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Our culture often thinks of “vibration” in ways that lead to varied mental images. Today's technology makes great use of vibration to benefit the body and develop endurance. Power Fit is a new piece of exercise equipment that promises to engage every muscle in your body using the power of vibration. Here’s our Power Fit review.

What is Power Fit?

Power Fit is a “vibration plate” designed to help you work out. The exercise equipment comes in the form of a compact platform. You stand on the platform, hold the arm bands out to either side, and let the machine vibrate until you feel like you’ve engaged every muscle in your body.

The makers of Power Fit claim that you can burn more fat than “many traditional cardio exercises” while enjoying a low-impact workout. You avoid muscle and joint pain, reduce fatigue, increase circulation, boost energy levels, and engage your core for increased results.

Does all of that sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at how Power Fit works.

How Does Power Fit Help You Burn Fat?

Power Fit uses oscillation technology to vibrate every muscle in your body. The further you stand from the center of the platform, the more resistance you’ll face and the harder your muscles will vibrate.

As your fat cells vibrate, they’ll start to disappear. The makers of Power Fit don’t really explain how they disappear, but we’re led to believe that vibrations cause fast fat loss.

Some users will simply stand on the Power Fit to lose weight. However, more advanced users will want to perform different exercise movements. The makers of the Power Fit recommend doing squats, jogging in place, and performing other movements in order to maximize results. You can also hold the plank with the Power Fit, resting your arms on the device to target fat burning.

Users are even seen using the Power Fit while sitting on the couch at home, resting their feet on the vibrating pad while watching TV.

If you’re really committed to Power Fit, then you may want to take the Power Fit 40 Day Challenge, where you follow along with Power Fit workout videos as trainers perform various movements on the platform.

Another key feature of the Power Fit is its price: it costs about $350. The manufacturer points out that similar pieces of oscillating exercise equipment cost $2000 or more from Amazon. Power Fit is significantly cheaper (however, the manufacturer only advertises the price as being $40 upfront, when that’s not really true).

Can you actually vibrate your muscles to lose weight? Let’s take a closer look.

Does Vibrating your Muscles Actually Lead to Weight Loss?

Can you really sit at home on your couch while resting your feet on a vibrating pad to lose weight? The makers of Power Fit certainly want you to think so.

Vibrating exercise equipment is nothing new. Studies have been taking place for decades. Most studies lead to inconclusive results. One study, for example, showed that vibration training was able to burn extra calories, but did not reduce overall body fat. Another study found that after 8 months of vibration training, participants were able to reduce their body fat percentage by 3.2% compared to a control group.

All of these studies come from a research study compilation published in the Journal of Human Sport and Exercise. Ultimately, researchers concluded with the following:

“To date, no direct measures of muscle have been made to verify that VbX [vibration training] acts solely through a reflex potentiation causing a change in muscle length that increases oxygen uptake.”

Only one study in that review found that vibration training burned extra calories. Most studies showed a small increase in energy demand from the muscles (which means your muscles were requesting more energy). However, this difference was seen as “quite low”.

Ultimately, based on this information, vibration training isn’t quite useless. It does help you slightly increase energy demand from your muscles, boosting your metabolism. However, the long-term effects in terms of calorie burning, fat loss, and weight loss, are pretty weak.

WebMD.com, however, paints a different picture. Here, WebMD talks about a study where physical therapists supervised 61 obese or overweight adults (mostly women) as they worked out on vibrating plates. Participants performed squats, lunges, calf raises, push-ups, and abdominal crunches. Researchers tracked patients for 6 months, looking at deep belly fat and weight, among other metrics. They found that the vibrating plate group and a control group performing conventional fitness training were able to maintain 5% weight loss. The vibrating plate group lost the highest percentage of weight overall.

Nevertheless, researchers cautioned that you can’t just stand on a vibrating machine and expect to lose weight:

“People say vibration machines are fitness for lazy people. It may feel like a short cut, but if it’s easy, you are not doing it properly,” physiotherapist Dirk Vissers says. “Supervision in the beginning is imperative and the longer the better. What we see in gyms very often — people just standing on the machine holding the handles — is not going to do anything.”

So if you’re overweight or obese and are performing real resistance workouts on the vibrating plate, then you may lose extra weight through vibration training – but you’ll need to complement your routine with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

What is Power Fit Pricing

Power Fit has one of the sleaziest pricing policies we’ve ever reviewed. Virtually everywhere you look, the Power Fit is advertised as costing only $39.95. That’s a good price for a piece of vibrating exercise equipment, as they can typically cost you several hundred dollars.

However, when you read the fine print of the pricing policy, you’ll realize that Power Fit is a bit of a scam. Here’s how pricing works:

— You pay $39.95 + $29.95 shipping ($69.90 total) today

— You receive your Power Fit in the mail within 1 to 2 weeks

— If you don’t return your Power Fit within 40 days, then you’re automatically charged $49.95 every month for 5 consecutive months (for a total cost of $309.65)

— If you don’t wish to keep Power Fit, then you’ll need to call the company at 844-296-2195 within 40 days to receive an RMA number. After you return the product (you need to pay for your own shipping) then you’ll receive a refund on your $39.95 trial fee. The company will refuse to refund your $30 shipping charge.

Ultimately, pricing policies like this are a huge red flag: the company charges an enormous shipping cost because it doesn’t want to reimburse you for shipping. Then, it expects you to pay your own shipping costs to ship the device back. So you have to decide whether you want to go through all that hassle just to get a $40 refund (and avoid the $250+ in future charges)

Worst of all, this information isn’t clearly advertised upfront. You have to read the fine print of the terms and conditions to see full details.

You’ll also need to pay state taxes if you’re shipping to New York or California. And you’ll pay a $10 surcharge for shipping to Canada, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Alaska.

Who Makes Power Fit?

Power Fit is made by Intersell Ventures, one of several major As Seen On TV-style companies. Intersell Ventures describes itself as “an international distribution company selling hit products to over 70 countries worldwide.”

Some of the other products made by the company include Copper Fit Sleeve, HD Vision Visor, Hover Ball, Snackeez, and Slim Jeggings. Most products have average to poor reviews online.

Intersell Ventures is based at the following address:

115 West 29th Street
Suite 606
NYC, NY 10001

You can contact the company by phone at 212-867-7290 or by email at [email protected]

Should You Use the Power Fit Plate to Lose Weight?

The makers of Power Fit make it seem like all you need to do is stand on a vibrating plate for a few minutes every day and you’ll lose 50 pounds in a month. In reality, people have successfully used vibrating plates to lose weight – but only when they’re using the plates to perform workouts like squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.

It’s also important to note that most studies on vibrating plate benefits have involved people who are overweight or obese. Researchers in those studies also universally recommended pairing the program with diet and exercise to achieve any major benefits.

Power Fit isn’t an instant short cut to weight loss. But if you want to enjoy mild weight loss benefits to complement an existing diet and exercise routine, then research shows that vibrating plates like Power Fit can help you lose weight.

However, the ridiculous pricing policy – which charges you hundreds of dollars after your initial purchase along with a ridiculous shipping fee – makes it difficult to recommend Power Fit, especially since the company advertises the product at a price of $40 when in reality your credit card is charged over $300.

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