OtoBrush: Hands-Free Automatic Electric Toothbrush?


Taking care of one’s oral hygiene with regular dental care and the use of quality products can have various positive effects – such as better oral health, fewer dental visits, and a brighter and better smile. The trouble is, very few dental products on the market make it easy for men and women to maintain proper dental hygiene.

For that reason, one brand decided to change the current state of dental products by creating a new device that would, as the brand explains, “not only make brushing more efficient and effective, but also make the oral hygiene experience something [individuals] look forward to each day.” The brand, called Otobrush, may just be the shift the oral hygiene industry needs.

What Is Otobrush?

Otobrush is, in the brand’s own words,

“the world’s first hands-free ‘Oto-matic’ toothbrush, which now enables people with physical limitations to brush without relying on the help of others.”

The brush is sleek, modern, and it may make one’s oral hygiene experience better and more effective. Further, unlike other traditional products, this one may be able to help individuals save time, energy, and the use of messy toothpaste. Here, the Otobrush is designed to make one’s dental care easier and better.

How Does Otobrush Work?

Before adding any product to one’s lifestyle, it is useful to understand how it works. This way, users can ensure that they are making the right decision for their needs. In this case, the Otobrush “functions similarly to electric toothbrushes.” The brush impacts plaque by way of vibrations, which pulse through soft and gentle bristles. The brush also features anti-bacterial silicone with rows of bristles that are poised at a 45-degree angle. The rows fits all jaw and mouth sizes so that everyone can get the full support necessary for better dental health.

The brush also comes with toothpaste capsules, thereby eliminating the need for the use of traditional toothpaste tubes. The capsules last about one month and the brand recommends that users also replace the mouthpiece be replaced every three months. Those who use this brand will find that it is not only very easy to use, but that it can be conveniently used during traveling. And better yet, it only needs to be charged once per month.

The Benefits Of Otobrush

There are several prime benefits associated with the Otobrush. Here are the main advantages of this product so that users know what to look forward to:

  • Each tooth surface is brushed for 10 seconds – a great deal longer than the 1.4 seconds with traditional brushes
  • Only takes 15 seconds to brush the entire mouth
  • May enhance one’s oral health
  • May reduce bouts of gum disease
  • May improve brushing technique
  • Prevents the accumulation of damaging plaque
  • Meant to fit all mouth sizes
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • No more messy toothpaste tubes

As users can tell, there are a number of stellar advantages associated with the Otborush. The brush was developed by oral health specialists and dentists who understand most of the challenges that men and women face when it comes to dental care. With this type of product on hand, users may be able to add a completely new way to improving their dental health that leaves them feeling happier with their dental health.

OtoBrush Purchase Options

There are several purchase options available when it comes to the OtoBrush. Interested buyers can purchase the single OtoBrush alone for just $99.99 or they can pick one of three other kits that includes bundles of the additional tools needed to use the brand. Here are the three bundle options:

Bundle One

The first bundle features the Otobrush, liquid toothpaste and mouthwash bundle. The total for this kit is $112.49 and it is ideal for a single person. The other bundles may be better for multiple users.

Bundle Two

The second bundle includes doubles of all of the products, such as two Otobrushes, two liquid toothpaste capsules, and two mouthwashes. The total for this kit is $209.99.

Bundle Three

The final bundle is the family kit and it includes three times the quantity of each product. The total for this kit is $304.99.

The kits are affordable and they feature components that make the Otobrush easy to use. Of course, while ordering the first kit may be fine, it is best to have the mouthwash and liquid toothpaste on hand to ensure that the product is the most effective.

Otobrush Review Summary

Overall, the Otobrush is a unique and interesting device that can promote better dental health. To learn more about this device and to place an order, just visit the brand’s website today.

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