POPiN – On Demand Pay As You Go Gym & Fitness Club App?


Regretting the yearly membership at the gym? Not sure how to get in the daily exercise with simply one gym location available?

With many consumers constantly on the go, a gym membership may not seem feasible as consumers either only have access to one specific gym or to the different branches available.

Although many may retort to training within their homes, it is more restrictive as consumers do not have access to the various equipments a gym might have. What does one do when he or she wants to train outside of their neighborhood? This is where the use of POPiN may come of great significance.

POPiN is a new idea that has flourished in the hopes of ensuring that consumers have unlimited options when it comes to their training regimens. What makes this system far more efficient is the fact that consumers only have to pay for the time spent training.

This means one no longer needs to worry about having to pay for a membership that goes unused for several weeks! The following review will analyze POPiN with respect to its purpose, its works, the perks, and its uniqueness.

What Is POPiN?

POPiN is proclaimed as a “flexible fitness solution” that allows consumers to train to their will regardless of where they are and when they choose to do so. POPiN has joined forces with various gym partner locations to ensure that consumers can better access a location that meets their needs.

While it is still in its early stages of establishment and is currently only being tested in New York City, more locations are said to be opened in the near future. For the time being, POPiN is affiliated with CompleteBody Chelsea, CompleteBody FiDi, CompleteBody Midtown, Limelight Fitness, Mercedes Club and THE GYM.

How Does POPiN Work?

Before anything, it is important to download the POPiN app, otherwise one cannot train as he or she pleases.

In addition, consumers need to post a clear profile picture of oneself within the app for identification purposes, as each account should be held by one person. Then consumers must explore the different gyms that are associated with POPiN as well as their current location to see what is nearest to them.

Following that, it takes a little as checking-in at the front desk via the app and commencing one’s training sessions. Upon completing a workout, consumers need to pay based on the minutes spent at the gym.

What Perks Can Consumers Expect From The Use Of POPiN?

First, POPiN increases one’s options as opposed to those who sign a contract indicating that they belong to one specific gym location and brand.

Second, it can be beneficial for those who are always on the go, as not all gyms have multiple branches in various parts of a given city, let alone a state.

Third, one has full access to the club’s amenities listed in club’s individual pages.

For instance, consumers can choose to take part in a class depending on the number of seats open. Most importantly, its flexibility encourages consumers to exercise without having them skip a day because of the lack of availabilities surrounding one.

What Differentiates POPiN From Other Fitness Related Apps And Physical Locations?

POPiN is definitely unique because of the freedom consumers may have with training. With most gyms, consumers are required to sign up for a membership for a minimum of a year. Failing to keep up with the contract or deciding to break it earlier on leads to an unnecessary free of at most $99.

Other fees might also be included, one of which is for the membership card, and for those who need a replacement, and additional fees might be charged depending on the respective gym and location.

POPiN Review Summary

Overall, POPiN is a great way to make the most out of one’s money because it truly reflects one’s training time.

The rates are likely to differ across the different gyms with other tax implications, however the complete payment is said to be equivalent to the amount of time spent at the gym, no more or no less. The innovation behind POPiN as well as its flexibility are the main reasons that differentiate it from other fitness outlets.

The one thing consumers need to consider is the fact that one’s training revolves around the POPiN app, therefore one must ensure that his or her is fully charged, as failing to do so can interfere with the time keeping component needed to assess one’s payment.

For more information on how to train without worrying about finding a location nearby or spending large sums of money, go to: https://www.popin.nyc/#page1-section.

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