OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate

You might be familiar with this brand name due to the quality products it has produced for dozens of years. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that they are bringing you OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate which is a nutritional shake mix that contains the necessary nutrients and proteins to help you lose weight – and (or) feel great!

This shake mix falls in the category of not only weight management, but healthy nutrition. It contains a combination of whey protein, minerals, vitamins, prebiotic fiber and the infamous ganoderma mushrooms!

Why OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate Mix?

Well, here’s the deal – we live in a busy world where convenience is of the utmost priority. Unfortunately, convenience has started to become at the risk of our health. There are so many fast food like convenience available, so offering a shake mix that is not only nutritious, but convenient and fast – the pace of our lives.

This shake mix is designed to help you lose weight, but save money too!

It has only 110 calories (or 250 calories when mixed with milk) and will provide your body with a balanced meal. It contains its own proprietary blend of protein, fiber and nutritional support through the treasures of the earth! The taste is described as both great tasting and creamy.

Key Ingredients In The OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate

The primary ingredient in this nutritional, balanced meal is whey protein concentrate. This is known for being a biological protein that works as an appetite suppressant, while supporting the building of lean muscle. Whey protein delivers a great flavor, and is absorbed easily into the body.

You are probably familiar with the term probiotic, but what about prebiotic? The Fibersol/Resistance Maltrodzextrin helps provide you a healthy gut. We know, that most problems that people experience especially in chronic illness, starts in the gut.

This is where people may suffer from auto immune conditions or feeling the inability to lose weight. Adding the right fiber, by way of prebiotic, can help work with you – instead of against you.

Sodium and Potassium

These are the next addition to this blend. It contains sea salt which is known to be lower in sodium than other brands available on the market. The shake also provides electrolytes – these are key to optimal hydration and overall health.

Ganoderma Mushroom Powder

The infamous! This mushroom is known for boosting the immune system, helping with lung conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney and liver disease and even cancer. It is both antibacterial and antiviral.

Packed with antioxidants and has demonstrated to provide the immunity needed to fight cancer cells. This is without a doubt a powerful ingredient and Organo Gold found it absolutely necessary to deliver this product in any way they could – beyond the cup of coffee.

Directions For Use

Using one (1) scoop, mix with water or, non-fat milk or partially skimmed milk. Given the lower calorie count in this shake, it is best mixed with a milk of your choice to achieve that creamy, delicious taste and texture.

How To Order OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate

To order the OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate, you can do so by visiting the Organo Gold website and purchasing retail for $68.00. In you are interested in becoming a preferred customer, which includes savings and an automatic delivery – you can also do so by signing up on the website. There is no additional cost for this service – in fact, it saves you money.

Overall, losing weight or eight management may be a goal for you, and that is why you have found your way to the OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate shake mix. And, lucky for you, this is among one of the highest quality shake mixes available designed with ingredients not seen anywhere else.

Time to take health back into your hands, and the best way to manage it and stay consistent, is through convenience. You can expect that with the OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate products.


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