Phytochemicals Health Benefits – Bioactive Plant Based Foods?


If you're considering boosting your immune system, you may find yourself in a situation of needing to make the right choice of which supplement would be best to boost the body's immune system. Of course, you want to find a product that will make a positive difference with your immune system, but there might already be a remedy right in your garden.

All the plants you have thrive not through miracles, but are protected through mechanisms already available within the plant. Plants have both internal protection and external protection. For instance, when you want to prune a rose bush, you will never leave the garden without being pricked by a thorn.

If an animal in the desert wants to eat a cactus, then you will likely see an animal with a bloody nose because the cactus has a protective mechanism to protect itself from intruders. Similarly, all plants have protective mechanisms to protect it from certain things in their environment. Pest infested areas may find that some plants are able to resist the pests and thrive.

The reason behind this is the high internal immunity, which works to scare away biting insects, as well as opportunistic plant infections. Phytochemicals make the immune system available and keeps the immune systems working and healthy. This natural chemical, therefore, keeps the plants protected and in a great form. That’s why you will see a thriving rose has an appealing appearance.

Did you know that the phytochemicals present in the plants can help you boost your health, too? Well, the natural chemical has all that is needed to keep your health in good form, once it is taken regularly and in the right dosage. Some of the health menaces that attack human beings are similar to those that attack plants. For example, if one is attacked by bacteria, fungi, or other threats, then consuming phytochemicals could give a boost to your body's health.

Where To Get Phytochemicals

Most of these discoveries were made in Greece, and the term phyto means plant, which makes sense when phytochemicals are simplified as plant chemicals. Note that over 25,000 plants in the world have phytochemicals and the supplements made from them are easily derived from these plants to help you boost your immunity. Most of the fruits and vegetables people consume today have phytochemicals. Apart from these fruits and plants, phytochemicals can also be found in various nuts, seeds, olives, and tea.

Unlike minerals and vitamins that help keep us alive, the phytochemicals play a different role where they help the body retain its immunity to defend itself from external attacks. With regular eating and drinking of these phytochemicals, you will experience excellent results with keeping your immune system strong.

Since the world has over 20,000 plants with phytochemicals, it’s quite impossible to cover everything. In this write-up, I will be highlighting the four natural phytonutrients from various plants, while giving you the benefits that come with each. The selected four are Resveratrol, Flavonoids, Carotenoids, and Ellagic Acid.


This is a phytochemical that is currently in high demand, and has been gaining popularity worldwide due to its benefits. It can be an important tool for various health conditions since it features antioxidant properties. The antioxidant properties aid in keeping the body's immunity high, just like other common antioxidants.

It has received a lot of compliments on the way it tackles the problem of aging as well. Some of the people who have used this phytochemical to deal with anti-aging have reported that it works well. The disturbing signs that come with the aging of your skin can give you stress, so having this phytochemical can be a boost to your health.

Once in the body, the phytochemical works hard to ensure the blotchy skin, skin damage, and wrinkles on the skin are no more. Therefore, the natural plant chemicals work on behalf of the body to keep you fit and stress-free.

Resveratrol is commonly found in plants and fruits, and most of the plants that have these chemicals include grapes, blueberries, and pecans. It can also be found in wine and dark chocolate. The phytochemical from Resveratrol, when used in the right format, gets you all the benefits that you have been looking for and can be an important part of the formula to revive your body.


Flavonoids work amazingly to give your body a boost of immunity. Since it’s found in most fruits and vegetables, it comes out as a better and more affordable option to rely on, as you look forward to reaping the benefits of this phytochemical.

This phytochemical happens to be one of the best antioxidants out there, as well as a provider of immunity to your body. This makes it a better option when it comes to protecting your body against germ attacks and diseases. Flavonoids come in types, and we shall highlight and outline various types and their uses.


This in an important type of flavonoid that works to ensure free radicals in the body are contained, which protects the body from inflammation. Free radicals damage the body, as they are a combination of oxygen and other molecules.

Once these radicals are eliminated by this phytochemical, then your body immunity becomes excellent. Among the researched flavonols, quercetin happens to be the best, and it is found in capers, berries, onions, black and green teas, peppers, red wine, dark cherries, and apples.

Research done in California suggests that quercetin aids in healing and preventing heart diseases, breathing problems, and other ailments.


Catechins work to control and reduce excess fats in the body, and are found in green tea.


Hesperidin is essential in the treatment of pain and inflammation.


The magnificent colors you see in carrot and other bright fruits are as a result of this phytochemical. They are also effective when it comes to tackling harmful body micro-organs. Carotenoids, once converted into excellent vitamins, have been found to benefit the general body health, including overall immunity and eye health.

Some of the best fruits and vegetables you know have this phytochemical, which are bananas, oranges, carrots, rutabagas, sweet potatoes, and pink grapefruit. These are all easily available and can help in enabling your immune system to work more efficiently.

Ellagic acid

This is another phytochemical being used widely. It is readily available in various berries and other plants. A lot of focus from researchers is on these phytochemicals, as its being found to be powerful in protecting your body against ailments, as well as giving the body broad immunity from inflammation.

The continuous use of ellagic acids will enable all the disturbing skin wrinkles to go away, as well as giving your body a boost of immunity. The world is currently experiencing many people who have skin cancer and other related or similar ailments, which is as a result of damaging UV rays that attack the layers of the skin.

This problem is usually hard to contain, but due to continuous research being carried out, this phytochemical has been found to offer the best protection from the harmful rays. This, therefore, helps keep your body healthy. Note that the ellagic acid can be found in blackberries, strawberries, pecans, walnut, pomegranates, and raspberries, among other fruits.

It is important to note that the studies on this phytochemical are still underway to establish more benefits.

The Secret To Getting More Phytochemicals Into Your Diet

In the modern world, a lot of foods are prepared in different ways. Some preparations warrant the loss of nutrients, so it is important to eat raw in addition to cooked fruits and vegetables. Eating plant foods is healthy, and most of the nutritional therapists agree on this fact.

Note that plant foods are easily available and once incorporated into your daily meals, they will aid you to work on your body immunity as well as correcting body disorders. You can start with having some tea with a side of nuts with your breakfast in the morning, and follow up with a good lunch with vegetables and fruits.

When having your supper, incorporate all the best ingredients you can, such as pureeing vegetables into sauces, and this will aid you in supplementing your body's ability to prevent attacks from various diseases.

Phytochemicals Health Benefits Final Words

The human body is just like a plant that needs protection from attacks. This issue has a remedy, which is phytochemicals. As earlier stated, phytochemicals are in over 20,000 plants, and this gives you a wide choice to get more plant phytonutrients.

The highlighted four phytochemicals have been well researched, and the results have shown to impress consumers. Therefore, to ensure your body has the best immune system, simply eat the right plants, and you will help your body prevent disease and illness from occurring.

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