NutriGold Guggul Gold – Heart, Cholesterol & Thyroid Support?


People who are considering natural options to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and thyroid function may want to consider NutriGold Guggul Gold which is a supplement made from the resin of an Indian tree.

This extract contains properties that help regulate triglycerides as well as improve cardiovascular function. This product may also offer the added benefit of strengthening the immune system. Please read below to learn more about NutriGold Guggul Gold and how to purchase a bottle.

What is NutriGold Guggul Gold?

Ayurvedic principles have guided people living throughout India for centuries helping them use all natural ingredient sourced from plants to maintain health or improve medical conditions. NutriGold Guggul Gold is one of these products.

Harvested from an Indian plant and has been used to help regulate cholesterol levels while enhancing cardiovascular health and thyroid function, it is believed the way this resin works is by lowering triglycerides and keeping cholesterol levels within normal ranges.

How Does NutriGold Guggul Gold Work?

The substances within Guggul resin contain properties that help lower triglycerides levels within the body as well cholesterol levels.

Adults with normal cholesterol ranges may find that this supplement helps them maintain normal ranges but people with bad cholesterol levels will need a different supplement. NutriGold Guggul Gold is designed to be taken twice daily, two capsules per serving with food.


Guggul is the resin excreted from the Indian plant called Commiphora mukul. The properties of this resin appear to help support cardiovascular health as well cholesterol levels. Guggul Gold can be taken to support thyroid health which may lead to better weight management.

Most commonly used throughout India for arthritis and joint issues, this natural plant resin may offer greater health benefits than currently known while also boosting the immune system with regular consumption. Vegans can safely use this supplement due to the rice cellulose encapsulation.

Pricing For NutriGold Guggul Gold

There are two different online vendors to consider when purchasing Guggul Gold.

Amazon carries this supplement for $26.95. Guggul Gold is also eligible to be purchased as part of the Subscribe and Save program which lets consumers get their favorite products automatically shipped based on the frequency preference while also offering an extra five to ten percent off each item enrolled. offers each 120 capsule bottle for a bit cheaper at $22.49 per bottle. All purchases of NutriGold products are backed by the company’s money back satisfaction guarantee.

Should You Use NutriGold Guggul Gold?

Adults who are working to maintain healthy cholesterol levels may find support and benefit by taking this natural supplement. NutriGold the manufacturer third party tests all of their supplements so consumers know that the product they are purchasing is as described.

Guggul is not really that common in the West however awareness is changing and Guggul supplements are becoming more common. Consumers who have preexisting medical conditions should consult their doctor prior to using this supplement and it should not be used by people who have cholesterol issues.

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