PERK Automated Third Wave Coffee Pourover Brewing Machine


If you’re a dedicated coffee fanatic, or if you enjoy a good coffee brew, you’re probably aware of the pourover brewing method.

If not, prepare to be initiated into the arcane secrets of pourover coffee brewing as we review one of the most interesting new Kickstarter campaigns of 2017- the PERK Automated Third Wave Coffee Pourover Brewing Machine.

Pourover coffee is a method of coffee brewing that has exploded in popularity across coffee shops and cafes around the world.

Unlike traditional brewing methods that rely upon hot water under high pressure to brew a coffee, pourover brewing methods are gentler, faster, and yield a more intense flavor, making it an ideal method for brewing single-origin beans.

Pourover coffee, in its simplest form, generally consists of pouring a constant, slow stream of hot water through a filter vessel placed over the top of the cup.

The continuous water flow that surrounds the ground beans brews the coffee faster and extracts more from the external layer of the grounds, yielding a different flavor profile from slow-brew coffee.

Although the pourover brewing method creates great coffee with an interesting texture and flavor profile, it can be irritating to set up- especially first thing in the morning when you’re craving your AM caffeine hit.

The PERK Automated Third Wave Coffee Pourover Brewing Machine promises to deliver a fully automated third wave coffee experience, taking the fuss out of the pourover brewing process.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Perk Kickstarter campaign which is around 67% of the way toward a $100,000 USD goal, and find out what makes it tick to help you decide whether it’s a project worth backing.

What Is PERK Automated Third Wave Coffee Pourover Brewing Machine?

The Perk Machine is slated as the logical evolution of third wave pourover coffee brewing techniques, and has captured the attention of coffee enthusiasts worldwide- Coffee Omega, Wevolver, Clive Coffee, and Edible have all featured news articles on the Perk solution.

“Third wave” coffee brewing is the latest iteration of the coffee brewing industry, and is focused on eschewing milk, creamers, and sugar, in favor of exceptionally flavorful beans and blends that are able to deliver a unique and piquant flavor experience by themselves.

Third wave coffee generally consists of single origin beans, or single origin blends, that are brewed using innovative techniques to bring out interesting and unique sensations. The Perk solution is designed to rival the pourover coffee brewers that are found in professional coffee houses and cafes, most of which are priced at over $10,000.

The creative term behind Perk have followed a very specific design brief in the creation of the Perk machine, which they refer to as the “Holy Grail” of coffee brewing.

The Perk machine promises to brew coffee with perfect saturation by lifting, tumbling, and separating each coffee particle at the perfect temperature for brewing, which can be adjusted between 50 and 212 degrees, depending on the bean.

Users are able to select brew times between 1 minute for fast brews, all the way to 24 hours for extremely slow drip brews with ridiculously intense flavor profiles.

The Perk machine delivers silent operation at less than 20 decibels, and is incredibly easy to clean, with the device coming apart into modular, easy-clean sections. The machine also requires no maintenance, as the boiler is completely open, it doesn’t need to be descaled.

Perk Advantage

The Perk Pourover brewing method offers a number of advantages not found in other coffee machines.

Instead of using inefficient square brewing chambers like most modern countertop coffee machines, the Perk machine uses a mechanical suspension technique to create a continuous gentle upflow of water around the coffee particles in the brewing compartment.

The mechanical suspension technique is able to deliver a uniformity of brew that evenly distributes water around coffee, while an intelligent temperature sensor ensures that the infusion chamber maintains a regular and steady temperature during the entire brewing process.

The programmable heat sensors of the Perk allow users to target a specific heat range in a hugely customizable time-frame range, allowing for almost lab-like coffee brewing in the comfort of your own home.

PERK Automated Third Wave Coffee Pourover Brewing Machine Verdict

The Perk Automated Coffee Pourover Machine is one of the most intelligently designed coffee machines on the market.

Instead of adding pointless bells and whistles to the coffee brewing process (we’re looking at you, Nespresso) Perk focuses instead on rebuilding the brewing process from the ground up into something better, more efficient, and more effective.

The Perk brewing solution is already being rolled out in hundreds of coffee shops across the Western United States, and is currently available to be backed on a super early bird basis via the Perk Kickstarter campaign page.

If you’re looking for the ultimate coffee brew, the Perk Automated Coffee Pourover Machine is definitely worth backing.

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