PortoVino – Bella Vita Bags Wine Purse For On The Go Drinks?


Ready to become the talk of the party? Literally? The PortoVino designer purse can store up to 1.5 Litres – that’s two (2) entire bottles of wine discretely in your purse. Possibly one of the most innovative products when it comes to wine ‘on the go’.

The purse itself has enough room that you can take with you all your regular purse needs – wallet, keys, makeup, mobile phone, etc. The bag is made of leather-like material and is made of excellent quality. It is incredible comfortable to carry and classy enough to take to your next party, dinner date or even for a fun day at the park.

Where Does The Wine Stay?

You see, the reservoir where the wine is stored is completely hidden so no one will even know what you have going on in there! And, the hidden part where it is stored is insulated too – keeping those beverages nice and chilled. Having said that, you could use the pouch for any beverage really – mixed drinks, beer or juice for the kids if you wanted.

The spout that is made into this designer bag is hidden by a flap on the backside so that it is not visible to anyone, but readily accessible when you are ready to indulge again.

Could The PortoVino Purse Save You Hundreds?

The team at Bella Vita suggest this could be the next best option to never having to pay for a drink out again! In turn, saving you hundreds of dollars. It is no wonder this is a patent pending product, it makes that much sense.

You will literally become the talk of the party in no time – and it makes a great conversation topic too. The straps are made exceptionally well, so comfort when carrying was at the forefront of design.

The party pouch inside, are reusable, however it is suggested that they should be changed. In case you are planning to reuse them, be sure that they are properly cleaned after each use. Additional party pouches can be purchased – and not a bad idea to add on to your first order so that you are not having to pay for shipping twice!

In fact, with an order of the PortoVino your shipping is free!

How To Order PortoVino

The PortoVino by Bella Vita can be ordered online through their website for only $74.95 and shipping is free with this purchase (any purchase over $40.00).

Wholesale purchasing is also available – simply create an account with Bella Vita online, and those prices will be available along with more wholesale information.

Overall, this appears to be a designer bag or purse made with the customer in mind. Not only care you carry all your regular essentials in a separate compartment, but your beverages are stored privately, the ability to be chilled for hours, and easily accessible when you are gearing up for another toast!

Keep the secret to yourself, or share it with your friends, either way is a win, win for you!

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