Olympus Series’ Hypnos – Effective Deep Sleep For Ludic Dreaming?


Research has shown that sleep is by far the best means of optimizing the overall functionality of one’s system. Whether one gets rest after an intense session at the gym or after a long day at work, sleep allows individuals to fully relax their muscles and recuperate mentally.

However even after knowing the importance of this natural bodily function many people still do not get adequate rest, there are many reasons for this but some of the prime causes include stress, anxiety, nervousness.  Some of the long term ill effects of insomnia include hair loss, wrinkles, dark circles, skin degradation, dullness, low energy levels.

About Olympus Series’ Hypnos

Chaos And Pain Hypnos is an all new supplement that is designed to help users gain long and uninterrupted sleep, it contains a host of clinically researched ingredients that have been found to relax our mental and physical being so that we may get a good night’s rest.

Another important aspect of the product is that it is completely natural, this means that all of the added components are completely biocompatible with human bodies and do not cause long term adverse effects like dependency issues, toxin buildup.

Olympus Series’ Hypnos Compositional Information

There are many potent ingredients in the mix like:

(i) Phenibut: it is a plant extract which is widely known for its relaxing properties, it slowly manipulates the flow of blood into the user’s skull so that he/she can slip into a nice and peaceful sleep.

(ii) GABA: this compound is highly potent and is known for its sleep inducing qualities. It has also been identified as an excellent muscle relaxant and allows users to feel calm even after a stressful day at work.

(iii) Magnesium Aspartate: this magnesium derivative is essential for the optimal functioning of GABA receptors in our body, it also improves the overall bioavailability of Hypos so that users can make use of the product faster and more efficiently.

(iv) Valerian Root Extract: this plant extract has been clinically found to improve sleep and induce lucid dreaming.

(v)  L-Dopa: this is an amino extract which allows the users muscles to relax and regain their overall strength. It also plays a vital role in promoting sleep, sexual desire, memory, mood, motivation and attention levels.

(vi) Hops: this plant is often used in traditional beverages, its effects include deep relaxation, improved comfort and sleep.

(vii) Passion Flower: this herb has been identified as a powerful sleep agent, when used in large doses it can induce long restful sleep without causing any dullness or irritation after one wakes up.

(viii) Melatonin: This hormone is released by our pineal gland, it is essentially what regulates our sleep habits and just a small dose of the hormone can allow users to achieve healthy sleep patterns.

Hypnos Dosage Directions:

  • Since there are many potent ingredients in the blend it should be avoided before operating any heavy machinery.
  • 1-2 scoops of the supplement should be added to 8-12 fl oz of the product and stirred till it is optimally mixed.
  • The solution should be consumed 30-45 minutes prior to one’s bed time.
  • Since the mix is highly efficacious, users should sleep in a comfortable/large bed so that they can reap maximum benefits from the product.

Olympus Series’ Hypnos Customer Reviews

There are many user submitted reviews available online, many customers have attested to the efficacy of the powder and claim that they received instant benefits.

Some satisfied customers include Vincent C. who says that the supplement has helped him sleep easily more readily, he goes on to say he experiences deeper and fuller sleep even when compared to the sleeping tablets he used to use.

Similarly Joshua Fuller mentions that he has to keep alternating between morning and night shifts at his work, thus this product is ideal for him to catch up on sleep whenever essential.

Lastly, Mando K says that the supplement is extremely potent and warns potential users that they should set aside at least 8 hours after consuming the the solution.

Olympus Series’ Hypnos Pricing and Availability

The most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online at https://www.chaosandpain.com/hypnos-sleep-aid. The supplement comes in small plastic containers which are loaded with 40 servings each. Every unit is priced at $39.99 and payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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