Preggo Leggings – Comfortable Maternity Leggings For Women?


Preggo Leggings is a company that develops comfortable apparel for pregnant women to relax and even work in. The brand is still relatively new, but they have a wide selection of both leggings and tops.

What Is Preggo Leggings?

Pregnancy changes the body more than almost any other hormonal change or life change. Rather than just altering the way that a woman feels, pregnancy makes major changes to their body, as the baby stretches out their torso. While regular clothes do not accommodate that issue, maternity clothes manage to give the support and coverage needed.

While maternity clothing has come a long way in the last 20 years, no one can dispute how comfortable leggings are, which is exactly why there is a new company that offers them for pregnant women. The Preggo Leggings brand offers all you need to be both comfortable and stylish.

Preggo Leggings are made by the same creators of You! Lingerie, which is a company that creates both bras and underwear for women who are nursing or pregnant. With the decision to help pregnant women look and feel their best, creating a line of outer apparel was the natural choice. Pregnancy does not mean that women lose their fashion sense, which is exactly why the Preggo Leggings are so important in the first place.

Products From Preggo Leggings

The Preggo Leggings brand is all about getting the perfect fit and style to help with many different looks. With the ability to get the outfits in plenty of neutral colors, it is up to the mom-to-be to decide the best way to adorn their body. The clothing, like other maternity apparel, is safe and stretchy, which ensures that the growing belly will still have enough space throughout the pregnancy.

Whenever someone tries on something new from Preggo Leggings, the company encourages users to display their outfits on social media with the Preggosphere.

Along with the various products, consumers can check out the blog about the brand. The blog is full of valuable information for both during and after pregnancy, going beyond what the best clothing is, and helping consumers to understand how the body changes throughout the process.

If you are ready to see what is available to women during this major life event, read on below to learn about the shirt and leggings styles.


Leggings are incredibly comfortable, and pregnant women need to have that level of comfort. There are multiple styles and colors of leggings, denting on the wearer’s preference. The Moto leggings are a biker-chic look, and they are offered in green, black, denim, and khaki for about $20 to $50, which depends on the current specials.

The rest of the options vary in the colors and patterns, ranging in the same prices at the Moto leggings. However, there is also the option to buy post-partum leggings, which is not something that most brands do. By dressing the body with leggings at all stages, it becomes easy to feel confident.


The size of the leggings that the user selects will depend on the stage of their pregnancy that they are enduring at that time, and the style they prefer. By choosing a seamless set, the sizes are restricted to either a Small/Medium or a Large/XLarge. However, for more versatility, choose a Moto or post-partum pair of leggings.


Even though the company is primarily known for their leggings, no outfit can be complete without the right top. There is a variety of styles offered, including:

  • Mesh t-shirt: $26 to $36
  • Tank top: $26 to $32
  • Mesh insert sweatshirt: $26 to $45

Pair any of the tops with the comfortable leggings that are described above. However, the leggings can be paired up with any top that fits during this time. Unlike the leggings, there is no size chart offered by the company, but women can estimate with standard sizes through 2X.

Contacting The Creators Of Preggo Leggings

Anyone that has been pregnant, or that is pregnant, understands how important it is to have products that work for them. If there are any concerns, contact the customer service department by filling out the online form.

Sometimes, the waiting time is too long for some consumers, making it easier to call 888-501-6446 to reach a representative. The team is available on weekdays only from 10:00am to 5:00pm EST.

Preggo Leggings Review Summary

Preggo Leggings is one of the few brands that caters to the needs of pregnant women, but without making them look like a massive cow in the process. Leggings are one of the most comfortable additions to any outfit, creating a balance of loose-fitting tops with snug leg coverings.

Being pregnant is an uncomfortable enough experience for many women as it is, and finding a method of relief without prescription is always a better way to support the growing belly. With Preggo Leggings, consumers can be comfortable and fashionable, without sacrificing beauty.

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