Premama Fertility – Natural Ovulation Reproductive Drink Mix?


Perhaps you are a woman who is looking for all the support she can get when it comes to reproductive health. Little did we know it wasn’t as simple as saying ‘let’s get pregnant’, and voila a baby is growing in our bellies.

For some women, it can be a struggle – some more than others and that is why Premama developed this supplement to help support fertility and reproductive health in women.

This clinically proven product will help improve ovulatory function and the egg quality. What sets this product aside is its inclusion of an ingredient called Myo-Inosital. This ingredient is what helps facilitate the egg health and improvements when it comes to ovulating.

How Does Premama Fertility Work?

Mentioned above, is the key ingredient called Myo-Inositol. It is known to help balance reproductive hormone levels in people with fertility, even when it is unexplained. You see, the process of ovulation is complex.

It involves a variety of different hormones and having them balanced is key. If one or more of these hormones are out of balance, this can cause women to experience an irregular cycle and/or infrequent ovulation.

If, or when this occurs, it can cause an increase in the time it may take to become pregnant. Myo-Inositol is a naturally occurring substance that belongs to the B family of vitamins. It also acts as an insulin-sensitizing agent which allows for the proper utilization of the hormone known as insulin. Through its use, you can help support hormone imbalance, healthy ovarian function, egg quality and alternatively, menstrual cycles.

One of the main causes of infertility is often related to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). In fact, it affects somewhere around ten (10) percent of women in the years they are most commonly trying to become pregnant. We know that with PCOS it can cause infertility and this is often directly linked to a hormone imbalance.

Premama Fertility focuses specifically on creating that balance, so women who suffer from PCOS may also see a relief in those symptoms too, in addition to the infertility. It is possible that the imbalance of hormones is because one, testosterone, is often more prevalent and although we don’t know why this happens in these cases, we know that it can impact ovulation.

Thus, why Premama Fertility felt it was key to include an ingredient like this one, to help combat those imbalances before women are forced to seek any drastic fertility measures.

What Is Premama Fertility Made Of?

Premama’s only other ingredient, in addition to the Myo-Inositol, is Folic Acid. This is something that women who are trying to become pregnant, and who are pregnant should take. Its inclusion makes this an ideal addition to a pre pregnancy supplement, and one that will help prepare the overall mother to be health.

There are 200 mcg of Folic Acid in each packet, which is 50% of the daily recommended value. And, 2000 mg of the Myo-Inositol included in each packet too.

You can expect nine (9) calories per serving, and two (2) grams of carbohydrates.

Directions For Using Premama Fertility

One packet should be mixed into twelve (12) ounces of cold water every day. You can take this with, or without meals.

Alternatively, the packet can be mixed into any cold beverage if it is not carbonated. Be sure to stir until all the Premama has been dissolved in the cup. There is no taste to this supplement drink mix.

It is Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Vegan Friendly.

How To Order

Premama Fertility can be ordered online for $19.99 and the shipping rates will be calculated upon checkout.

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