Banting Weight Loss Cookbook System – Whole Food Recipes?


The Banting Weight Loss Cookbook System is a regimen that helps consumers lose weight with healthy nutrition, avoiding the use of carbohydrates and highlighting fat. The content is only available digitally, though there is plenty of recipes and advice included.

What Is The Banting Weight Loss Cookbook System?

There are plenty of reasons that the weight loss industry discourages the use of saturated fat in a diet, predominantly over the claims that it promotes heart disease and obesity. All this information is based on a 1953 study, but the true culprit is carbohydrates. In the Banting Weight Loss remedy, this imbalance is addressed to help consumers slim down effectively.

The Banting Weight Loss Cookbook System is no regular diet. Instead of being restricted to poached chicken and broccoli, consumers can enjoy delicious foods like Cajun Chicken Alfredo and Scotch Eggs. Everything should be eaten with enjoyment, but healthy foods can still be just as pleasurable. Since carbohydrates are not a necessity for the body, most of this diet highlights the importance of protein, healthy fats, and other important nutrients.

The creator of this type of diet, William Banting, was actually incredibly obese before its creator. When he went to the doctor, a new way of eating was introduced, which inspired his open letter to the public, which was titled “Letter on Corpulence.” His name essentially became a verb for this type of routine.

A set of guidelines was created by the government in 1977 to dictate what the public needed from the diet. The diet prescribed an eating plan with a high amount of carbohydrates and a low level of fat, which does not coincide with the diet that most people are familiar with now.

Furthermore, the website advocates consuming at least six different portions of grains each day, and sugar was not discouraged at all. With obese on the rise, all consumers can do is consider the different diets recommended in today’s culture, like that of William Banting’s.

About the Regimen

The regimen is basically described as being “what human beings were designed to eat,” bringing consumers back to their roots to focus on protein, limited carbohydrates, and an elevated level of healthy fats.

This weight loss plan has been unfolded in many books and regimens, but the requirements are the same. However, in 1959, it was removed from the nutritional textbooks, which was just before the government set up their own regimen, erasing the truth.

The entire cookbook included has balanced recipes, so there is no need to edit them to suit the user’s lifestyle. With plenty of support and an outlined plan, consumers can lose weight and eliminate their addiction to carbohydrates. Without increasing glucose, users reduce their risk of diabetes and heart disease, which is just a step closer towards being healthy.


Right now, consumers can take part in The Banting Weight Loss cookbook and recipes by paying $19.99. The content is delivered to the user digitally, which means there is no cumbersome paperwork or books to lug around. Participants will have access as soon as the payment is made.

The order includes:

  • A seven-day plan
  • A substitution list
  • 101 pointers for keeping a banting diet
  • Over 200 recipes

If the user decides that this is not the right regimen for them, then they should reach out to the customer service team to learn about the return policy.

Contacting The Creators Of The Banting Weight Loss Cookbook System

Even with the details available from The Banting Weight Loss System’s website, some consumers may have other questions that they want to address. The customer service team does not have a phone number, but they can be reached by email at [email protected].

Banting Weight Loss Cookbook System Review Summary

The Banting Weight Loss Cookbook System is meant for anyone that wants to restructure the way that their body gains and loses weight.

Sugar, which is a carbohydrate, has been found to have addictive effects on consumers, and it is one of the worst ways to put on new pounds. The easiest way to increase someone’s health is by increasing the amount protein that they eat, which will make the individual feel much more satisfied.

If you want to lose weight and break some bad eating habits, start banting.

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