProShred & Max Antler Pro Review

Building muscle is certainly a process that takes time, effort, and many intense workouts. In addition to these ingredients, building the toned and muscular body that you want also entails taking the right supplements. Unfortunately, finding the right product can be exceedingly difficult, especially due to the array of options available.

Most supplements on the market are expensive, making it more important than ever to choose a product that you can rely upon. Instead of going through the “guessing-game” and wasting your money, the alternative option is to check out this review of ProShred and Max Antler Pro. Since these products are normally used in conjunction with one another for optimal results, this review is going to over both.

About ProShred and Max Antler Pro

Starting with ProShred, this product is one of the fastest and easiest ways to burn fat and build extreme lean muscle. Of course, as logic would have it, this product does not work on its own to build muscles and burn fat. To trigger the impact of the powerful and effective formula, you combine it with your workouts. In doing so, it ensures that ever repetition counts by giving your muscles the fuel they need to pump up and your body the resources it needs to burn fat more efficiently. Keep in mind that with this product, you do not need to be fit when using it. The product can help you build a toned and muscular body from day one.

The second product, Max Antler Pro, is an all-natural supplement that is made out of deer antler velvet. This product works as a booster to ProShed, enabling the body to sculpt more easily after the fat is burn, help the muscles recover, and even increase your stamina during and after your workout routine. Another side benefit is that it increases your sex drive. With this product, it works best on serious athletes only since the effects are best seen with workout regimens that are extensive and fueled by weight lifting and other activities.

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The Science Behind the Products

As with every product, understanding the science behind its impact can give you a better understanding of what you are putting into your body. ProShred works to give you large and leaned ripped muscles. The mechanisms at work behind this impact are the Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and Beta-Alanine in the product. The Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is a compound that works to boost the growth hormone testosterone. Once a steady flow of testosterone is established, the product fuels faster muscle recovery and fat burning properties.

The second compound, Beta-Alanine, gives you the ability to maximize the power of your workout. It supplements your muscles with energy, endurance, and the compounds that they need to recover quickly. In turn, your body will be able to build and repair the muscles faster for a leaner and more built body. Best of all, when it comes to these ingredients, both of them are safe for your body, as there are no side effects involved.

In terms of Max Antler Pro, the substance helps you burn fat, build muscle, and increase your stamina because of a key component found in the antler velvet. As studies indicate, deer antler velvet increases levels of the growth hormone IGF-1. In increasing this growth hormone, your body is better equipped to repair cartilage damage and in the meantime, it also improves your strength and overall muscle mass. In addition, the velvet also increases your stamina and boosts your testosterone levels for a stronger workout and a sex drive boost.

The Benefits of Using Both Products Together

While it is entirely possible to use these products separately, if you want to experience the full impact of the substances, then it is best to use them together. Here are the main advantages that can be derived from combining the products during or after your workout:

Double the Energy Lift

As mentioned earlier in the review, both of these products increase your energy levels and stamina. Using the two products together gives your body an even better energy boost so that you can get through some of the toughest workouts and also not feel tired afterwards. With the high energy levels, you will be able to give your muscles the necessary workout they need to bulk up and build a stronger and leaner body.

Burn Fat and Sculpting Properties

While ProShred’s fat burning properties are great, you still need a mechanism that is going to help you sculpt your perfectly defined muscles. Fortunately, this is where the benefits of the deer antler velvet come in. Once ProShred burns fat around the muscles, Max Antler Pro starts to sculpt the muscles during and after your workout to give you a handsome and defined body.

Energy, Health, and Sex Drive

Finally, in combining both products, you also experience an energy boost, stronger health overall, and a better sex drive. The testosterone, minerals, and vitamins in the products work together to enhance your overall well-being. In addition, since both products also enhance your sex drive, taken together, you will be able to keep going and seriously impress the woman you are with. Since you have the muscular and toned body, you will not be able to keep the women away either.

Purchasing the Products and Guarantees

Each product can be purchased on its respective weight. Currently, both brands are also offering a free trial so that you can give the product a change before purchasing the full product. Chances are though, since both products have gained a strong reputation for working, you are going to love the results you see.

The products also come with a money back guarantee that is good for 30 days. Again though, since the products really do work, it is unlikely that you will need to return them.


Both ProShred and Max Antler Pro are excellent products that give you quick, effective, and noticeable results within a few days to a week. By continuing use of the supplements, you enjoy the fruits of your hard work and maintain the beautiful and sculpted body that you have worked so hard to build.

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  1. I spoke to 3 customer service representatives and the first 2 said they couldn’t find my account and unceremoniously said ” I can’t pull up your account with the information that you have given me so goodbye.” I called back 3 more times until I got someone who seemed to be able to pronounce the English language proprerly. She offerred to me as other people have commented a 45% return. Or I could get a full refund minus 9.95 return fee. Very bad customer service. I’m going to throw the 4.95 bottle out and return the other 2 and alert my credit card company. Henry

  2. I ordered a 14 day trial of proshred elite and payed the $4.95 for shipping. The product took a full week to get to me but they say the trial starts the day you order it. On the 14th day of the trial I called to cancel and was told that they could extend my trial by 7 days and give me a 50% lifetime discount. This brought my free trial length up to 21 days. On the 21st day of the trial I called to close my account to avoid being charged the full amount and was told that the only thing I would need to pay is a $19.95 cancelation fee, which is also a scam because they tell you the only fee for the free trial is the shipping. I specifically asked the woman on the phone if I would be charged for the full cost of the product and she said that I would only be charged $19.95. Well the next day when I checked my account I had been charged twice by proshred. One was the $19.95 cancelation fee and another was $43 which turns out is the price of the full purchase with the 50% discount applied. When I called to check about this charge, I was told that to avoid the full product cost I would have had to cancel my account before the 21st day. This is also a scam because in their terms and conditions they clearly state: “If you feel the product is not for you, cancel within 14 days from the order date to avoid the full purchase price ($87.47)”
    I was also told that $19.95 is not actually the cancelation fee and that $1.95 is the real cancellation fee. I was also told that they could not refund me the $43 because it was already charged and they do not do refunds. So I asked if I was going to receive another bottle of the pills since I had been charged for the full price of the product and they said no because I already canceled my account. So I am still trying to figure out what the $43 is for because I’m not getting anything for that money.
    So my “free” trial turned out to be a total of:
    • $4.95 for shipping
    • $19.95 cancelation fee (which they said would change to $1.95 cancelation fee and it hasn’t been changed)
    • $43 for the full cost of the product with a “50% discount” because I called on the last day of the trial to cancel and not the day before.
    • 67.90
    I would not recommend this product to anyone because it seems that either way the company finds a made up loophole to get their money even if you are doing the free trial. I did not even have enough time to see if the product works or not because it took a week to ship to me.

  3. Company and all sites related to these guys are a scam. Was charged multiple times for nothing. Had to refute charges through bank and cancel my bank cards. I tried the PROSHRED for a month with no results. If you read reviews with positive feedback, look at the url because there’s a 100% chance it’s associated with the company. On their facebook ad it says nothing about charges, even after the trial but they charge and keep charging. Anyone associated with this racket should be imprisoned.

  4. Has pro shred done their study on effects of their product and if so have they done study on the effects it would have on female body?

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