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Buying groceries is a necessity, but driving to the store every time to pick up what you need is not. These days, many stores offer their own grocery delivery service so that you can get your order delivered right to your door. Groceries that are delivered to your home makes getting your groceries easier, more convenient, and it even saves you the trouble of driving through traffic and wasting gas.

These days, grocery delivery is being taken to the next level. Rather than need to order groceries from your local grocery store, you can now order them online from an online grocery store called Peapod.

What is Peapod?

Peapod is a grocery brand founded in 1989 by two brothers. The brand has grown from a small family-run business to an online grocer that provides people the opportunity to easily and conveniently purchase their groceries online and have them delivered to their door. As one of the major internet grocers in the country, Peapod has delivered more than 23 million orders that have spanned across 24 U.S. markets.

While there are many convenient features to this service, one of the most significant is that you have vast control over when your groceries are delivered. For example, the system enables you to place an order up to seven days a week and you can choose next-day delivery or delivery that is up to two weeks in advance. Once you decide upon a delivery day, the system then prompts you to choose a two hour delivery window to ensure that you are home to get your groceries.

Peapod is not only useful for regular households, but it can be a vast convenience for the elderly and those unable to leave their home to buy groceries. With this brand, anyone can get their groceries delivered when it suits them best.

Product Offerings

There are many benefits to using Peapod, one of which is the extensive grocery selection that the brand offers. Most people who purchase groceries online often worry that the selection is not good or that the delivery service will not deliver certain items. Fortunately, these issues are not a concern when it comes to Peapod.

Peapod is stocked with over 12,000 products that fall into every type of grocery category that you would find in a traditional supermarket. For example, the company delivers goods from categories like seafood, meat, deli items, natural, organic, Kosher, seasonal items, pet items, alcohol, private labels, and more.

The company also has an online social media account where it posts pictures of products, recipes, and other fun information for consumers. This makes connecting with the brand extremely easy and it also provides you with a sense of how committed the company is to ensuring that customers are satisfied with the products and selection being offered.

Fresh Products and Bulk Items

Another issue that many online grocery shoppers have is whether the products ordered are fresh. The good news is that since Peapod packages the groceries right before it delivers them to you, you can be certain that you are receiving nothing less than high-quality and fresh products straight to your door.

The company is also able to deliver groceries in bulk to locations other than your home. For example, if you are an office space and need to stock your office, then Peapod can deliver groceries to you too. You just need to specify online that you want to order the bulk version of a product and the company will ensure to deliver just that.

Weekly Sales Apply

Ordering online can be a tricky endeavor for many shoppers because they are unaware as to whether the online system takes discounts and coupons into account. Peapod makes the process easy and transparent. Unlike most stores, the company does allow you to use coupons, eGift Cards, and weekly sales to reduce the overall cost of your order.

By allowing you to take advantage of coupons, eGift Cards, and sales, you can shop in an affordable and efficient manner. Most importantly, you can plan your shopping experience week by week based upon the sale items that the company offers. To view the upcoming sales, simply visit the company’s website and log into your account.

There is No Guesswork Involved

Another advantage of using this service is that when it comes to your delivery, there is no guesswork involved. The company makes it easy to identify when a delivery is arriving at your door due to the recognizable green Peapod trucks that the company uses.

The trucks are large, painted green, and easy to identify. Once the truck arrives at your home, you simply wait for the delivery person to arrive at your door so that you can sign off on the delivery and take the groceries inside. If the items are particularly heavy, then the delivery person may help bring them inside.

Peapod Mobile

Finally, to make your order even easier, the company also offers Peapod mobile. This mobile application is available on both Android and the iOS system. With the application, you can easily order the groceries that you need right from the convenience of your phone.

The mobile application also allows you to track the delivery, change your order, and pay for the groceries. As you can tell, the convenience of the system is boundless. With Peapod, you get everything that you need to ensure that your groceries are delivered straight to your door and with absolute convenience.


Overall, if you are looking for a grocery delivery service from an online retailer, then Peapod is the right option for you. The brand carries high quality groceries, the online system is simple to use, there is an application if that is your preferred method, and the online store has a support team in place in case you have any questions or issues that arise as you browse through groceries and make a purchase.

With Peapod, getting groceries when you need them has never been easier and quicker.

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