Physique Mastery – Fortius Fitness Total Body Transformation?


Obesity is continuously taking the lives of people struggling to find ways to lose weight. As a result, quick fix workouts and dangerous diets have become a viral trend in the fitness industry. Unfortunately, most people find little success with these gimmick based programs and find themselves in an endless circle of unhealthy weight loss and ineffective workouts.

It seems that instead of focusing on living an all-around healthy lifestyle, people are being lured in to using diet pills and excessive training that only exhaust the body and make losing weight seem impossible. Physique Mastery was created to serve as a hoax-free option for people who feel like they have tried every diet or workout plan ever made to lose weight, but are still fighting to get results.

What is Physique Mastery?

Physique Mastery is a fitness program that provides customers with a detailed, step-by-step nutrition and training guide for maximum, body transforming results. Physique Mastery was created by Kasper V. Christensen, a licensed personal trainer in Denmark. Kasper owns a personal training gym in Copenhagen named Fortius Fitness, and created the Physique Mastery program based on his extensive experience training over 10,000 clients over the years.

He found that most people had taken to endless hours of cardio and highly restrictive diets as a way to lose weight and was determined to prove that there is a healthier, more effective way to transform the body. He created Physique Mastery and has since shown numerous clients that a few days of strength training each week, coupled with overall healthy eating practices are the key to significant body transformations.

The program focuses on simplifying fitness and breaking down what it really takes to transform the body without the use of diet pills and extreme workout regimens. Unlike other weight-loss programs, the workout portion of this system places heavy emphasis on strength training as opposed to exhausting cardio exercises and extreme dieting.

How Does Physique Mastery Work?

Physique Mastery operates using three basic systems:

  • Training System
  • Nutrition System
  • Tracking System

The training system details the workout regimen for the program. Strength training is key, with little cardio involved. Workouts focus on increasing muscle mass in order to create a lean, curvy body in women and a chiseled, defined body in men. Kasper believes that excessive cardio decreases muscle mass and results in slight weight loss but little to no noticeable results in body shape.

The nutrition system is free of the all too familiar dieting restrictions that most fitness programs include. There is no counting or measuring involved and there is no set eating schedule. The idea is for customers to learn the basics of how to healthy without having to restrict themselves or be hungry all the time.

The tracking system is meant to teach people how to be accountable for their own weight loss and monitor their progress in order to tweak their routine for maximum results. There is a guide detailing how to track results in a workout journal as well as step-by-step instructions on how to change a routine to boost or maintain results.

The entire program consists of a collection of books, DVD’s, and recipe guides to be followed at the customer’s own pace in order to create a personalized experience. The program also comes with workout guides as well as a lifetime of free updates. Kasper continuously updates the details of the program and keeps customers up to date with any new advances or changes.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Physique Mastery program is available online at for just $67 in total. There are no shipping fees, as the entire program is accessible via internet. All the products are digital, in the form of videos and PDF’s. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee. If customers are not happy with the program after 60 days, they receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Major Benefits To Buying Physique Mastery

One major perk of the Physique Mastery program is its reasonable price. For $67, customers receive the entire collection of DVD’s, books, and recipes, as well access to any updates that are made after purchasing. Compared to similar programs on the market, this is well below average. Although this program is more on the simplistic side, the cost is still very sensible and likely fits into most people’s budget.

Additionally, Kasper is already a well-known fitness professional with thousands of clients constantly testing his knowledge at his gym in Copenhagen. This provides a much needed sense of credibility and likely convinces customers that the program is not just a hoax. Furthermore, the lack of gimmicks in this program is very refreshing. There are no quick fixes or secret tips in this routine. It is a very simple, science-based system that focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle, rather than getting quick, mediocre results.

Downsides – What’s The Catch?

Surprisingly, there are very few downsides to this program. Physique Mastery and Kasper both have excellent reviews online as well as a steady following of patrons that attend the personal training gym in Copenhagen.

However, some people may find the program too basic and look at it as a waste of money. An argument can be made that there are thousands of websites online that can provide the same guidance and advice that Physique Mastery does for free. Still, the convenience of having all the information laid out in an orderly fashion is appealing to customers who would rather have the work done for them, as opposed to scouring the internet for fitness advice.

Physique Mastery Review Summary

Physique Mastery is definitely grabbing attention for people who are tired of trying and failing at extreme, specialty workout programs. By focusing on the simple science behind losing weight, as opposed to providing a quick fix, this program is standing out in great way. Aside from that, the price is just cheap enough for most people to afford, making it a great option for just about anyone who’s looking to make a change in their fitness routine.

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