Pathway Genomics – DNA Testing Lab For Health & Wellness?


Pathway Genomics is a genetic testing company that offers a variety of genetic testing packages available to consumers. Here’s our Pathway Genomics review.

What Is Pathway Genomics?

Pathway Genomics is a genetic testing company that wants to use the power of genetics to keep customers informed about their chance of developing different diseases and conditions.

The company offers tests that screen for your risk of cancer as well as a test called SkinFit that helps personalize your skin and nutrition regimes.

There’s also a popular test called PathwayFit that analyzes over 80 genetic markers related to metabolism, exercise, and energy use within the human body.

The genetic testing facility is based in San Diego. The lab is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

What Types of Pathway Genomics Tests Are Available?

Pathway Genomics offers a variety of tests to suit different health needs and goals. Here are all of the tests currently offered by the company:


Priced at $599, the PathwayFit test promises to give you your genetic fitness profile. The test analyzes over 75 genetic markers “known to be associated with diet, exercise, and a number of health conditions.”

Once you receive the test, you’ll learn information about your unique genetic profile, how to personalize meal plans for your unique genetics, and how to train more effectively. You’ll also get access to a registered dietitian.

Other things you’ll learn in the plan include personalized information about all of the following:

  • -Diet
  • -Eating Behavior Traits
  • -Food Reactions
  • -Nutritional Needs
  • -Exercise Strategies
  • -Body and Weight Management
  • -Metabolic Health Factors
  • -Your genetic risk for decreased omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids
  • -Your genetic response to monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats
  • -And more. The test screens you for dozens of different traits across categories like Diet, Eating Behaviors, Food Reactions, Nutrition, Exercise, Body & Weight, and Metabolism.


SkinFit is another genetic test that analyzes over 70 genetic markers associated with 7 categories of skin health.

You can use the information revealed in your SkinFit test to provide insight into your daily skincare regimen and how your skin is going to respond as it grows older.

Healthy Weight DNA Insight

This is one of the most comprehensive weight-related genetic tests available. It provides a unique combination of nutrigenetic, medication, and general health information you can use to aid you in your weight loss journey.

Pathway Genomics claims that many of us lose weight without knowing anything about our genetics – and that’s a problem. By learning more about your genetics, you can lose weight smarter, focusing your attention on weight loss strategies that actually work while ignoring the strategies that do not work.

Healthy Woman DNA Insight

Learn genetic information catered specifically towards women. Pathway Genomics claims this information can be used to help better manage post-partum weight loss and also aid in identifying “behaviors that need to be managed”. You can also learn information that promotes improvement in overall health and wellness.

Cardiac DNA Insight

Screens your genetic information to determine your risk of a variety of heart-related health conditions, including an examination of 8 classes of drugs that affect your cardiovascular system.

Cardiac Healthy Weight DNA Insight

Provides cardiovascular genetic information related specifically to weight loss, including matching diet type, nutritional needs, and genetic propensities.

Using this information, you “may help reduce the risk of heart disease by making appropriate diet and nutrition changes.” You also get a personalized approach to healthy weight loss as part of this plan.

Heredity Cancer Genetic Tests

Pathway Genomics offers a wide variety of tests that test your likelihood of developing cancer based on your genetic information.

Most cancer is known as sporadic cancer, which means it occurs in people regardless of their family history of changes in their DNA. However, Pathway Genomics wants to help you screen yourself – and children or other loved ones – to determine the risk of hereditary cancers.

Some of the hereditary cancer screening tests available include:

  • BRCATrue
  • BreastTrue High Risk Panel
  • BRCATrue Ashkenazi Jewish
  • BRCATrue Hispanic
  • ColoTrue
  • LyncSyndromeTrue

Pharmacogenics Tests

Pathway Genomics offers a number of pharmacogenics tests designed to optimize your use of commonly prescribed medications. So instead of taking medications that could potentially harm you, you take the medications catered specifically to your exact genetic makeup:

-Mental Health DNA Insight

-Pain Medication DNA Insight

-Cardiac DNA Insight

Carrier Status Tests

Everybody has two copies of their genetic materials, including one copy inherited from the mom, and another copy inherited from the dad.

Many genetic diseases are recessive, which means you might be a carrier for the genetic disease without ever developing that disease.

Parents with a recessive gene for a genetic disease have a 50% chance of passing that recessive gene to their child. If both parents have that recessive gene, then the child has a 25% chance of inheriting both recessive genes, which means the child will develop the genetic disease.

These carrier screening tests offered by Pathway Genomics are particularly important for people in certain ethnic groups or in families with a history of genetic disorders.

Using the information from this test, you can develop an appropriate preventative treatment plan. For example, women who have an elevated risk of breast cancer based on their genetic information may want to undergo more mammogram tests.

How Does a Pathway Genomics Test Work?

All of the Pathway Genomics tests work in a similar way. You follow these step by step guides:

Step 1) You contact Pathway Genomics, which sets you up with an online physician who can order a genetic test for you

Step 2) Once the physician orders the genetic test for you, you will provide a saliva sample using the saliva collection kit found in the Pathway Genomics box

Step 3) You or your authorized health care professional will mail your saliva sample to Pathway Genomics, along with your test requisition and a consent form

Step 4) Pathway Genomics will analyze your saliva sample in the lab. Within 2 to 3 weeks, your personalized results will be given to the health care professional that ordered the test, and then the results will be released to you.

Pathway Genomics also has a team of dieticians who can talk to you after the test to help you understand the information in your report and answer any questions you might have.

About Pathway Genomics

Pathway Genomics is based in San Diego at the following address:

4755 Nexus Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at 858-450-6600.

Pathway Genomics Review Summary

Pathway Genomics genetic tests can give you unique insight into a part of your body you probably know little about: your genetic code. Your genetic code features vital information related to your diet, exercise, risk of disease, and overall health and wellness.

When you undergo a Pathway Genomics genetic test, a doctor will explain how your genetic makeup affects your risk of different diseases and conditions. It’s an in-depth look at the backbone of your health.

If you’re interested in undergoing a Pathway Genomics test today, then you can visit the company’s official website at Tests are priced at around $600.


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