Perfect Meal Plans – Sayonara Fast Food Chains?


Perfect Meal Plans Review – Right Choice?

Perfect Meal Plans is a company that helps consumers eliminate the stress of planning out meals, while also creating their corresponding shopping lists. This is our review.

What is Perfect Meal Plans?

Preparing meal plans for your household can take a lot of work, even if you are only planning for yourself. The process alone is incredibly time consuming. You have to research on multiple websites to find recipes you like, then narrow them down by checking the nutritional information. If you are planning for a different amount of servings, you have to adjust it yourself as well. While all of this is completely achievable by yourself, it is so much easier to hand the reigns over to someone else, like the makers of Perfect Meal Plans.

Perfect Meal Plans is a company that has premade menu options to help keep you healthy, but without draining and overwhelming your head with the hundreds of recipes you can find online. While this preparation is a smart way to avoid spending money on convenience foods, it is also easy to get burned out. With the menus offered by Perfect Meal Plans, you just have to choose the most appealing one for the week.

The whole point of the program is to help you and other consumers learn how to make and find clean meals. Most of the recipes are based on the Paleo dietary requirements, which has grown in popularity in recent years.

Perfect Meal Plans with Real Food

Perfect Meal Plans focuses heavily on eating “real food.” All this phrase refers to is food that grows in nature, either from the earth or from animal sources. Many of the recipes focus on real eggs, beef, all vegetables, greens, fruit, nuts and seeds, and many types of healthy oils and spices.

The company breaks down each meal into three sections – Healthy Fats, Lean Protein, and Good Carbs. For the right amount of balance, your meal should contain 65% healthy fats, 25% protein, and 10% good carbohydrates. With this division, it’s easy to see why it might be difficult to balance the meals on your own. However, the different nutrients are setup this way for a purpose.

Good Fats

The good fats in each meal plan are usually combined with some carbs, and help to train your body to use the fat you consume and already have for energy. Good fats also make you feel full, which makes you less likely to overeat and consume too many calories.

Lean Protein

The lean protein you consume in these meals is meant to help nourish and feed your muscles. With the right amount of protein, you can maintain an even blood sugar level.

Healthy Carbohydrates

While so many diets try to convince consumers that carbohydrates are bad, Perfect Meal Plans understands that you just need the right carbohydrates. Vegetables, nuts, and some fruits are the best natural sources of healthy carbohydrates you can find in nature. When you keep your carb levels low, you are signaling your body to use fat to give you the energy, which results in weight loss.

The 7-Day Kickstart Challenge

The 7-Day Kickstart Challenge is a great way to try out the program before you commit to a long-term subscription. The risk-free trial only costs a dollar, and the entire process is relatively simple to follow.

The first part involves getting your meal plan. When you receive your menu, you will get a plan that include seven whole days of breakfast lunch and dinner. You will also receive a shopping list, which details every single ingredient you will need during this week.

The shopping list is incredibly organized. Realistically, it should only take about 15 minutes for you to get to the checkout.

As you follow along with the meal plan, you may notice you are feeling more nourished and satisfied than when you have your regular meals. These healthy meals help to reprogram your body, feeding it the vitamins and nutrients it has been thirsting for.

If you find that you enjoy the meals suggested by the program, and you begin to see a noticeable change in your figure, upgrade to the full monthly membership. As a member, you will be privy to special edition recipes, videos, and cooking demonstrations.

Before you get your first meal plan, you have to go to your account page and select the specific plan you want to use. Your meal plan will be delivered on a weekly basis, helping you to keep a healthy and fresh stock of vegetables in your home at all times.

Right now, there is no indication of what the total cost will be after the trial. You must enter your financial information to find out.

Contacting Perfect Meal Plans

It can be hard to choose the right menu for your weight loss goals, but the customer service team at Perfect Meal Plans is available to answer any questions you might have about their programs. If you want to speak with the sales staff, you can call (877) 300-7849, and then press *1. There are no hours posted for this department.

If you want to speak with someone in Customer Support, their department is open on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm CST. You might have to leave a voicemail if you are unable to reach someone. Also, you can email the company outside of business hours with your inquiry at [email protected].

The company aims to return any voicemails or emails within 24 hours. This time-frame may vary during weekends and holidays.


Making your own meal plan for healthy eating can be overwhelming, leading many dedicated dieters to quit their latest attempt at dieting. However, with Perfect Meal Plans, you eliminate the stress of finding your own recipes, and let the company find a good meal for you instead.

Even if you aren’t sure about starting the program, they offer a $1 trial for a week to try out the recipes and the services. Try out the program for a week, and you will most likely sign up for the rest of the year.

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