Orb Mental Focus + Mood: 2 In 1 Time Released Energy Nootropic?


Both men and women may find that they often have difficulty concentrating when it comes to difficult tasks or day-to-day workloads. Orb Mental Focus + Mood is a daily supplement made by ORB designed to help people improve their mental focus and clarity without causing jitters.

By combining a mixture of plant extracts, fish oil, and caffeine this supplement may enhance memory, cognition, and overall energy levels. Consumers who are looking for a brain-boosting supplement may want to consider trying ORB Mental Focus + Mood, please read below to learn more.

What Is Orb Mental Focus + Mood?

Fish oil has been used by people to promote cognitive function for decades. ORB takes this one-step further by offering a supplement that also addresses energy levels. By boosting energy levels this supplement may not only boost mental and physical performance but also enhance learning and memory.

Online reviews actually indicate some consumers have been able to replace daily Adderall use with Orb Mental Focus + Mood instead. This supplement can be used with people who have ADHD or are just looking for a way to naturally enhance their cognitive performance.

Mental Focus + Mood joins ORBs full line of supplements each targeting a different type of health support.

How Does Orb Mental Focus + Mood Work?

Combining L-Theanine and caffeine along with fish oil, this supplement aims to help men and women improve their mental alertness helping promote clearer thinking and perhaps better memory and cognition. By utilizing a patented time release doing system called Terra Intelligent Dosing this supplement offers mental support for up to eight hours on one two capsule dose.

Due to the stimulant effects of caffeine users should not take Orb Mental Focus + Mood within six hours of bedtime to prevent restless sleep.


Key ingredients within this supplement are divided into two blends the Brain Energy Matrix and Brain Focus Matrix. Fish oil, medium chain triglycerides, caffeine, and Huperzine A are combined within the Brain Energy Matrix to help promote mental alertness throughout the day.

The Brain Focus Matrix blends three plant extracts including Ashwagandha, Bacopa, and Mucuna pruriens which work together to naturally enhance focus.

ORB strongly suggests that users first consult their doctor prior to using this supplement and to avoid all other sources of caffeine while taking Mental Focus + Mood.

Orb Mental Focus + Mood Pricing

Consumers have three different online vendors to choose from when purchasing this supplement.

Amazon offers both thirty-count bottles for $14.99 and sixty count bottles for $36.99.The smaller quantity bottle is eligible for free shipping with qualified purchases totaling $25.00 or more. Amazon also offers this supplement as part of the Subscribe and Save Program offering consumers additional savings as well as auto delivery on all enrolled products.

GNC offers sixty capsule bottles for $39.99. They also offer an auto-delivery program that saves consumers an extra ten percent savings plus free shipping.

Vitamin World offers a five dollar off coupon for consumers who sign up for their emails. By using this coupon, new consumers can purchase a sixty-count bottle of Mental Focus + Mood for $35.00 making this the lowest price available online.

Should You Use Orb Mental Focus + Mood?

Orb Mental Focus + Mood offers a chemical free option that may be worth trying for people who want to switch from a prescription medication or for people who do not have ADHD but want to improve focus and cognitive ability.

People with ADHD have often tried everything to help improve their focus and cognitive function. This supplement may be a good option for them or people who have stressful jobs where accuracy is crucial.

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