Ghost Whey Protein – Healthy Post Workout Drink Powder?


What Is Ghost Whey Protein?

There has been great talk over whey protein within those who are training in all sorts of forms. Milk is made up of two types of protein, which are casein and whey respectively. Whey is the excess liquid formed after milk has been strained and curdled. It is known to have 9 essential amino acids that the body requires through consumption of foods. It is believed that if whey is used correctly, it can help those of you who are trying to lose weight, to lower your cholesterol and blood pressures, and the obvious, a great source of protein.

Today there are a lot of different brands entering this respective market, as there has been an increase in demand for whey. More and more people are turning towards living a healthier lifestyle that involves healthy eating and consistent exercising.

It surprisingly has become a trend and a positive one at it, as more people are determined and focused on becoming a better self. Having to choose a brand is tough, but of the many brands competing, there’s one that takes a different spin on things. It is called the “Ghost Lifestyle Whey” (or simply Ghost Whey)

5 Ways Ghost Whey Differs From Their Competition

Disclosing and Breaking Down Each Scoop

When you take a look at most whey products, each brand takes the time to identify the essentials such as calories, protein content, carbs content and fat content per scoop. The problem for the most part is that whey can be broken down into subsections, as there are lots to know about it.

Ghost Lifestyle Whey ensured that nothing is hidden from customers, that way they can learn a thing or two from them. One way they do so is by breaking down how much of each type of whey consists in each scoop. Whey can be broken down into the three following types:

a) Whey protein isolate:

consists of a process in which all of its fat and carbs contents are eliminated. This is the most leanest as it is approximately 85 to 90% protein.

b) Whey protein concentrate:

this has some, if not very low levels of fat and carbs content. The percentage of protein is dependent on the level of concentration.

c) Whey protein hydrolysate:

requires the least processing time, as it is already partially processed. This type of whey is normally used in medical supplements because it helps in terms of digestion.

Unique Flavor

Flavor has always been a main concern for whey protein; as for the most part it is distasteful. In terms of flavors, many of the brands existing today bring the typical chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors, while others have incorporated different types of lemonade flavors as well. Ghost Lifestyle is known to do things different and has brought to us the flavor of cereal milk. Crazy isn’t it? Who even comes up with something like that?

For those of you who are fans of Captain Crunch or Frosted Flakes or cereal in general know that we leave the best for last. We eat all the soaked cereal first, and then drink the flavorful milk that remains. This whey formula is the exact taste of the flavorful milk leftover. To have achieved the consistency and taste of cereal milk must be applauded and great thanks definitely goes to Ghost Lifestyle for that.

Fascinating Marketing and Labeling

This might not be a concern for most people, as many feel that marketing is done to trick people, but this is not the case with Ghost Lifestyle. They put the same time and effort they put into their product into their label as well. If you see the bottle of most whey proteins itself, you’ll notice that they are mostly dark, gloomy, and sometimes hard to read.

Ghost Lifestyle makes sure that they grab people’s attention by filling some level of curiosity within them. It is very colorful and matches the description of the flavor. If you take a closer look, it might look similar to that of a cereal box. Marketing plays a key role in attracting people, and Ghost Lifestyle has definitely achieved that aspect.


Having heard the previous points of positivity, the aspect of price might bring down hope for some. The Ghost Whey costs $38.99 for a 2 pound bottle of whey protein. Now this might be a little demotivating for consumers, as there definitely exists whey proteins that cost far less than Ghost Whey for the same quantity. The question here becomes whether or not we should tie the price only to quantity.

As much as the quantity of a product is important, most people fail to look into the quality of the product. You can buy in large quantities for a cheaper price, but see very little results compared to that of a high quality whey protein. In this case; quality, unique flavor, and taste outweighs the price.

Blogging to Get Closer to Customers

Ghost Lifestyle, not only provides results driven and unique products, but also are working hard to enhance your knowledge on workout supplements and how it may or may not affect your training through their blogs.

It is not a well-defined space, as it seems as if they just started working on it, but nonetheless they’ve provided some tips towards perfecting workouts and what Ghost Lifestyle is currently doing. This is the type of news or things people want to know about a supplements brand, as it is a source of getting the buyer and seller connected. This is definitely a bonus for Ghost Lifestyle and their products.

If Ghost Lifestyle continues to up their game this way, they are sure to win many peoples hearts! If you’ve grown an attachment to Ghost Lifestyle’s products, you can also sign up for the loyalty program, where you can earn points that can go towards your next purchase.

To learn more on Ghost Lifestyle’s Ghost Whey, go to:

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