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Pound Melter Review

What if you were told there is a way to burn twice as much fat with twice as little work? Chances are you’d be pretty intrigued. Well now, a new program called Pound Melter claims to increase weight loss by up to 400% simply be making simple dietary changes.

Pound Melter even claims its’ program can the “the death of the treadmill.”

How Does Pound Melter Work?

Pound Melter

The secret behind Pound Melter is to activate the “brown fat” in our body. Up until recently, scientists thought humans had little or no brown fat, only white fat.

However, that is until a recent Harvard study found that humans indeed do have brown fat, albeit in a wide range of amounts.

In their research, Brown fat actually metabolizes white fat and burns it off for energy and is present in greater amounts in thin people, which is why thin people often stay thin much easier than overweight people trying to become thin.

How Does Pound Melter Activate This Brown Fat?

Pound Melter works to activate this brown fat by following a “cold” protocol. Essentially, brown fat is activated either when we exercise or when we are cold. The Pound Melter protocol will help you learn how to “eat for cold”, which means how to eat to safely lower your body temperature.

Although the change in temperature is normally less than a degree, it is significant enough to activate brown fat to rev up your body into a fat burning machine. The end result could be 10, 20, or even 30 pounds of weight loss in just one month. How much you lose depends on your dedication to the simple protocol.

Does Pound Melter Really Work?

This program may sound too good to be true, but it claims to have over 88,000 successful users. There are even some real before and after photos that show some pretty stunning results.

The fact that this program is actually backed by science gives it even more credibility. Up until now, brown fat was only a mystery. Now thanks to the Harvard study, Pound Melter can expose the easy, simple way to burn away fat without spending hours on a treadmill.

Pros and Cons of Pound Melter


— No Need To Spend Hours On A Treadmill Or Follow A Strict Diet
— Easy To Follow And Simple To Understand
— Over 88,000 Success Stories From Real Users
— 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


— Only Available Online
— Limits Some Foods You Can Eat

What Will I Get if I order Pound Melter?

If you decide here today, that you want to change your life by ordering Pound Melter, then you’ll gain access to the most effective weight loss program on the market.

You’ll receive an e-book with explicit, step-by-step directions on how to follow the Pound Melter Program. You’ll be shown how to “eat for cold” to destroy the white fat that has been stubbornly clinging to your stomach, arms, legs, and back for years.

This program is laid out so even a child could understand how to follow the program. You’ll can quickly understand the main concept and start utilizing it so to shed pounds of fat forever.

Where to Buy Pound Melter?

Pound Melter is available online at a reduced price of $39. All orders of Pound Melter come with a 60-day money back guarantee, which means you can receive a full refund within 60 days if you are unsatisfied with Pound Melter.

Thousands of people have used Pound Melter and lost a significant amount of weight. If you take the first step by ordering today, then you’ll learn the secrets to weight loss so you can become the next success story.

Don’t wait any longer – Order Pound Melter Risk-Free today!

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  1. HELLO,I would like a refund on both the products I purchased. They are not what I was led to believe and I would like my money back please.. Thank you

  2. I also have questions about the food list. Can you make substitutions if you are allergic to a food?

  3. Bought it, 2 days later after reading book i realized it was a scam and requested my money back. Unable to get back. Its a fraudulent scam.

    • Myra,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Why did you feel that it was a scam after you read the book? It seems there are a handful of people that have already left a comment that have had positive results with this eBook?

      And it is sold through Clickbank. They will give you a full 60 days to get a refund if you wish. Just contact them.

      — Supplement Police

    • Still, no return. I have tried over and over again. I have heard of many others who also cant get their money back. Thats why I say scam. They get your money, and its impossible to get it back, although they say money back, it lies

  4. i purchased Pound Melter and downloaded but now cannot find on my I Pad. Any help would be appreciated.

    • use your search on your ipad and type in poundmelter all one word you can also try it as two words but it should bring it up

  5. No support and many questions while on the program ie what if one is allergic to wheat or another item. Can one substitute? What it you can’t find an item? What do you man by 2 collards? I know of collard leaves . . .

  6. Well now where do i begin for starters no one at your company answers emails of any kind. Next i have been trying to get up with someone in your company because of the problems i am having.I feel at this time its a little bit to late to giver any kind of report one one thing YOUR A RIP-OFF.I get so angry when you pay good money and the person you put your trust in just takes your money and runs.During this whole process you never emailed me one time to see about my progress.I mean anything would have done hello,how are you doing? anything but no not one word.THEN I TRY TO GET A REFUND AND YOU CANNOT BE REACHED.THIS IS WRONG AND SHOULD BE DEALT WITH SO YOU DONT TAKE FROM OTHER PEOPLE THAT HAVE REASONS TO LOOSE WEIGHT.I am posting a video on youtube to reach more people about your company hopefully this will keep their 39.00 dollars in THEIR POCKET and not yours .I give you plenty of time to respond but you ignore me so i will take matters into my on hands. SOMEONE DISGUSTED WITH YOUR PRODUCT AND SERVICE! JOEY P.

    • So Joey I’m glad you wrote about your experience. I am trying to figure out can I just buy a book or does it have to be an ebook. Those usually don’t work out to well. So whats the just of this weight loss plan? I don’t get it? Eat cold food all the time or just certain foods. On the video he says eat whatever you want but eat cold food to lower your temp… I read one review that said if this was real that it would be on the front page and everyone would be doing it… EVERY Fat Person In the World…. I thought you know that’s very true. So I am trying to figure out does it work at all. Is ANY of it TRUE??

  7. I’ve tried a lot of things to try and lose weight, i’ve bought many different products and tried many different diets but nothing was working. Until I came across the Pound Melter system When it was said that I would lose a ton of weight in just a month I was very hesitant but, I said why not and gave it a go. This is one product that I will never regret buying. Everything the program promised was true I lost close to 20 pound in my first month and it was easy to do it! I can now be proud of my body and actually wear that bikini I’ve always wanted. If your interested in reading a review about the pound melter system. I promise you will not regret it!

  8. been leaving messages trying to get an answer from someone on this site . not able to download from my computer please get back to me thankyou Bruce Corneliuson

    • I bought this yesterday, seems easy enough, but I live in Spain and there are some products that you just can’t buy here. Am I allowed to exchange one food for another within the same list without messing up the potential weight loss? Any advice would be GREAT!

  9. Hi…i want to ask..is it a book or a pill supplement?? And if we just want to buy the supplement, can we?? Or we have to buy with the book and whole packaged…thanks

  10. hi, some questions here. just bought the book.
    so if i were to eat the apples between 7-9 am as described for day 1, am I supposed to then have breakfast and afterwards have the green tea all between hours of 7-9am? also can i eat between the a.m. session but before the 1-2pm regimen? for example i get hungry at noon and eat, do i still have the grapefruit bw 1-2pm? or do i wait til 1-2pm then have grapefruit then eat the food? also do we have to keep these hours? can i eat the grapefruit at 12 then eat the lunch?

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