Paleo Sleep Book – Caveman Diet Guide To Getting Better Rest?


The Paleo Sleep Book was inspired by the author, James Daniels personal struggle with insomnia. While he had over time made changes to his health via a Paleo lifestyle, the insomnia had remained the same. What was frustrating for Daniels was that he had seen and felt all of these great improvements in his health, but was still suffering as a result of a lack of sleep.

Paleo Sleep Book is a paleo inspired program that will optimize your sleep/wake cycle by realigning how your body and mother nature need to meet for optimal sleep. This program will teach you how to sleep soundly, much like our ancestors, but in our modern day. You will get healthy, deep, refreshing sleep, every night.

This book was created to help those with the odd bad nights sleep, and for those who are seasoned insomniacs. With the ability to sleep better you will feel better, have increased energy levels, and will reduce the chance of illness. You will live longer, while feeling more alive and productive. This program will work wonders for you.

How Paleo Sleep Book Can Help You

Considering you have made a commitment to living on a paleo diet because it can repair your body, ward off illness, and prevent disease; skimping on the sleep aspect of your health journey can have serious health implications. You have already given up sugars, dairy, and gluten, but you’ll want to consider these 5 key risks:

Weakened Immune System is a result of sleep deprivation, and can alter your immune function leaving you open to serious illness.

Weight Gain is caused by sleep deprivation as it affects the way your body stores and produces carbohydrates. Insufficient sleep alters the hormone production that regulates your appetite, causing food cravings.

Cardiovascular Health is affected by sleep deprivation as it causes high blood pressure, increases stress hormone levels, and causes an irregular heartbeat.

Increased Risk of Accidents are common when people are sleep deprived. You are 10x more likely to be in an auto accident if you are very tired. You are also more likely to make mistakes at work, which are particularly dangerous if you are responsible for other people or operating machinery.

Increased Risk of Depression is additionally something that is caused by a lack of adequate sleep. At the least irritability, impatience, and impaired concentration are directly affected by an inability to sleep.

The bottom line is, sleep is vital to your health. The purpose of this book isn’t to convince you of this, but it is to provide real solutions so you can have better quality sleep without the use of harmful medications or prescriptions.

During the research portion of the creation of this book, it was discovered that brain waves must slow down in order for your brain to fall asleep. However, technology, artificial lighting, certain foods and sugars, stimulants and digital devices don’t allow your brain waves to slow down enough to grant you a peaceful sleep.

To slow down the overactive brain, the use of binaural beats were found an effective way to lead you into deep relaxation. This is basically an advanced meditation music that trains your brain into a state that can assist you to fall asleep faster, and deeper.

It was the combination of the six step methodology included in the book, with the meditation music that has allowed others to reap the benefits of more restful sleep. This has led people to live happier, more productive and focused lives. It really is this easy.

It’s great that you have committed to the Paleo Diet, now you can get the sleep you need to gain the health benefits of good rest. By combining the the six step program and special audios with your Paleo Diet, you are guaranteed an improvement in your physical and mental performance in just 3 days.

To Purchase Paleo Sleep Book

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