PrettyFit Lean – Premium Fat Loss Complex For A Lean Physique?


With the obesity rates rising, more and more individuals are struggling with their weight. While many people find the thought of diets and meal planning daunting, it does not have to be time consuming, stressful, or expensive.

Whether you are dealing with picky eaters or dietary restrictions, following a simple meal planning diet can promote healthy eating.

There are many benefits of meal planning. In addition to healthy eating, saving money makes the top of the list.

When there is a set schedule for specific recipes, it is easy to manage through careful budgeting and meal planning.

Another benefit of meal planning is less stress. Because everything is planned out, there is no stress about what to serve at each meal, as it is all planned out. Without this added stress, there is more time in the day to accomplish other tasks.

While adding diet restrictions and meals plans to improve overall health, it is important that all the needed vitamins and minerals are also consumed daily.

One of the commonly neglected in dietary changes is adequate protein consumption. Many people are misinformed and consume too much or too little protein.

Protein is a component of each cell in the body. Without it, hair and nails would become brittle and damaged.

The body uses protein to repair and rebuilds tissue, using it to produce enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals.

Protein is necessary to strengthen bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Without enough protein, health goals can slow and even stop all together.

Protein can be found in many sources such as soy, eggs, legumes, milk, and meat. Consumption of high-protein foods are highly beneficial to those seeking to improve health and fitness as it assists in curbing hunger, maintaining weight, building lean muscle, reducing muscle, and increasing recovery time after exercise.

PrettyFit is a company that provides a collection of products that have been chosen for their unique benefits.

Made for women, the PrettyFit packs contain an assortment of high quality nutritional supplements, healthy snacks, and workout gear.

PrettyFit provides women with high quality products designed by fitness trainers and nutrition specialists.

About PrettyFit

As mentioned previously, PrettyFit is a company that provides women with a package of health and fitness items.

The monthly fitness box is packed and delivered to the doorstep of each subscriber. Each package is made up of a unique theme that is chosen by a fitness professional who also shares workout tips, recipes, and advice within the package.

As the new package is released each month, the themes correlate with the healthy snacks, fitness supplements, and gym accessories received in the box.

In order to purchase products from PrettyFit, customers have a variety of options. Customers have the option to subscribe to PrettyFit, receiving a new fitness box each month, or they can purchase individual packs without a subscription.

In addition to these options, customers have the option to order featured products on their own, separate from the professionally selected package, classified as one-time purchases.

For those who subscribe to the PrettyFit fitness box, they have the option of checking out what’s inside of the package before it is shipped.

PrettyFit Lean

As mentioned previously, PrettyFit has designed a variety of nutritional supplements that are designed to help women lose weight and achieve fitness goals.

PrettyFit Lean is an organic, weight-loss supplement that contains a proprietary formula that features seven powerful, clinically proven ingredients that boost energy, burn fat, and improves moods. PrettyFit Lean is ideal for any woman who wants to lose weight or maintain weight loss.

Supported by scientific data and clinical research, PrettyFit Lean is a natural weight loss alternative for those who want to increase metabolic rate effectively and safely.

Best used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, this supplement provides women with long-lasting results.

For optimal results, users should test their tolerance by taking 1 capsule. Depending on the desired results, tolerance, and body type, individuals may even need to increase the dosage to 2-3 capsules.

However, users should never exceed more than 3 capsules in a serving, or 6 capsules, within a 24-hour period.

This product can be taken with or without food, and it is recommended that individuals drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day while using PrettyFit Lean.

PrettyFit Lean contains 100 mg per 2 capsules of caffeine. That amount approximately equals a standard 8 oz. cup of coffee. PrettyFit Lean should not be consumed with any other products that contain caffeine.

Ingredients in PrettyFit Lean

PrettyFit Lean is rich in nutrients. Containing ingredients of the highest quality, each ingredient was tested for purity and potency before it was used in the formula.

Containing mood bosting compounds and metabolism boosters, PrettyFit Lean is becoming the leading weight-loss supplement on the market.

Below is a list of the active ingredients found in PrettyFit Lean, as well as a brief description of each ingredient.

Green Tea Extract: A powerful ingredient that can be found in a variety of weight loss supplements.

Mainly used because it is popularly known to increase metabolism, it contains catechins and polyphenols which help the body maintain optimal function and reduces the effects of aging.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: An amino acid that works to carry fatty foods to the mitochondria. Once in the mitochondria, Carnitines are burned as fuels, remove waste and help produce energy.

Rhodiola Rosea: Rhadiola rosea root extract has a variety of adaptogenic functions which are responsible for helping individuals deal with stress and the adverse effects that stress and anxiety have on the body.

Rhodiola helps support cognitive and neurological mechanisms that are triggered when dealing with stress and anxiety.

Green Coffee Extract: The active ingredient that is found in green coffee beans is known as chlorogenic acid.

The ingredient is known to assist in helping the body release glucose as well as increase the metabolic function of the liver. Roasting coffee beans removes the chlorogenic acid.

Caffeine: Boosts metabolic function and promotes smoother skin. Caffeine has been shown to help release fluid that is trapped in the skin, reducing the appearance of puffiness.

L-Theanine: A naturally occurring amino acid, L-Theanine improves anxiety and encourages positive attitudes and calm feelings.

It is known to produce higher levels of dopamine and increases the feelings of well-being and creates a sense of optimism and tranquility.

It is often used with caffeine as a way to reduce jitteriness and anxiety that is caused by the stimulant.

Magnesium: A critical mineral found in every tissue used to combat stress by promoting healthy cognitive function, and stabilize the immune system and muscle function.

PrettyFit Lean also contains whey. Whey is a high quality protein source that is naturally found in milk.

Containing all of the needed amino acids needed to optimally function, it fulfills the nutritional standards.

For those who are athletic and interested in exercise, it is important to replenish protein when a substantial amount of fat is being burned.

Whey has become a popular ingredient for active and athletic individuals looking to supplement their diet.

In order to promote a healthy diet, people have been creating healthy snack replacements for fatty, calorie rich, sugary foods to replenish lost nutrients.

Purchasing PrettyFit Lean

PrettyFit Lean products are available for purchase on its website ( Sold by the bottle, PrettyLean Fit contains 60 capsules per bottle, a month’s supply. The purchasing prices for PrettyFit Lean are below.

PrettyFit Lean (1-month supply) – $34.99

PrettyFit Lean (1-month supply/subscription) – $27.99

For members, shipping is free. For non-members, there is a shipping and handling fee of $4.99.

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