OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro – High Performance All In One System?


For many people, there are few things more refreshing, enjoyable, and invigorating than a nutritious and delicious smoothie. Unfortunately, most people find themselves struggling to find the time to make a quality smoothie and worse yet, many blenders are either not affordable or they provide subpar results.

Those who are ready to obtain a simple, convenient, affordable, and easy-to-use device may want to consider the OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro. This is a commercial smoothie marker that is designed for the residential kitchen. Those who add this device to their smoothie-making routine will find it so easy to use that they aren’t crunched for time in the process.

What is OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro?

OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro is a commercial-grade smoothie maker that can be used in the residential kitchen. The device is designed for users who are looking for a more convenient, simple, and effective solution to making some high-quality smoothie that they’ll love. The product is currently going through the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign and better yet, it has exceeded its funding goal by 273%.

At this rate, this not only indicates a potentially stellar product, but one that many people are looking to add to their lifestyle. With this device, users can finally make smoothies that are just as good as the store-bought options.

Device Specifications

Before adding a product to one’s lifestyle, it is important to consider the device specifications.

Here are the main qualities of this device so that users know what to expect:

High-Speed Motor

One of the most important features of a smoothie maker is that it has a powerful motor. In this case, users can truly rely on this piece of work to get the job done. The motor features 8 inch carbon steel blades that are able to effectively pulverize through any fruit or vegetable, leading to a smooth and delicious smoothie that is free from chunks. In addition, the device operates at 39,000 rotations per minute.

BPA-Free Pitcher

Second, the product features a BPA-free pitcher. This is a great feature for anyone who is looking to protect themselves and their family from the harm of BPA plastic. Further, the pitcher is dishwasher safe so that users can conveniently pop the pitcher in the dishwasher so that they don’t have to do the dirty work of hand washing.

Pre-Programmed Blending Cycles

Third, there are a number of pre-programmed blending cycles that users can take advantage of for added convenience and simplicity. The blending cycles include options such as baby food, soups, salsa, ice cream, nut butter, and so much more. These blending cycles make conjuring some of one’s favorite foods so much easier and faster.

Ultra Stable Motor Base

Fourth, the device features an ultra-stable motor base. This feature ensures that those who use the product are able to rely upon it to stay steady and firm during the blending process. This is an important feature because it protects users against accidents that can cause not only a mess, but harm.

Clearly, there are many significant benefits to be had when one adds OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro to their lifestyle. The device may be just what users need to take their blending experience to the next level.

View the Blade in Action

OdaKitchen is passionate about its product and such feelings are apparent when users visit the brand’s funding page. Those who are interested in viewing the blades in action can do so by visiting the funding page.

There is a video of the blades pulverizing through fruit in slow motion so that users get a full sense of just how well and effectively the product works to achieve a smooth, delicious, and nutritious smoothie.

Additionally, in its informational, the brand also explains that the blade is safe to the touch, meaning that the cleaning process is completely safe and cut-free.

OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro Review Summary

Overall, today’s smoothie options are not only expensive, but they certainly lack many of the features that the OdaKitchen Smoothie Pro features. With this device, users can take their smoothie experience to the next level and finally enjoy from beverage options that leave them feeling satisfied and pleased.

Those who are interested in ordering can visit the brand’s funding page to become a part of the campaign and to reserve a device.

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