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Iodine Plus 2 Review

Iodine Plus 2 is a nutritional supplement created by a company named Natural Living, Inc. The supplement promises to treat your low thyroid problems. Here’s our Iodine Plus 2 review.

What is Iodine Plus 2?

Iodine Plus 2 is a nutritional supplement sold on Amazon at a price of $26 for a two month (60 capsule) supply.

The supplement is targeted towards people who have thyroid problems – like underactive or overactive thyroids.

Iodine Plus 2 promises to fix these problems by delivering 12.5mg of iodine/iodide in each tablet. Other key ingredients include vitamin B2, which has been shown to enhance the utilization of iodine within your body. There’s also selenium.

One thing that Iodine Plus 2 does not contain is niacin. Some people get something called “niacin flush” after taking iodine supplements with niacin. If you’ve experienced something similar, then Iodine Plus 2 might help you avoid that problem.

By taking one to two capsules daily, you can alleviate your thyroid problems, which can make it easier to lose weight while also clearing up mood problems and other thyroid-related symptoms.

How Does Iodine Plus 2 Work?

Iodine Plus 2’s key ingredients include:

— 12.5mg of iodine and iodide in each tablet
— Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), which enhances your body’s utilization of iodine
— Selenium, which maximizes active thyroid hormone (T3) conversion
— Contains no niacin, which means you don’t get a niacin flush

The fact that Iodine Plus 2 contains 12.5mg of iodine is important. The maker of the supplement claims that’s a higher dosage than other supplements like kelp or seaweed-based formulas.

Meanwhile, the recommended daily allowance for iodine according to the US Department of Health & Human Services varies according to your age. Here’s how much iodine you should be getting:

— Birth to 6 months: 110 mcg
— Infants 7–12 months: 130 mcg
— Children 1–8 years: 90 mcg
— Children 9–13 years: 120 mcg
— Teens 14–18 years: 150 mcg
— Adults: 150 mcg
— Pregnant teens and women: 220 mcg
— Breastfeeding teens and women: 290 mcg

Micrograms, by the way, are 1/1000th of a milligram. So the 12.5mg dosage of iodine in Iodine Plus 2 is 12,500mcg, which is well beyond your recommended minimum daily allowance.

One verified purchaser reviewer on Amazon claims she actually was diagnosed with an iodine overdose from taking the supplement:

“I ended up in the emergency room with iodine poisoning. The doctor said that I’d been taking more than 10 times what I should be taking in a day.”

Iodine Plus 2 Ingredients


Here’s what the Iodine Plus 2 ingredients chart looks like:

As you can see, the manufacturer has split up the iodine dosage into 5mg of pure iodine and 7.5mg of iodine as potassium salt. That works out to a total of 12.5mg or 8333% of your daily recommended value.

Since some people take two tablets per day (the manufacturer actually recommends you take two tablets per day after your first month of using the supplement), this can add up to a huge amount of iodine entering your body on a daily basis.

Do you really need all that iodine? Can too much iodine be dangerous? We find out in the next section.

Do You Need an Iodine Supplement?

Iodine is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. Most people are not iodine deficient. It’s abundant in fish (like cod and tuna) as well as seaweed, shrimp, and other seafood. It can also be found in milk, yogurt, cheeses, breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and other foods that need to be grown in soil. Soil in most parts of the world naturally contains iodine, which means that the crops that are made from that soil also contain iodine.

At the same time, iodized salt is available and common throughout most of the world. Approximately 70% of the world’s households use iodized salt. When someone is diagnosed with an iodine deficiency, the most common recommendation is to buy iodized salt.

Iodine deficiencies are rare but certainly not unheard of. Certain groups are at a greater risk of iodine deficiency than others, including:

— People who don’t use iodized salt

— Pregnant women (pregnant women require about 50% more iodine than non-pregnant women)

— Those who live in regions with iodine-deficient soils who eat mostly local foods (the soil in high mountain regions like the Alps and Himalayas rarely contains high levels of iodine, nor do river valleys in India and Southeast Asia)

Since 70% of the world’s households use iodized salt, and most of the world’s crops are grown in iodized salt, most people do not have an iodine deficiency.

Can You Take Too Much Iodine?

Getting too much iodine can actually be harmful. The National Institutes of Health reports that the upper limits for iodine vary according to your age.

— Birth to 12 months: Not established
— Children 1–3 years: 200 mcg
— Children 4–8 years: 300 mcg
— Children 9–13 years: 600 mcg
— Teens 14–18 years: 900 mcg
— Adults: 1,100 mcg

However, the NIH cautions that these upper limits do not apply to those who are taking iodine under the supervision of a doctor.

As you’ve probably noticed, Iodine Plus 2 blasts those upper limits out of the water. Each capsule of Iodine Plus 2 contains about 10 times the upper limit of iodine recommended by the NIH.

If you take too much iodine, then you’re at a higher risk of some of the same conditions you get from iodine deficiencies – like goiter (which is an enlarged thyroid gland) as well as thyroid cancer and thyroid inflammation.

Those who take very large doses of iodine (several grams, which is way more than the amount used in Iodine Plus 2) may experience effects like burning of the mouth, throat, and stomach, fever, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weak pulse, and coma.

How to Use Iodine Plus 2

The manufacturer recommends following these directions when taking the supplement:

“Take one tablet daily for at least one month. After 30 to 60 days, you can increase to 2 tablets per day.”

They also recommend talking to your doctor before taking the iodine supplement. As mentioned, taking one tablet daily puts you far beyond the known safe upper limit for iodine, so those with a history of health problems will want to check to make sure it’s safe to take. Remember: you’re taking over 16,000% of your daily recommended value of iodine per day if you take two capsules of Iodine Plus 2.

Iodine Plus 2 Pricing

Iodine Plus 2 is priced at the following rates on the official sales website as well as on Amazon:

— 1 Bottle: $25.95
— 3 Bottles: $69
— 5 Bottles: $99.95
— 6 Bottles: $119.94

Each bottle is a one month supply if you’re taking two capsules per day or a two month supply if you’re taking one capsule per day. There are 60 tablets in each bottle.

Delivery is available throughout the United States and around the world. You can order through Amazon at the same prices listed above.

Who Makes Iodine Plus 2?

Iodine Plus 2 is made by a company named Natural Living, Inc. That company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and can be reached by toll-free phone at 877-303-7876. Here’s their address:

Natural Living, Inc.
3635 S Fort Apache Road, Suite 200-614
Las Vegas, NV 89147

In addition to making Iodine Plus 2, the company makes a number of other trendy dietary supplements, like an Acai Berry Plus diet pill, Apricot Seed extract, Canadian Super Tea, and Chlorophyll liquid formula.

The company also currently has a rating of B- on the Better Business Bureau – although there is only one closed complaint (for billing/collection issues) posted over the last 3 years.

The company is owned and operated by a guy named Dr. Andrew P. Jones. He’s actually a very controversial doctor with a bit of a shady background.

Dr. Andrew Jones did graduate from medical school in 1986, although he does not currently work for the Women’s Health Institute of Texas (as he has claimed in the past). The address he lists for the Women’s Health Institute of Texas is actually a mailbox at a PostNet store. There isn’t even a real building for the Women’s Health Institute of Texas! Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Dr. Andrew Jones from claiming he works there.

When you combine this information with the fact that Dr. Jones’s company, Natural Living Inc., sells trendy dietary supplements with limited scientific evidence, it’s easy to doubt the benefits of Iodine Plus 2.

Ultimately, Iodine Plus 2 is a high dosage iodine supplement that delivers enormous amounts of iodine at a reasonable price. If you think you have an iodine deficiency (most people are not at risk) and are looking for a way to solve it, then Iodine Plus 2 can deliver 8333% of your daily recommended value of iodine in each serving (or you can just lick a spoonful of iodized table salt to get a similar amount of iodine, which is much cheaper than paying $25.95 per bottle).

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