Slim Down Smart – Lose Belly Fat Cure Meal Plans?


Slim Down Smart Review – Is It For You?

Slim Down Smart promises to teach you how to start reducing your belly fat using intelligent, proven dietary techniques. Here’s our Slim Down Smart review.

What is Slim Down Smart?

Slim Down Smart is a dietary program that comes in the form of a series of eBooks. Across that series of eBooks, the program promises to teach you how to intelligently plan your diet and exercise techniques to maximize belly fat burning.

The program includes things like meal plans (4 weeks of meal plans in total), a fat burning exercise system, shopping lists, and recipes to help you lose weight.

The creators of Slim Down Smart claim that the program is all about “eating the right foods for maximum health.”

The entire program is priced at $47. Is it worth the price? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does Slim Down Smart Work?

Slim Down Smart works by including a series of eBooks dedicated to deciphering diet and exercise techniques. The program includes all of the following:

-Done for You Meal Plans (4 weeks of meals planned out)

-7 Day Fast Start Video Training

-Slim Down Smart Fat Burning Guide

-Delicious Fat Burning Recipes

-Access to Members’ Community

After paying your $47 fee, you’ll receive lifetime access to the program. There’s no need to pay any monthly subscription fees or other charges.

The creators of Slim Down Smart emphasize letting dieters eat tasty foods for weight loss. Some of the popular breakfast options, for example, include a chocolate banana smoothie or a cheesecake smoothie.

There are hundreds of recipes in total, each of which is designed to “force your body to lose fat and reclaim its natural shape”.

You also have access to personal weight loss tools that help you track and monitor your weight loss progress over time.

In terms of restrictions, the Slim Down Smart plan doesn’t force you to eliminate many specific foods. Instead, it restricts your calories slightly, forcing you to eat a defined breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to lose weight.

The creators of the program also recommend cutting out “sneaky healthy foods” that are secretly causing you to gain weight.

The diet plan is also low in sugar, sodium, and cholesterol. However, you’ll be eating four meals per day while following the plan.

Slim Down Smart Pricing

Slim Down Smart is priced at $47 for lifetime access to the program.

That purchase is covered with a 60 day, 100% risk-free money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then Slim Down Smart will refund your money at any point within 60 days. Just call 1-800-546-8136 for a full refund.

The program is entirely online and digital: after making your purchase, you’ll receive download links to a series of PDF documents in your email. You won’t receive any actual physical products.

Who Makes Slim Down Smart?

Slim Down Smart is made by a former athlete named Matt Green. He spent 10 years as a hockey player before retiring in 2011. He then decided to “passionately research and dig deep into the large food manufacturers to see how they were processing, growing, and producing their foods.”

Slim Down Smart is the culmination of Matt’s work. He claims it’s his mission to help people lose weight, reduce inflammation, alleviate type 2 diabetes, become gluten free, and improve their energy levels. He also emphasizes avoiding pesticides and processed foods and carefully reading the label before buying any foods or beverages.

Matt and the Slim Down Smart team list their address as:

PO Box 836
Buffalo, NY 14231

You can also call the company at 1-800-546-8136 or email them through the contact form here:

Matt doesn’t claim to have any professional background or designation that qualifies him to give you dietary advice. He appears dressed as a doctor in some Slim Down Smart images, although he doesn’t make any mention of his medical education or background.

Should You Use Slim Down Smart to Lose Weight More Intelligently?

When you buy Slim Down Smart, you’re basically paying for a 4 week meal plan. That meal plan lists four healthy meals per day and explains how to make them and how to buy the right ingredients. By following this meal plan, you can safely lose weight.

The meal plan doesn’t follow any particular dietary principles (it’s not vegetarian or gluten-free, for example). Instead, it emphasizes reducing sodium, sugar, and cholesterol while also cutting out certain problem foods that cause inflammation and bloating. It’s about intelligently planning your meals instead of starving you every day.

In addition to the core meal plan, shopping list, and recipe book, Slim Down Smart includes a basic exercise plan and weight loss tracker. However, dieting is the core of the program.

Ultimately, $47 seems like a steep price to pay for a 4 week meal plan created by someone who doesn’t appear to have any professional background or experience. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a 4 meal a day, 4 week meal plan that doesn’t starve you or force you to eliminate your favorite foods, then Slim Down Smart may be the right choice for you.

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