Nutri-Health – Researched Supplements With 100% Guarantee?


Since 1987, Nutri-Health has been providing direct to consumer natural supplements using scientifically researched ingredients. Nutri-Health commenced their product line via probiotics and have since expanded a full array of probiotic formulations, digestive enzymes, and nutritional supplements to help prevent and alleviate some of today's top health concerns.

About Nutri-Health Research

Nutri-Health prides themselves on the research phase from the initial product development stage through to the consumption by the consumer. In a lot of cases, they are using the same researched nutrients, and dosages however; keeping up to date on the latest technologies to enhance the formulas. Once the formula and development stages are complete, products move into a well thought out production stage – where premium quality products are carefully selected and manufactured in quality facilities.

What’s unique about Nutri-Health is that throughout the manufacturing process, each product is carefully selected, and tested for the best quality control.

“Documented bioavailability, absorbability and efficacy are critical parameters when it comes to the selection of ingredients because so many nutrients…” With the formulas being backed by science research, the research levels of ingredients are added to each of Nutri-Health products – not solely for the purposes of making an appearance.

Pure, high-quality ingredients assure that what is printed on the bottles are in fact what’s inside. Many other products utilize gelatin to hold the ingredients inside, which can be difficult for consumers who do not have meat as part of their diet – Nutri-Health acknowledges this importance and as a result uses only vegetarian friendly plant cellulose capsules whenever possible.

Real Results & Satisfaction Guaranteed

When Nutri-Health launched their single product line with ‘Flora Source Multi-Probiotic’ in 1989, it was well ahead of the curve of the importance of probiotics. With emerging information surrounding probiotics to alleviate digestive concerns, this product remains as a customer favourite to this very day. The product has been improved over the years keeping with the latest technologies and scientific research necessary to stay cutting edge.

With a growing product line, Nutri-Health provides supplemental support for more than just probiotics – healthy joints, a stronger cardiovascular system, a sharp, agile brain –or of course, comfortable digestion.

Nutri-Health is so confident in their quality products that they are all backed with a 100% money back guarantee, each and every time.

“I have become a missionary for this product, Flora Source. It has given me my life back. No one should be without it. Don’t wait until you have issues to try Flora Source!”

David T., Tulsa, OK (digestion)

Nutri-Health And Their Global Impact

Nutri-Health supports various organizations around the world; SOS Children’s Village – an organization supporting orphaned and abandoned children worldwide, a partnership with Nourish America where they have donated more than $600,000 since 2011 by donating natural products, and community based where they have partnered with local organizations who are committed to to promoting good health. And lastly, Nutri-Health has partnered with “Girls on the Run”, a non profit prevention program to inspire young girls to be “joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.”

List of Available Nutri-Health Products

  • Bi-Optimum Eye Health
  • Arthrozyme Plus Joint & Muscle
  • Florabright Oral Probiotics
  • Flora Source Multi-Probiotic Women
  • Flora Sinus Seasonal Support
  • Memoril Memory and Mood
  • Flora Source Multi Probiotic
  • D-Ribose Muscle and Energy Support
  • Arthrozyme Joint and Muscle
  • TruBone Complete
  • 100% Canadian Colostrum
  • Sleep Wave Rest and Relax
  • Flora Source Multi Probiotic Powder
  • TruDigest Digestive Health
  • ZymaZorb Digestive Enzymes
  • Focus Force Active Memory
  • NH-D3 Cellular Health Support
  • GlucoProtect 6X
  • Advanced Q CoQ10
  • BG-Cor Advanced Heart Health
  • Probiotics and your Sinus Health Book
  • Advanced Cell Rescue
  • D-Ribose GoldM – Muscle & Energy Support
  • Arnica – 80
  • Flora Zyme Digestive Aid
  • Multi-Denominational Gift Cards

Nutri-Health offers a 20% off coupon code for all orders made on their website as well as free shipping on all orders.

Nutri-Health Review Summary

All of the products are recommended to be consumed only by those 18 years or more. When taking any supplements, and are on existing medications, you should always check with a physician to ensure none of the vitamins or nutrients will counter act with existing medications such as blood thinners for example. Typically, results of taking Nutri-Health products can be experiences within 2-4 weeks (this may vary).

Lastly, studies are available online at with respect to probiotics, enzymes and any other active ingredients found in Nutri-Health.

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