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Omegazene Review – Should You Buy It?

One of the most popular ways to give your heart and body a healthy boost is through supplements made out of fish and/or krill oil. These types of supplements are coveted for the powerful and potent oils that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA (Docosapexaenoic acoid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid). Fatty acids not only promote heart health, but they also increase your energy levels, improve fertility, spur weight loss, and even lead to healthier and glowing skin.

While fish and krill oil is certainly effective, there are more effective products on the market. One such product is known as Omegazene. Here is a full review of the product so that you can make the right decision for your heart and your overall health.

What is Omegazene?

Omegazene is a fish oil formula that is purported to be ten times stronger than the leading fish and krill oil brands. Unlike the traditional products on the market, Omegazene is formulated with highly-effective, natural, and healthy additives that support your heart, cognitive function, and wellness. The product is presented by Dr. Sam Walters, N.M.D. who holds a Bachelors of Science in Bio Nutrition and also a Clinical Nutrition Master of Science in Biology degree from Columbia College.

During his long-winded video presentation, he talks about Lean Labs' Omegazene as the missing omega and how they hold the molecular distillation process that is light years ahead of the competition compared to other fish oils and krill oils.

The formula uses more than simple fish or krill oil to achieve results. Here, the manufacturers of the product fortified with the formula with additional DPA and EPA.

What are DPA and EPA and Why Does it Matter?

As mentioned above, Omegazene’s formula is fortified with additional EPA and DHA to improve the potency of the product and to provide you with additional health benefits. These compounds are variations of omega-3 fatty acids and because the product utilizes two different types, you get additional benefits from the product.

DPA Omega-3 is a rare form of a fatty acid that is found in some fish and red meats. In the purest form, which is the form that Omegazene uses, DPA can provide you with numerous health benefits. The most common and noteworthy health benefit is that this form of DPA greatly enhances your overall heart health. In one study performed at Harvard, researchers analyzed the impact of DPA on 30,000 participants.

Those who had a higher level of DPA in their body also experienced a lower risk of heart attack.

Moreover, researchers also found an association between DPA and therapeutic effects and neurological health.

Alternatively, EPA is a much more common omega-3 fatty acid. This fatty acid is mainly derived from nut oil, shellfish, and plant oils. EPA is responsible for inhibiting an enzyme known as Delta-5-desaturase (D5D). This enzyme produces AA, which is a compound that works to reduce cellular inflammation throughout the body.

Lower inflammation is significant because it can drastically enhance your organ health, bodily function, and it can also make it easier for your heart to operate well.

Understanding the functions of EPA and DHA is significant because it illustrates just how effective Omegazene can be for your overall health.

Since Omegazene is fortified with these compounds and since it includes higher levels of them than other leading products, you are getting health benefits that are simply unattainable through the use of other fish oils.

The Other Health Benefits of Omegazene

Omegazene contains an array of other ingredients which work to improve your health. In addition to what EPA and DHA can do for you, the other ingredients provide you with the following health benefits:

Healthy Cholesterol and Triglycerides

There are two types of cholesterol, “good cholesterol” (HDL) and “bad cholesterol” (LDL). As you can already reason, for healthy heart function and arteries that operate well, you want more good cholesterol in your body. Moreover, triglycerides are a form of fat that can increase your risk of heart disease.

What is great about Omegazene is that it can lower the level of triglycerides in your body, while also attacking the bad cholesterol. As a result, all you are really left with is good cholesterol in your body. Good cholesterol improves your heart health by keeping your arteries clean and free of the damaging plaque that can lead to a heart attack and other health problems.

No Acid and “Fish Burps”

One of the major disadvantages of most leading fish oil brands on the market is that the products are not refined. The refining process ensures that the fish oil capsules are free of toxic elements that can cause rancid acid and “fish burps.”

Omegazene differs from most brands because its products are ultra-refined and they also pass a 300 point inspection for toxicity levels. By passing inspections and going through a thorough refining process, Omegazne has no unpleasant side effects like an upset stomach and higher acidity levels in your gut. With this product, you can simply enjoy and benefit from the impact of a capsule and go on with your day.

Made in the USA

Finally, Omegazene is also made in the United States. While this may not seem like a significant advantage, it actually is. By producing the fish oil capsules in the United States, the brand is able to maintain quality standards throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures that the final product meets standards that well surpass other brands on the market.

Ordering Omegazene and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are interested in ordering Omegazene, then all you need to do is go through the manufacturer’s website. The ordering process is also secure, as it takes place through a 256 bit encryption. Another advantage to this product is that you have 60 days from the date of purchase to return the product if you are not satisfied. However, based upon user experience and overall reception of the product, chances are you are going to love it and all of the health benefits that it has to offer.


Overall, Omegazene is unlike any other fish oil product that you have ever tried. The health benefits are astounding, the capsules are formulated with additional DHA and EPA, and it is manufactured in the United States.

By taking these capsules, you can experience a healthier and improved quality of life and you certainly do not need to worry about harmful or negative side effects.

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  1. Wow! PhysioTru has the exact same product and sales pitch with the same Dr. Sam Walters. It seems this product changes names each month. As of April 15, there’s a 1 day only promo and the price varies depending on how many $$$$$ bottles you order… One bottle is on sale for $97.00….however if one buys 8 bottles it’s much lower…but still one would have to send in the entire amount…then that little box checked at the bottom where you’re charged way before needing or getting these “miracle” oils >>>replenishment shipments at regular intervals<<<
    Also sold as Optomed, and the latest is PhysioTru. Why the constant name change. I had no desire to buy this extremely overpriced oil, just checked the site out because of the fishness and claims. You can't get your money back from the so called triple guarantee because the company will mysteriously be out of business. SMH over how easy a fool and his money are soon parted.

  2. I happened to find this site by surfing, and the info about omegazene appears to be a healthy choice. I haven’t received the order yet. My comments I wish to post is nearly an exact carbon copy of Phillip Hocking’s post of Jan 72017. Same thing happened to me although I haven’t yet contacted the sales dept. And my suggestions are the same as Mr. Hocking’s. I’d like to know how more customers did on these products.

  3. I had similar issues with the website as described by these individuals. The website structure needs work! It isn’t clear what your are getting when you hit the button marked “upgrade”and you don’t learn what it is until you get the invoice! I received an invoice for $200, for 4 bottles of the product, when the offer on their website clearly stated that you could get 8 bottles for that same cost. The price of the “package” I was ordering should have been around $134.00. My initial email was not answered. I called, and got instant service from a customer service rep who explained that; “by clicking the membership checkbox, I was committing to replenishment shipments at regular intervals,” hence the extra charge.When I did so, I was not aware that that the charge would be IMMEDIATE. That isn’t what I expected. My objective was simply to order enough to be able to know how effective the product is, thinking that I could cancel later if it didn’t work for me.
    Ultimately, I was promised that I would receive an additional 4 bottles for that same price. This was acceptable to me. I asked for a followup email to confirm that, which I have not received yet. Interestingly, one of the comments the representative made was “…you are not the first customer to call about this kind of problem,”so it does cast some doubt over a product that seems to be very promising. If it’s that good, the company should post a simpler, more straightforward and informative website, without these kinds of tricks.

    • Thank you for your informative post. Did you ever receive this product? I am curious as I looked up their website info and everything is “hidden or disguised”. I will not order from here after learning this until I get more clarification.

  4. I went on your web site and ordered Omegazene, and I hit the wrong button. I only want the order for$179.60 not the $400.00 dollars and change that my receipt showed. I only want the order for the $179.60 Please make this correction. Thank You

  5. Watched your presentation on-line today, but when I decided to order a supply of Omegazene, I tried to scroll down and place and order but was unable to do so. Now I have found your website but can find no way to order on the site. I would very much like to take advantage of your special offer a two bottle offer with two free bottles.

    Please respond!


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