Pearl-e-Whites – Teeth Whitening System


Pearl-e-Whites Review

Pearl-e-Whites is a new teeth-whitening system that comes in the form of a paste you apply to your teeth. Here’s our Pearl-e-Whites review.

What is Pearl-e-Whites?

Pearl-e-Whites is a home teeth whitening system that promises to deliver whitening results “similar to those you’ll get by visiting your dentist.”

By applying the Pearl-e-Whites paste to your teeth, you can remove stains, brighten your smile, and enjoy cleaner-looking teeth.

The teeth cleaning serum is priced at $119.32 USD for a one month supply – which is relatively expensive compared to most teeth cleaning products.

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How Does Pearl-e-Whites Work?

Pearl-e-Whites works in a three step process:

— Step 1) Dry your teeth, then rotate the bottom of the click-pen to dispense gel from the opposite end.

— Step 2) Apply the gel directly onto your teeth, taking care to avoid contacting your lips to your teeth for 30 to 60 seconds

— Step 3) Rinse your teeth after 15 minutes and avoid eating or drinking for one hour

Using these three steps, the creators of Pearl-e-Whites claim you can remove years of staining and plaque buildup that comes from coffee, tea, or smoking.

Unfortunately, when it comes to listing ingredients, methods of action, or any other information about how Pearl-e-Whites works, the creators get extremely vague.

The product’s packaging and official website make no mention about how the paste actually works or which type of ingredients it contains. You’re just supposed to apply it to your teeth and assume that the manufacturer has added the correct ingredients in the correct dosages – which is a worrying thing to assume whenever you’re putting anything in your mouth.

Pearl-e-Whites Ingredients

The manufacturer of Pearl-e-Whites has refused to disclose any information about its ingredients profile, which makes it impossible to judge the safety or effectiveness of the product.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer continues to say things like:

“We take great pride in the quality of our products and are confident that Pearl-e-Whites Teeth Whitening System is the most effective formula on the market today.”

Basically, the manufacturer is saying that “Our formula is the best because I think it’s the best.”

In reality, the product has never gone through any type of clinical testing or other ways to verify its bold claims.

Pearl-e-Whites Pricing

Pearl-e-Whites is available through a trial offer. That trial offer is advertised as free – you just have to pay for shipping.

Shipping costs $7.96. You enter your credit card to pay that fee, and your vial of Pearl-e-Whites will arrive within 3 to 5 business days.

If you read the fine print at the bottom of the ordering page, then you’ll realize why the company is giving out their teeth cleaning system for such a cheap price.

That fine print explains that the free trial isn’t free at all: in fact, the vial of Pearl-e-Whites you receive as part of your “free” trial will actually cost you $119.32.

After paying the $7.96 shipping fee, that $119.32 charge is silently pre-authorized on your credit card. 14 days after your trial was first ordered, the $119.32 charge will go through.

Then, 30 days after you first ordered your trial, the manufacturer of Pearl-e-Whites will assume that you loved the supplement so much that you wanted to order another one, so they’ll automatically send another full-sized package of Pearl-e-Whites to your doorstep and charge your credit card $119.32 again.

If you want to cancel this autoship program and avoid racking up hundreds of dollars in credit card debt, then you’ll need to go through the hassle of dealing with the company’s customer service: call (866) 321-4178 to cancel your membership at any time.

Oddly enough, Pearl-e-Whites also comes with four magazine subscriptions. Here’s how the manufacturer explains those subscriptions:

“Four magazine subscriptions of your choice are included with your order. Try them free for the next three months and switch selections anytime, free of charge. After the three month trial you have the option to extend to paid service, at the then current rates. To opt out of paid service, make address or title changes call (866) 321-4178.”

I’ve never seen a subscription like that be included with any type of supplement ordered online. It sounds like this magazine subscription is separate from the Pearl-e-Whites subscription – which means you’ll have to specifically call the company’s customer service to request them to cancel both your teeth cleaning subscription ­and your magazine subscription.

This shady pricing policy and absurdly high price tag combined together make it seem like Pearl-e-Whites is one big scam. It is more than likely that the owners of Pearl-e-Whites will be getting a kick back from these magazine subscriptions. For all of you that let the paid subscription go, they will be getting a cut of that.

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Who Makes Pearl-e-Whites?

The manufacturer of Pearl-e-Whites never lists its name or manufacturing conditions online. Instead, it simply does business under the name “Pearl-e-Whites Teeth Whitening System”.

The company lists its address as the following:

4701 Shore Drive Suite 103 #437
Virginia Beach VA 23455

You can contact the company by phone at (866) 321-4178 or by email at [email protected]

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  1. I am so upset! Same thing with me. I Thought I was getting the whitting pen for one month, the second month I called and cancelled. I started getting magazine subscription for 6 magazines for 60 months. the magazine subscription said, I cant cancel. they said they would help me out and do a 30 month and for 67.00 a month for 30 months. I can not afford this but I cant cancel my debit card because magazine will turn this into my credit. I dont know what to do!

  2. PEARL-E-WHITES True Brilliance. The Box says TrueBilliance but the CC statement says Pearl-E-Whites. This is a SCAM. After checking out on Amazon, the $50 FREE gift came up. There was nothing on the list that I was interested in but thought what the heck I might like the product and it is a after all a FREE GIFT, so I put in my credit card for the shipping of the FREE gift. I saw the first payment of $119.34 on my card statement this morning. I called the number on the credit card statement and complained, she said they were out of free trials so they sent the actual size. She said she would cancel my order for further deliveries and wouldn't be charged. I told her I wanted the $119.34 that I was already charged refunded (I said this several times) and I would send the the product back, it had not been opened. No info came with the FREE GIFT. I told her the Ad was miss leading and I was putting in a complaint. I will also contact Amazon.

  3. I was charged but got my money back 100%… & the magazines … I never read that part I've been so confused to why I was receiving them .

    • what has happened with your magazine subscription?? I talked with the magazine company today, they said I cant get out of it and I didn't read the fine print when I ordered the whiting pen, I told them fine print! who would of thought 60 months of 6 monthly magazines would be in fine print that I cant get out of.

  4. S~C~A~M!!! This fake company is NOT affiliated with Charter even though they lead you to believe that they are. Thankfully, I am smart enough to know this is a scam and that their intensions are to bill the credit card that was given to pay for the shipping for the full amount of the product after the “trial period” and then every month there after. They claim there are only a few items left just to pressure you to move quickly to “earn your prize”. Seriously, an $80 prize just for answering a few questions about Charter who they aren't even affiliated with?? The predators who operate this site deserve to be hung!

  5. Don't expect to find the company's offices: The mailing address cited in the review is a rented mailbox in a UPS Store. You can see it on Google Street View.

    Thanks for confirming my suspicion that this is a scam. Their secret ingredient would appear to simply be a very strong preparation of hydrogen peroxide–the same ingredient used (in safe concentrations) in virtually every home teeth-whitening product, legitimate and otherwise.

  6. I was taken by a spot oh Facebook . Saying I could get a $50.00 gift (or credit ….forget) anyway , of course I won. Had or go through umpteen questions……name address , age, etc. then almost at the end finally , they needed my credit card to pay the postage. Which I did NOT ( thank goodness) give them. Then at the very end, .I think it said “if you have read and agree to the contract condition click on “OKAY” ………………….I DID READ the contract and realized there would be an automatic charge each month for $119.34. (I am 82, and kinds forgetful, sorry) !!!!!! I nearly fainted !!!. While I DO still have my teeth, they are not as white as they were years ago when I regularly received compliments . Immediately after I clicked “NO Thanks “. The massage was “Thank you for your order” !!!????. Called the posted phone number, and had a real dance with her. A few days later I called the same number and AGAIN told them “NO THANK YOU””. No word back yet

    • Forgot to say the first post I mentioned , was supposedly from KOHL'S . THAt was who I assumed the $50.00 was coming from !!! I call that a “Bait and switch “

  7. Oh my GOSH! Thank God I decided to look into this “Pearl-e-Whites” company. I was sooo close to ordering that. This was soo much help!

  8. It IS a scam! I had so much trouble getting them to cancel any more product being delivered to me! I lost my job and can't afford it. After much ado, she finally “heard” me and cancelled it. I did not know abt any magazines! I'm a fighter. I will NOT pay for anything else


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