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NutriMost Review

NutriMost is a nutritional program offered by doctors across America. Find out if NutriMost can really help you lost 25 to 45 pounds today in our review.

What is NutriMost?

NutriMost is a nutritional program that promises to help anyone lose 20 to 40+ pounds using something called NRF technology.

Produced by NextLeveL Health Cooperative, NutriMost claims that its proprietary technology helps to analyze nearly 3,000 biological markers in your body, allowing doctors to create a customized weight loss plan that works with your unique needs in a more precise way than any other weight loss system.

As the creators of the program explain,

“This program goes straight to the cause of your health problem and is PERSONALIZED for you and your HORMONAL MAKE UP, thus allowing you the phenomenal advantage to reach your weight loss goals and get the weight off once and for all – for good!”

That all sounds good – but how does NutriMost actually work?

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How Does NutriMost Work?

NutriMost claims to have been created by a team of professional medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and doctors of chiropractic.

These same doctors will help supervise your NutriMost program as you progress.

The secret behind NutriMost is its NRF technology, which looks at 2800 biological markers within your body to determine why you’re not losing weight or why you’re overweight.

Many people have weight problems due to thyroid issues, for example, while others might have similar weight loss problems due to liver, adrenal, or ovarian problems.

Targeting all of these individuals with the same weight loss advice isn’t a good idea, since they all have different issues. With that in mind, NutriMost promises to provide targeted weight loss advice that works for your unique body.

But do you want to know the real secret to how NutriMost causes you to lose 20 to 40 pounds in just 40 days? It restricts your diet to 500 calories per day. At the same time, you take NutriMost supplements sold separately by the company.

In that sense, NutriMost is similar to the HCG diet, where you take as little as 500 calories per day while supplementing with HCG injections to curb hunger cravings and boost fat burning.

Obviously, anybody who eats 500 to 700 calories per day is going to lose weight. Nevertheless, many people claim to have gone through the entire plan without experiencing any hunger cravings.

Those 500 calories per day consist of whole, organic foods – so the little food you do eat is mostly healthy.

What is NRF Technology?

NRF stands for NutriMost Resonant Frequency. It claims to be a “scientific breakthrough that allows the body to communicate its needs without any guessing.”

Basically, the technology sends different stimuli to your body and then looks at your galvanic skin response – basically, the way your skin reacts to external stimuli – to determine unique biomarkers for your body.

Then, these results are compared to the baseline to determine which parts of your body may be out of range, imbalanced, or weak.

The creators of the technology claim that the technology is “so advanced and specific it can determine hormone imbalances, organ function weakness, and MUCH MORE!”

How Much Weight Can You Expect to Lose?

NutriMost claims you can expect to lose 30 pounds in 40 days by following the NutriMost program.

To put those big weight loss results into perspective, programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers claim to help you lose 1 to 2 pounds per week, with their total programs lasting between 140 and 210 days.

NutriMost also claims to be extremely effective for targeting “abnormal fat” including your belly fat, hips, and thighs.

Other points of the system include:

— Reset Metabolism
— Reset Weight Set Point
Eliminate Hunger Cravings
— Doctor Supervised

In the disclaimer section at the bottom of the NutriMost page, the programs reveals that women on average lose 27 to 35 pounds while following the program and men lose an average of 37 to 45 pounds over 0 days of the NutriMost program. “These are typical results.”

How to Sign Up for NutriMost

NutriMost isn’t a product you can buy online or download. You have to sign up through a doctor in your area.

To book an appointment with a NutriMost-certified doctor, fill out the online form you see here:

That form lets you input your zip code and find doctors in close proximity to your home.

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Who Made NutriMost?

NutriMost was made by a medical professional named Dr. Raymond Wisniewski. He launched NutriMost Doctors LLC. The BBB file for the company claims that it was started on January 1, 1972, in Pennsylvania, although the company wasn’t incorporated until April 30, 2007.

Dr. Ray has an extremely detailed biography at the official NutriMost website,, where you can learn that he grew up in Penn Hills, a suburb of Pittsburgh, and graduated with High Honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1982.

His biography also claims that he has personally witnessed “many ‘miracles’ and examples of God’s healing power” over the years, and claims that

“God created us with such an awesome, awe inspiring power within us that can heal us from any condition known to man, and that I as an instrument of God must do everything in my power until my last breathe to get this message to every person.”

Dr. Ray’s practice is located at 10483 Frankstown Rd in Pittsburgh, PA 15235.

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  1. So basically you are all on 500 calories a day for life? That doesn't seem healthy from a medical perspective especially if you are exercising.

  2. Nutrimost is a total scam and so is the flaky car salesman Robert Shelton that sold it to me. There was no support or counceling with this program and when I had questions I was either ignored or his English challenged staff tried to explain things away that had nothing to do with my questions.
    I paid over $2,000 and did not lose the 20 lbs and then when I asked for help the ringleader Shelton said I had to pay another $2000. Not only is it a horrible program but they do not stand behind their guarantee.

    • It worked for me, if you follow the instructions it truly works. I've lost 46 pouds and have only gained about 8 or 9 which I lose when I do the six apple a day.

  3. I have done two rounds of the NutriMost program. I followed it religiously. My weight loss was very slow during the second round losing only 13lbs. The doctor I worked with was very supportive and stood by the guarantee. I am looking forward to doing the next round.

  4. Well, I have just completed 4 weeks of the program. Thus far I have lost 21 lbs, starting at 209 lbs. So far, I would have to say the program has worked. I started it with both skepticism and desperation. When I first heard about the 500-600 cals per day, I almost fell off the chair. Couldn't imagine eating that few calories, especially when some other diets I tried had more. While the program is rigorous in what you are restricted to and in what combinations, it's like anything else, you eventually adapt and get used to it. The first week was a bit uncomfortable, but at least in my case not terribly. I felt much worse on other diets.

    After the first week, I rapidly got used to it. I will say it is true, you don't feel hungry. Nor do you have intense cravings, well at least I haven't. Some of the basic elements of the program are essentially no different than other diets programs or recommended approaches to ‘sensible' and healthy eating as recommended by doctors and nutritionists. For example, most nutritionists emphasize nor more than 3.5 to 4 oz of meat, especially red meat nor more than 2/3 times per week. At first, this looks paltry, but then you get satisfied by it. More vegetables are emphasized, etc.

    The real test of the program will be how to maintain and manage ones weight after the program is completed. Don't think you can go back to your previous ways of eating. I've already reconciled myself to that. You do have to change what and how you eat. That said, it doesn't mean you can't eat many of the things you used to eat, but in moderation and this program does give you the tools to manage your weight, especially after an eating binge.

    Now it's cost. Yes it's ‘pricey.' But take a look at all those other diet programs, Nutri system, South Beach, etc. Calculate the cost of losing 20-40 lbs over a 6 to 9 month time frame. While one could argue that those diets at least provide you the food and in this one you still have to buy your food, what do you buy after you're done with the food-provided diets? So in this one you at least can still eat real food, in proper portions without being (financially) locked into the means of your diet with no real way out. Moreover, this program does provide supplement drops that help manage the imbalances in your system. How effective are these? Well, my wife for the most part has been following my routine in parallel, not always with the same food or amounts, but generally so. She has lost some weight, but not no way near the amounts I have. Granted, not a strictly scientific test case, but one would think she'd be losing at least .5 to 1 lbs per week at a decreased calorie count. She hasn't. So who knows.

    Finally, the only thing that bothered me about the program, is how it was sold and what one had to agree to do and not do. It smelled of a scam But clearly, given my results, and apparently others who have posted here, it is not. I just wish it would be a bit more transparent in the what and how it is presented.

    • I seriously don't believe one word you have written, it not only smells of scam but it is scam. Anyone who starves themselves will lose weight. It is just not healthy for you.

  5. I'm currently doing Nutrimost. I'm a runner and a friend I ran with lost her much desired 34lbs after her metabolism platued. She was already seeing a adjustment doctor for running and decided to south and give it a try. Her results encouraged me and my husband. Now we are Day 7 and combined have lost 19 lbs. He's lost 10 and I have lost 9.

    The pros to this program is teaching your self portion control, how to eat a balanced diet and discipline since your food choices rotate.

    This is NOT a Starvation Diet by any means. There is enough food here for you to satisfy your cravings. Trust me I'm a cake junkie. But the choice I was able to find foods I like and have been amazed how seasonings bring life to the dishes I'm making without butter!

    Also. A huge medical fact. Is that scanner works!!! I have a autoimmune disorder and the scan picked up on all the organs that have caused me trouble. Kidneys, liver and thyroid.

    If you are on the fence about this program and you truly want to see a thinner you DO IT no regrets. The best thing you can do for your self is believe and act on that which you believe. Is it hard to food prep. Yes. But so is everything else that is worth a darn.

    Be the skinny you want to see.

  6. I am almost 59. Started NutriMost first time November 2015. Lost 28 lbs and maintained loss .September 2016 started 40 day program again and lost 23 lbs.Had wrist surgery in September and hip replacement surgery in November. Ate and drank for the holidays and my weight is up 4 lbs from my weight set point. Next week will go back to exercising to get back into shape. It worked for me.First diet that I maintained a weight loss. All my numbers are great. Was not hungry on diet and not difficult to follow.

  7. I am an active 40 yo female. Stress increased my appetite, I couldn't control my cravings and I gained weigh.
    Nutrimost helped me to reboot my cravings and start with a new healthy life plan that became a habit. I lost 12 lbs (took only 20 days course). 3 month later I still weight the same. I don't feel like eating junk food or snack as much as I used to.
    It's easy for me to keep it up b/c I don't crave for unhealthy food anymore. And I just don't want to eat as much as I used to. I don't force myself.
    I have a degree in chemistry. I looked up every ingredient of the supplements I was not familiar with, and it's nothing but amino acids and vitamins. I am full of energy and am living my happy skinny life!

  8. I too used Nutra Most. I did 3 sessions but did loose the weight I needed to loose. My cholesterol level are well under 180 and my BP is also good. I do yo yo a bit but within 5 lbs. I'm very satisfied. In addition I rarely ate only 500 calories. I have a muscle mass and eat around 900 cal. give or take a few. If I gain weight it's because I haven't eaten properly and to tell you the truth, I feel terrible when I go off the diet, which really is a life style change

  9. NutriMost is expensive but, well worth the money if you follow it. Do not cheat. If you do your wasting a time and money. I am 52 yrs old and lost 38lbs in 40 days on the program. My sugar fasting numbers were 180-200. They are now 77 – 90. I dropped my body fat by 7.5%. My blood pressure was 140 over 82.
    It is now 115 over 73. You also learn what not to eat. I am very pleased that I did the NutriMost diet.
    I would highly recommend using it. 5 stars

  10. Yes. It is like HGC program even though they say differently. They also sign a contract restricting anyone from saying anything negative about the program. It is such a scam. Do yourself and your wallet a favor don't waste your time and money.

    • I was on nutrimost program spending $2000 and took me almost 2 month to loose 20lbs plus you have to buy extra products for life, count on spending an average $150 monthly! BTW I gained all that I lost last year with regrets to spending and putting myself in debt!

      • you obviously did something wrong and did not restrict yourself to exactly what they tell you to do. And you do not have to buy extra products for life that is absolutely wrong! And you gained all your weight back because you let yourself do it so don't blame the program for you putting that crap back in your mouth. And if 2000 puts you in debt you better get a better job.

  11. I started NutriMost on April 4th 2016 weighing 240lbs as of today I'm down 40lbs and I feel great. My cholesterol is the best it has been in years and my Thyroid numbers are great. I have more energy than I've had in a long time and I sleep much better. If you are looking to lost some much needed weight I recommend the NutriMost program it works. An the staff is awesome.

    • human chorionic gonadotropin, its the hormone present in pregnant women to help babies grow. it usually makes you nauseous and not hungry


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