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OmegaVia Review – Worth It?

The majority of people in the Western world take some form of supplement to help improve their overall health. The recent rise in the taking of supplements is partly due to the world’s realization that health has taken a steep decline, with many foods being processed to the point of having no nutritional value. The lack of nutrients in food has resulted in many people turning to supplements to replace these needed minerals and vitamins.

One of the most popular supplements on the market today is fish oil. It comes in a variety of qualities, from options that can be purchased at a local supermarket to fish oil supplements that require a prescription. The ones that can be purchased at stores, without a prescription, all have one thing in common: They aren’t very effective. And, while prescription fish oil supplements are effective, they cost a small fortune.

This drastic difference in quality and price of fish oil is a problem, especially since this supplement serves a vital purpose in the body. Unless users are spending a small fortune to purchase the highest quality fish oil supplements, the probability that the supplement is actually aiding their body is very low.

OmegaVia was created to help reverse the discrepancies in fish oil supplements. It was created to offer users a supplement that is both effective and affordable. This over the counter supplement offers the effectiveness of prescription fish oils, but for the price of grocery store supplements.

What is OmegaVia?

OmegaVia is a company that offers a variety of fish oil products. Through extensive research and with the aid of people who had experience in the nutrition, health, and pharmaceutical industries, OmegaVia was able to create a line of fish oils that work as well or better than prescription fish oils, but cost about the same amount as store bought supplements.

Established in 2008, OmegaVia has an eight year history marked with helping people take control of their health through the use of their superior fish oils. The ultra-concentrated supplements do everything fish oils claim they are able to do, but offer actual results.

The Benefits of Fish Oil

To fully understand why the OmegaVia fish oil supplements are so important to maintaining health, a better understanding of what fish oil does in the body needs to be comprehended.

Fish oil has long been associated with heart health. And, these benefits have been proven time and time again through research and scientific studies. Not only does fish oil promote a consistent and health heartbeat, but it also balances out triglycerides, something that is vital to cardiovascular health. In addition to these benefits, fish oil has been found to decrease the growth of plaque in the arteries, which reduces the risk of heart attacks and other serious conditions.

While fish oil and heart health will always be closes interlinked, there are several other areas of health fish oil helps promote. For one, fish oil has been found to work as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Because it’s so high in omega-3 fatty acids, these anti-inflammatory properties help decrease the amount of pain and stiffness in the joints. Fish oil also helps combat the enzymes that destroy the cartilage in the joints.

Joint health isn’t the only area the omega-3s in fish oil help the body. The same fatty acids that support joint health also support cognitive functions. The brain has a huge percentage of fats, the majority of which are omega-3 DHA. By providing the brain with more of this supplement, fish oil is able to boost brain performance and cognitive function. This means fish oil helps enhance memory, increase though process, and manage age-related cognitive decline.

Fish oil has also been found to improve the mood of those who use it on a regular basis, decreasing the amount of mood swings or changes in moods individuals have. Those who have eye problems, such as dry eyes or poor eyesight, have found that taking fish oil has helped improve their vision. Fish oil supplements have also been closely linked to improving skin, by both decreasing the amount of acne users experience as well as keeping the skin looking more youthful.

Finally, fish oil is a natural option for those who are looking to regain control of their triglyceride and cholesterol levels. It also offers a natural way for managing and leveling out blood pressure. In addition to these amazing benefits, fish oil can help users lose any stubborn fat that the body hasn’t been able to store correctly.

What Makes OmegaVia Superior

As mentioned above, the entire purpose of creating the OmegaVia products was to make a pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement that had the effectiveness of prescription options, but at a price everyone could afford. This intense focus on quality and price has made the OmegaVia some of the most superior supplement options on the market. OmegaVia has proven its superiority through a number of reasons.

The first thing that makes OmegaVia superior is that it contains more omega-3 in every pill than other over the counter options. This means users can take fewer pills, because each dose is more concentrated. In fact, the OmegaVia fish oil supplements contain 30% more omega-3 than the leader in prescription fish oil, Lovaza.

In addition to having higher amounts of omega-3, OmegaVia also contains the very specific EPA omega-3 in each and every pill. Most fish oil supplements focus on the DHA omega-3, which has many benefits of its own. But, EPA is important too and shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to fish oil supplements. Not only has EPA omega-3 been found to lower triglycerides better than DHA omega-3, it also helps improve moods and works as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

OmegaVia also has several business practices that makes it superior than other fish oil supplement companies. These practices and standards have been the foundation of OmegaVia since it was founded in 2008 and will continue to be an important part of how the company is run. By keeping the focus on these standards and doing everything possible to satisfy customers, OmegaVia has made itself a superior fish oil supplier.

These business practices include:

-100% Money Back Guarantee
-Free Shipping
-Independent Third Party Certification
-Manufacturing in the United States
-Testing in the United States
-Molecular Distillation
-High Purity Levels for Safety
-Radiation Testing

In addition to these amazing practices, OmegaVia products are also safe for pets to use. OmegaVia worked with veterinarians to determine the safety of these products on pets, so even the four-legged family members can maintain their health.

Purchasing OmegaVia

There are three products available for purchase by OmegaVia. Each one comes with its own benefits. In addition to having multiple supplement options, there are two purchasing options, one-time purchase or the autoship program. As the name suggests, the one-time purchase allows users to try the product out once, with one payment. The autoship program offers cheaper prices and every month, the customer will be charged and sent a new supply of their supplement.

OmegaVia Fish Oil (60 Pills)

One-Time – $34.69
AutoShip – $26.89

OmegaVia EPA 500 (120 Pills)

One-Time – $34.89
AutoShip – $27.89

OmegaVia DHA 600 (120 Pills)

One-Time – $25.99
OmegaVia DHA 600 is not available for autoship currently.

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